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  • Katrina : Today is Katrina Relief Day ... I have chosen the American Red Cross - DONATE HERE
    Donate to the American Red Cross
    American Red Cross

    ... Amazon changed their mind, you can donate to ARC here! (a great correction to their previous idiotic statement!)
    ... and a special THANKS to NZ Bear for helping coordinate all of us, and for logging donations ... and to Capn Ed for PR
    ... I am partially suspending my part in "Op : De-link Instapundit" to promote the Katrina Blogburst ... check it out.
    ... Red Cross banner! ... see above, right :) (although I didn't follow the directions; shocker!)
    ... I am proud to say that BearingPoint is matching all donations dollar for dollar! And they are allowing us to "share leave" with those effected! Go US!
    ... Apothegm Designers / Phin is auctioning a blog-redesign! ... proceeds go to , you guessed it, ARC!
    ... Ogre is matching donations to Samaritan's Purse!
    ... WizBang is auctioning some portions of their site!
    ... continued prayers & condolences for everyone effected ... now go give Money! (and blood/Apheresis!) ... if you donate to ARC, log it at NZ Bear's!
    Emergency search and rescue phone lines for those in distress:
    (225)925-7708 (225)925-7709 (225)925-3511 (225)925-7412
    To inquire about those in the area who did not evacuate:
    American Red Cross, (866) 438-4636

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  • Katrina : Relief effort continues ... looters force police to cease S&R efforts, hospital shutdown
    ... Rapes, beatings, fires
    ... Keep our expectations real! ... 90k sq miles of disaster, no comparison
    ... Federal Aid en route ... 30k military personnel, etc.
    ... Damage forecast now at $50B
    ... Does New Orleans have a future? ... Rick says we can rebuild it
    ... NFL for Katrina Relief
    ... 'How thin the veneer of civilization is...'
    ... Expecting death toll to hit "thousands"
    ... "Public Health Disaster" ... and confusion for the victims
    ... 'People Dying at New Orleans Convention Center'
    ... Filling the gap(s) ... largest is 300m!
    ... Lots of satellite images
    ... "Global Warming" exploitation ... although I question the "most beautiful city in America" part
    ... W urges gasoline conservation, and has 0 tolerance for looters ... gas is up to $3/gallon (low grade) here
    ... "Drive Less"
    ... Gasoline reserves nearing record low
    ... Gas lines forming, ~$6 gas in Georgia ... governor outlaws gouging
    ... Preston saw prices jump $.50/gallon in ~12 hours
    ... Gas rationing ... to suppliers, that is
    ... Truck stops are also rationing fuel ... "many independent truckers already are on the brink of financial ruin"
    ... More airlines canceling flights ... jet fuel shortage (13%)
    ... NC Governor - "stay home for Labor Day" ... "We're not out of gas, but we are running low"
    ... UN offers to step up ... no word from UK?
    ... Keesler AFB nearly wiped out
    ... Livestock suffer
    ... NBC planning Katrina Benefit
    ... Gas prices surge to record highs ... $2.90 wholesale! (see pic below (from Drudge)
    ... Some might get to visit their houses! ... no power for weeks, but still!
    ... "The Long Tail" of giving
    ... Catastrophes bring out the best, and the worst, in people
    ... McCormick Tribune Foundation Hurricane Katrina Relief is donation matching ... $.50/dollar ... found via B5
    ... Malkin round-up ... someone stole a Dyson (vacuum)
    ... Muhammad Yousef Al-Mlaifi : "The terrorist Katrina' is a soldier of Allah" ... didn't we just free your country a few years back? Ingrate.
  • Iraq : 'New Iraqi Army: Chewing Gum and Kicking ...'

