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  • NIF : A bit delayed today, go read yesterdays :) ... all better!
  • Gay Marriage : Dial (916)445-2841 and then hit 2,1,2 when prompted to tell the Govenator to VETO AB849

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  • Right : Delay indicted ... steps aside from leadership post (6th try is a charm for Leftist Partisan Hackery!)
    ... Indictment bogus
    ... CQ has it all! ... and Gindy has some thoughts on David Dreier too
    ... Pelosi opens her mouth ... hypocrisy leaks out
  • Iran : Parliament insists on going nuclear
    ... "Use oil to bribe nations into appeasement"
  • Biology : Giant Squid, on film! ... when Architeuthis goes wild
  • Iraq : 6 teachers killed ... from Peakah : "easier to kill than soldiers" ... condolences

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  • Crawfordstock : Sheehan calls McCain a warmonger ... ... Will he learn the lesson?
    ... "Ignorant brainwashed proletariat resists re-education!"
    ... Protesters lie! ... MoveOn encourages them to!
    ... "Farrakhan : divers found levee explosives" ... Loonie Louis
    ... More bad protester pics ... and backstory
    ... Sheehan = liar, tramp
  • Katrina / Rita : Blanco in DC ... actually, I think she did the right thing and focused more on fixing what's broken
    ... Louisiana - "the whole state seems to be run by looters"
    ... MSM being racist, "Those damn rumor-mongering, lying nigrahs"
    ... Free abortions for hurricane survivors ... How does that rank as important, and WTF??
    ... "Blanco might not know how to ask for help, but man, she sure knows how to ask for money"
    ... NOPD Chief Eddie Compass resigns
    ... Dehumanizing Brown is not the answer
  • Islamofascism : Shabbir Ahmed deported to Pakistan ... "suspected of plotting terrorism, free in their native country"
    ... "Before we can win an enemy’s heart and mind, we must first overwhelm him with so much military might"
    ... In the UK - show a beheading, get 60 days in jail ... while I agree it was dumb/offensive, 60 days in jail??
    ... No IFC @ Ground Zero? ... finally! ... "Let the IFC find it’s home in say…France" ... more here
    ... Canada - Jews defending Islam? ... head-wear bans, religious arbitration
    ... US certifies Saudi as aiding the GWOT ... not so sure about that!
    ... Israel arrests 82
    ... Winds of War - general round up ... WOW, go read it! (I stole a few links)
  • SCOTUS / Roberts : The Australians are mocking us!
  • SCOTUS / Smith : A few thoughts on Anna Nicole Smith ... and the humorous reasons why!
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Looking for dugs? ACLU is happy to help
    ... Atheism is a religion ... ACLU cannot be happy about that!
  • UselessNations : Pulling out of Darfur ... another failure
  • Taxation : Paul has some thoughts ... but he misses a few points, FAIR TAX still the best
  • Computing : Virtual(Reality)Sphere ... AWESOME!
    ... Fighting Rootkits in Windows ... not easy!
    ... PSP cracked "wide open" ... reverts 2.0 firmware to the already cracked 1.5
    ... DIY Electric Paper
    ... MIT's $100 laptop!?
    ... ET's Ultimate Gaming Rig ... $7000!
    ... Overclock your Apple Mini
    ... Apple admits iPod Nano screen flaws ... but not to the scratch problem!
    ... Brasso fixes iPod Nano scratches
    ... Pictorial history of Apple
    ... C-Jump, making programming sound fun?
    ... NSFW : A new (cough) gaming computer
  • Internet : Brits a it behind ... no blogging, Podcasting ... and I had never heard of "dogging"; that is hilarious!
    ... WordPress.com trying to eat Google/Blogger/Blogspot's lunch ... yet another free blog host :)
    ... 'Writing sensible email messages'
    ... Intel pushing WiMax ...good, I want it!
    ... Broadband up noticeably
    ... More from Google's Cerf
    ... Google TV ... + Chris Rock
    ... FCC stretching CALEA to VOIP, and beyond?
    ... Making too much information available ... truth, honesty, open discourse are all optional
  • Education : Where are the boys? ... interesting, from PuppyBlender
    ... Where are the Conservatives?
  • Left : AntiSemitism on the rise ... thinly veiled racism - Saudi, UN, Chomsky
    ... Yet more reflections on the AntiWar rally this last weekend ... hatred, bigotry, etc.
    ... Koch actually makes sense ... unlike many of his companions
    ... Senator Ben Affleck ... In Virginia!? OH dear God NO!
    ... "Religion makes America inferior" ... and France is dreamy
    ... NC Dems support corporate welfare ... still wrong
  • Right : 'Did Castro Kill Salvador Allende?' ... Rusty gets all historical on us!
  • Space : Cassini takes a look at Hyperion
    ... Single protein triggers hair growth ... in mice, so far
    ... Starquake cracks magnetar's (SGR 1806-20) crust ... strongest ever recorded, blinded some of our satellites (50k LY away)
    ... ESA to visit Venus
    ... CubeSats - small, fast, cheap ... the way to go!
    ... Griffin - Shuttle, ISS were expensive mistakes? ... I largely disagree
    ... Very old, big galaxies causing galactic formation models to be questioned
  • MSM : What facts? Truth? ... and how about the double-standard!?
  • Cool Patents : Tooth mic, "rocket blimp", nematic lenses of "any size"
  • Life Hacks : Smarter Todo Lists, part 1 and ... Part II
  • Health : Stem Cell breakthrough for paraplegic ... Cord blood, NOT embryonic!
    ... Frankenfood being over-regulated, relative to "sloppy" forms of hybridization
    ... Fetal farming ... abhorrent!
    ... Big Pharma, and why you should fight FOR them ... reimportation, price controls
    ... Canine Flu jumps to Horses
    ... Cooing at babies banned @ hospital in UK ... WTF?
    ... Abortions increase the risk of breast cancer?
    ... More on the over-hyping of Chernobyl's radiation / cancer impact ... and some economics
  • Deforestation : Forests, Shrubs affect global rainfall
  • Weather Forecasting : AI to replace Meteorologists?
  • Military : Some thoughts against HELs / DEWs ... some broken analogies, and I want a phaser I can set to "stun"!
    ... Gun Pr0n
  • Bloggers : Pray for Nick
    ... Mrs Smash is doing well! ... huzzah!
    ... Go vote @ Ruffini's!
  • A Story, bit by bit : ... "SuperEgo" :
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  • SCOTUS : Baby Roe being nominated
  • Katrina / Rita : FEMA's Brown too late to rescue Congress
    ... Mr Stick Figure was at Brown's hearing!
  • Celebrity(ies) : Benefits of Demi + Ashton ... Basil has a nice addition!
  • RVB'ish : RoosterTeeth starts PANICS! .. .sweet! ... "If someone doesn't help me I'm not gonna be alive" FAQ
  • Islamofascism : Al Qaida releases Podcast!
  • Conservation : Some energy saving recommendations ... true, because the press has lots of hot air!

