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  • Iraq : Constitution in 2 days? ... I truly hope so!
  • Cali : Explosion in San Francisco ... "Crocker Galleria area" ... developing
  • Israel : Disengagement, still wrong, continues ... army forces entry into Gadid, last move before sabbath
  • New York : Seneca Lake Park's Sprayground + cryptosporidiosis = 700 sick people
  • Germany : Mounir el Motassadeq gets 7 years for 9/11 planning ... why only 7 you ask; because he
    "was acquitted of more than 3,000 counts of accessory to murder"

    ... Pope warns of rising antisemitism, xenophobia
  • Jordan : Rocket fired at USS Ashland ... or maybe it was a mortar?
    Apparently it was three missiles ... killed one Jordanian soldier, condolences
  • Kansas : BTK gets 10 consecutive life sentence ... minimum of 175 years, + no parole. Most severe sentence available.
    ... Tiger kills Haley R. Hilderbrand,17 ... was posing for photo
  • Crawfordstock : Cindy's mother has a stroke, Cindy leaves camp to be with her ... prayers for a speedy recovery
    Don't get me wrong - Cindy is still a stark-raving-moonbat who is actively dishonoring her son's memory
  • Greece : More on the crashed Helios airliner ... strange things are afoot; autopilot - then no autopilot - then crash?
  • Zimbabwe : More land confiscation ... let me guess, "eminent domain" there also!? PS - Marxism sucks.
  • Texas : Merck found liable for Vioxx-related death, $253M fine!! ... that is a truly outrageous sum; even the $24.4M "actual damages amount is too much!! (I smell an appeal, and think tort reform!)
  • Internet : Virus takes down US Customs computers ... "with technology you have periods where things happen"
    ... well, only when you don't maintain them and/or fail to PLAN!

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  • UselessNations : Oil for Food Enron
  • BTK : He's evil, his lawyer is scum, and society has problems ... and I am politely paraphrasing
  • GITMO : ACLU goes pro-terrorist / Anti-USA (again) - advises prisoners not to talk ... naturally some thoughts here :)
  • Islamofascism : Worse than Nazism
    ... Quotes - Islamofascists vs Infidels
    ... Let's talk about the importance of 'land' to the Islamic peoples ... and then mention that the Saudis are paving over Mohammed's house
    ... Jihad interrogation ... should be televised! ... found via B5
    ... 'Islamic Polygamous Marriages Performed In Canada' ... and the Sheikh performing these has also things like
    ''Why do we hate the Jews?'' asks an article in the newsletter. ''We hate them for the sake of our Lord. We hate them for the sake of Allah because they slandered Allah and they killed and slandered his prophets.''
  • Crawfordstock : Anderson Cooper pitches softies ... for an hour straight! (and more lies, exposed!)
    ... The ghouls of Crawford
    ... Cindy pushing people ... to the right? ... found via Ace
    Then it happened. The good little democrat in me tied the little noose around his neck and jumped off the stool. He just couldn't take it anymore. Take what? The whining. The constant whining by the extreme left about the reasons for war, the incompetence of this administration, and how we've all been lied to, and how we should pull out of Iraq immediately, because, *gulp* our soldiers were in danger.
    ... Move America Forward's ad (.WMV)
  • Able Danger ... Senate may hold hearings ... may? May? MAY? WTF?
    ... More here, and thoughts on Gorelick's wall
    ... FBI would have failed even if they had gotten all the info
    ... The blame game is underway ... fetch me my blamethrower!
  • MSM : WaPo rescinds support for 9/11 Memorial Event ... yup, no bias there!
  • Air scamerica : NY Sun putting coverage online, free ... some MSM had to finally cover it! ... found via Capn Ed
  • Non-Islamofascist Terror : Luis Posada Carriles, perception is reality
    ... I have always said that perception trumps reality, but close enough!
  • Israel : 3 Movies you should watch ... found via AIR
  • Left : Left not gaining from W's losses?
    ... Krugman out-and-out lies ... regarding '00
    ... Now complaining about oil prices
    ... Kos gets 400k-600k hits / day; averaging 2 seconds each ... hmm, queer ... found via IAP!
  • "Global Warming" : Russia scientists bet UK scientists that planet is cooling!
  • SCOTUS / Roberts : Reagan-era docs wherein Roberts calls Affirmative Action "Highly Objectionable" ... GOOD!
  • Illegal Immigration : Arizona Republican J.D. Hayworth introducing bill in Congress
  • Political Debate : Why the "ChickenHawk" accusation is "not only dumb but immoral"
  • UK : Should emulate the US in fighting crime
  • Computing : ... SATA-based CF reader? ... now we're talking fast!
    ... DBAN : Darik's Boot and Nuke ... system eraser
    ... We release patches when we are ready!
    ... Every wonder what "scroll lock" is for?
    ... Next gen Intel chip to have up to 16 "cores" ... the real reason for the Apple switch?
  • Linux Everywhere : Laptop help! ... in case you can't make it work
  • Internet : Ex-AOLer Jason Smathers gets 15m in prison for selling 92M names
  • Firefox : More "must have" extensions!
    ... Firetune 1.0.6 released
  • Google : Raising another $4B ... VOIP play? ... And I wish I could just issue 14.2M more shares of me!
    ... Google Earth includes good White House pics? ... GE is pretty cool!
  • Crypto : SHA-1 now crackable, 263
  • Avian Flu : Chinese govt = irresponsible! ... and keeping secrets? ... already an epidemic?
  • AIDS : 2.3M deaths in sub-Saharan Africa ... a Clinton tie? And a new word - Kleptocrat! (HA!)
  • LIFE : More on "Synthetic Biologists" - creating life from scratch
  • Insects : Praying Mantis' are bad MoFos ... catches, kills Hummingbird
  • Nanotech : Carbon Nanotubes showing their promise! ... faster+cheaper production, stronger, conductive, etc. etc.
  • Economics : Make $1M ... save between ages 16 and 21, but must remain untouched until 67
  • Education : ASV schools WaPo ... found via Basil
  • Calculators : Shall we play a game? ... forget graphing, we want Tetris!
  • Space : Wanna see Mars? ... peak = Oct29; Oct4-Nov26 it will be the second brightest planet in the sky!
    ... 'Supernova shock wave creates halo effect' ... Master Chief unavailable for comment :P
  • Shuttle : Going for a $1M piggy-back ride ... future launch dates all delayed
  • ESCR : More on CBEs, making ESC unneeded! ... brought to you by NASA
    ... Or maybe Adult stem cells can just be activated?
  • Gasoline : It's price; some history and elsewhere ... "Adam Smith’s invisible hand?" + taxation ...
  • Names : How popular is yours?
  • "Relationships ": The Japanese are WEIRD ... Otaku Fever!
  • Celebrity(ies) : Slipknot vs Burger King ... not so crazy about Chicken Fries (and BK's lawyers mention Marilyn Manson!)
  • Unusual Gift? : Your face, in wood ... kinda'
  • Food : "Food Hacks" ... how to not cry when cutting onions, etc.