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  • Katrina: Pray for Paul! ... homeless, jobless, nearly-possession-less! ... better yet - DONATE some $ to him! ... more here
    ... IP gave $2300! ... and he is near-jobless!
    ... Hurricane Survival Guide
    ... Satellite images of "hot towers" within Katrina ... "convective bursts"
    ... Saying this was God's Anti-Homosexual handiwork ... "Repent America" just a bit off their rocker!
  • Islamofascism : 4 ex-prisoners arrested in Cali ... Jam'iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh members ... (no permalink :( )
    ... Preston remembers the Russian school massacre from 1year ago ... graphic pic warning!
    ... Vicious Cycle - terrorists feed off of reporting, reporting feeds off of terrorists
    ... 3D Models of World Trade Center ... never forget
  • Crawfordstock : Anti-American yes, Communist - dunno
    ... Sheehan too liberal for NPR? ... oh, and she lies
    ... All about propaganda
  • Israel : Terrorists gearing up for new round ... disengagement (read : appeasement) still does not work
    ... Palestinians' 5 part answer
    ... Egypt deploying troops along Gaza border
  • Zimbabwe : Land grab continues, worsens
  • 9/11 Commission : "Literary equivalent of Swiss cheese"
  • UselessNations : We must no get LOST ... Law Of the Sea Treaty, that is
  • Child Abuse : Mother neglects/kills child, sexually assaults 14yo boy ... and Amy Livingstone will be out of jail after ~1yr
  • America : ' What Does It Mean To be An American?'
  • Taxation: I95, I495 + tolls? ... nothing like killing our great employment rate!
  • Politics : Views on Religion, a comparison
  • Left : When "getting the president supersedes any other consideration"
    ... NYT gives an example, and OTB refutes
  • Firearms : "Concealed Carry" saves lives
  • Computing : MS releases 180-day eval of Win2k3 Server (RC0)
    ... Rollable LCD!
    ... Beginner's Guide to Knoppix ... free download!
    ... 20 secrets
    ... Get Linspire FREE! ... for a limited time
  • Internet : France not surrendering to Google, Yahoo ... fighting "Anglo-Saxon cultural imperialism" ... dork
    ... AT&T labs presents Speech! ... online text-to-speech, lots o' voices!
    ... Plugin make IE Firefox-like
    ... Yahoo selling domains for $1.99/yr! ... limited time offer
    ... RIAA unleashing yet more lawsuits
    ... Spyware trying to hide in long registry keys? ... XBOX Live 2.0 details
  • Gasoline : Chavez owns Citgo
  • Digital Camera : 'Samsung's MiniKet Sports Camera' ... neato!
  • Space : Nuclear powered space probes a no-no ... and not for the reason(s) you think?
    ... New Horizons Pluto probe readying for launch
    ... Pulsar clocked at 11km per second! ... escaping the Milky Way altogether!
  • Parasites : How does the "Nematomorph hairworm" make a cricket dive into the water? ... suicide
  • Genetics : Chimps, mapped ... and some fossils found
  • Interview : MythBuster - Adam Savage, pt2 ... Pt1 here
  • Bloggers : Digger hits 1M!

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  • Katrina : International aid 'on the way'
  • Sad but true : Its a wanker fest!
  • IMAO : Save a kitten, vote Frank!

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  • Left :
    The basic ideas of the Left come from the realities of the 18th and 19th centuries. Ideas, such as class struggle, offered a plausible explanation of reality given the facts of past centuries. The paradigm of the Left also offered a roadmap for how to improve the world given a particular set of facts. Those facts, though, have changed. The Left, then, is faced with a new set of facts that their basic paradigm is unable to explain and therefore is unable to inform the believer on how to improve social conditions. The theory no longer is able to inform us as to how to make decisions. All we are left with is a paradigm of criticisms. The last gasping breath of a dying ideology.
    --thanks Rusty!

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    Help fight diabetes, sponsor Connor
    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Intl

    ... found via jcrue

    Defend the White House
    Defend the White House

    Gas prices surge, dunno where this is (Atlanta?) - but thanks Drudge!
    Drudge Report

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