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  • WTW :
    Social Tips for Rednecks (and just plain good advice)
    In General:
    1. Never take a beer to an interview.
    2. Always identify people in your yard before shooting them.
    3. It's considered tacky to take a cooler to church.
    4. If you have to vacuum the bed, it's time to change the sheets.
    5. Even if you're certain that you're included in the will, it's rude to drive a U-haul to the funeral..

    Dining Out:
    1. When decanting the wine from the box, make sure you tilt the paper cup and pour slowly so as not to 'bruise' the fruit of the wine.
    2. If drinking directly from the bottle, always hold it with your hands.

    Entertaining in your home:
    1. A centerpiece for the table should never be anything prepared by a taxidermist.
    2. Do not allow the dog to eat at the table, no matter how good his manners are.

    Personal Hygiene:
    1. While ears need to be cleaned regularly, this job should be done in private using one's own truck keys.
    2 Even if you live alone, deodorant is not a waste of money.
    3. Use of proper toiletries can only delay bathing for a few days.
    4. Dirt and grease under the fingernails is a social no-no, as they tend to distract from a woman's jewelry, and alter the taste of finger foods.

    Dating (outside the family):
    1. Always offer to bait your date's hook, especially on the first date.
    2. Be assertive, Let her know you're interested: "I've been wanting to go out with you ever since I read that stuff on the bathroom walls two years ago."
    3. Establish with her parents what time she is expected back. Some will say 10:00 PM. Others might say "Monday," If the latter is the answer, it is the man's responsibility to get her to school on time.

    Theater Etiquette:
    1. Crying babies should be taken to the lobby and picked up immediately after the movie has ended.
    2. Refrain from talking to the characters on the screen.. Tests have proven that they can't hear you.

    1. Livestock, usually is a poor choice for a wedding gift.
    2. Kissing the bride for more than 5 seconds might get you shot.
    3. For the groom, at least, rent a tux. A leisure suit with a cummerbund and a clean bowling shirt can create! A tacky appearance.
    4. Though uncomfortable, say 'yes' to socks and shoes for this special occasion.

    Driving Etiquette:
    1. Dim your headlights for approaching vehicles, even if the gun is loaded and the deer is in sight.
    2. When approaching a four way stop, the vehicle with the largest tires does not always have the right of way.
    3. Never tow another car using panty hose and duct tape.
    4. When sending your wife down the road with a gas can, it is impolite to ask her to bring back beer too.
    5. Do not lay rubber while traveling in a funeral procession.
    --thanks Aaron (via email)

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    Mobile weapons platform?

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