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  • OOTS : #218 ... still guest art; and this time Dragons are sneaky!
  • Air scamerica : Why the NYT has zippy coverage ... Boys & Girls would have just bought drugs anyway
  • Crawfordstock : The Therapists gets banned from HuffPo while trying to share this so needs to respond with this
  • Israel : Sharon to rent Pope-Mobile
    ... 'Gaza strip peacefully, cheerfully evacuated'
  • Fun at work : Office Dares
  • Telecom : Pimp that phone!
  • Manual Dexterity : Pen Spinning! (true)
  • UF : No sword of wootness for you!
  • Gas : How to make your gas budget go farther ... astral projection, speeding gets Italians killed
  • Caption This : Palestinians need a state! ... ahem, Like a ninja! (couldn't resist)
  • Pope : Appoint a Jew?
  • Clinton : Jeanine Pirro campaign slogans ... and now we know what Hillary stands for
  • Puppy Blender : Basil has a peak into his autobiography
  • Heaven : Admiral Stockdale questions Jennings arrival
  • Boxing : 'Female boxer plagued by "Glass Rack"'
  • Celebrity(ies) : Britney is stalking Preston ... oh, and He is Sorry!
    ... Eminem's sick note
    ... Posh - "I Can’t Not Do Not Nothing"
  • Legos : "Professional Lego Artist" (true)
  • Misc : "News" wrap-up from Aquaman ... "Israel has turned anti-Semitic", etc.
  • Flash : Motherload ... I BEAT IT, score = ~3.5B!

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  • Islamofascism :
    We can go and kill terrorists willy nilly across the globe,
    but we have to stop the nations that harbor and support them.
    --thanks Jody William Teach ... who also presents Bush's address to the nation

  • Utopian Thinking :
    There is an impulse that is common to perversion and to utopian thinking. The wish is to create a world in which differences make no difference. The great utopian thinkers have been immensely inspiring, but there is a reason that utopian communities have never worked out. In the name of equality of every sort and in the attempt to eliminate the tensions that normally divide us, they propose to create a marvelously unnatural world without the usual boundaries. But then it gets all F'ed up.
    --thanks for the "Quote of the Day Week Month Year Decade",B.C.!

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    Air scamerica = media stealth shield
    Day by Day

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