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  • NIF : Finally getting back into it, slowly ... true to form, this post will carry the weekend as well! (+updates!)
  • ME : I will be joining TMH at a little rally - PICS!
    ... Protesters (i.e. - "them") threatening to mess up traffic this Sunday, Monday
    ... Remember - "they" don't speak for us, and offend our troops
    ... PT has some of Saturday's grief pimps
  • Jeep : Damned worthless water pump; AutoZone's DuraLast blew after a whole 4k miles! ... All better, let's game!
    "Built to last sux0r, DuraLast!"
    "Get in the Sux0r Water Pump Zone, AutoZone!"

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  • Rita : Turns right, may miss Houston, Galveston ... still a Cat4!
    ... UPDATE : Cat3, expected to be a direct hit on Beaumont and Port Arthur - bad news for Petrol

    ... UPDATE : Tropical Depression, Damage falls far short of fears ... but don't rush home just yet
    ... 2 levees breach in NO ... Ninth Ward hit hard, again
    ... Don't call them breeches?
    ... Bus of evacuees explodes ... conflicting reports, 1-20 dead, dozens wounded ... developing (and condolences!)
    ... Speculation : Oxygen tanks caused explosion
    ... Compare & Contrast : Houston vs New Orleans evacuations
    ... Georgia modifying school schedules to conserve fuel
    ... Jackson County, Georgia - school week cut to 4 days ... to save $ on fuel
    ... Looting in Houston
  • Israel : Vowing "crushing" response to rocket attacks
  • UK : Terror arrest in Manchester
  • SCOTUS / Roberts : Senate panel approves Roberts 13-5 ... 3 Dems break ranks, vote correctly :)
    ... Clinton & Kerry have already said they will vote obstructionist no ...approval still VERY likely
  • MSM : Time Inc. fudging circulation #s?
  • Air Travel : Flight 922's problems are not unique

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  • Iraq : Yon presents 'Battle For Mosul III: Prelude' ... always excellent!
    ... 'Grand Ayatollah Sistani endorses Iraq constitution'
  • Katrina : More on those levees ... Flood walls in New Orleans were "structurally flawed"
    ... Rabbi booted for helping too much ... WTF?
    ... NO officials stealing relief supplies
    ... Some thoughts on federal spending ... help rebuild, don't "fight poverty"
    ... Louisiana's politicians bellying up to the trough?
    ... Is New Orleans really worth $200k PER PERSON?
    ... BearingPoint sends $150k+ in aid ... and 9000+ hours of levee to effected employees
    ... Ghosts in New Orleans? ... found via Black5
  • Islamofascism : Saudi has moved backwards, WRT women's rights
    ... Hallums was forced to bash US, W
    ... Able Danger, Pentagon waffles
    ... Able Danger, 'Who Is Dr. Preisser?' ... and why did the 9/11 omission Commission avoid her?
    ... 'Galloway Supporters Want Your Children Dead'
    ... LA : Jihad Denied ... "ring a bell with the delusional leftists"?
    ... "Palestine" : Darwin wins, jihad denied ... condolences for any innocents that were killed
  • Military : Re-Enlistment and recruiting numbers are doing just fine, thank you very much
  • MSM : Some thoughts on their bias ... "dispassionate objectivity — which is so essential ... is now largely absent from the MSM"
    ... Bias - examples from NYT, LAT, WaPo ... and then some truth ... "job of the MSM is not to report news, but to sell ads"
    ... "Stuck on Stupid", PT has a video
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Save LA's seal!
    ... 3 (more) reasons to "dislike" the ACLU
    ... Taking on our military, again ... "for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state"
    ... Demanding Boy Scouts permit girls, atheists, homosexuals?
  • Illegal Immigration : A simple, inexpensive solution to monitoring our border - satellites!
  • Israel : 'Hamas will convert synagogue into weapons museum'
  • UK : Becoming too friendly with the EU?
  • Crawfordstock : (cough) Lando, Chewbacca Join Anti-Bush Protest ... aka Sharpton, Moore
    ... Media mis-representing the "groundswell" of support?
    ... BBC spinning numbers as well?
    ... And how about the lack of coverage for MAF? ... see you on Sunday?
  • Insurrection : GTL joins the "party" ... stop McCain-Feingold!
  • Computing : MS presentation on rootkits ... good for anyone who is a Win* admin. Or for anyone that has a PC/laptop!
    ... Vista - more IO speed, thanks to some virtual memory tools
    ... Vista - stabler drivers?
    ... 24" LCDs this fall ... for ~$900
    ... Nanotech to give flat panel industry a boost? ... and a cautionary note
    ... 'BIOS for Beginners'
  • Internet : VOIP : Skype-out, Skype-In ... free phone calls
    ... Broadband adoption rates drop ... everyone who wants it, and can afford it, has it?
  • New Word : PatriAutism ... "the inability -- after condemning one's own country's soldiers, leadership, or actions ..."
  • Left : Schumer's dirty tricks
    ... 'Federal Department Of Peace and Nonviolence' ... seriously, you can't just make this up!
    ... Carter says Gore won in 00, Kerry probably won in 04 ... and I thought he was crazy before!
    ... Bambenek points out some irony ... or perhaps I should say hypocrisy?
    ... Hillary's virtual transformation stumbling a bit ... you can lie to some people some of the time ...
    ... WaPo just a bit biased WRT who they choose to quote?
    ... Pelosi offers return of $70M from Highway Bill ... many are not so willing (including some on the Right, sadly)
  • Right : Fiscal Conservative revolt?
    ... Who in Congress is even trying?
    ... Small govt not dead yet
  • Space : Defining planet ... "fudge factor"
  • Health : Circumcision vs AIDS?
    ... Inappropriate IVF on the rise ... women not wanting the sex; I knew it!
  • Genetics : Making Chimeras to help fight Down's Syndrome
  • Robots : South Korea to spend $33.4B on Border defending Battle Bots
  • Gadget : 'Hiwatt Echo Theremin Musical Instrument'
    ... iPod Nano components = $90
  • Religion : Why does God let bad things happen to good people?
  • Cereal : The Cheerio Effect ... not like the Butterfly Effect
  • ID : Court Case in Pennsylvania may determine fate of ID being taught alongside Darwinian Evolution
  • Bloggers : Jody moves in with Beth ... I am thinking they need some video cameras!
    ... SuperHawk hits one!
    ... Space Monkey turns 2, in blog years

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  • OOTS : #224 ... succumb to gluttony, with a side of corruption!
  • Crawfordstock : Renamed self to Hurricane Bushisawarcriminal
    ... Massive crowd of 20-30 people, and a giant letter!
    ... Sheehan downgraded to tropical depression
    ... More on the number of Sheehanistas present
  • Islamofascism : 'Bush asks Abdullah for Mideast peace help'
    ... POLL : Most Americans are not in Iraq
  • Internet : 'OSI vs other protocol stacks' ... oldie-but-goodie
  • Nuclear Korea : Nork's demands for going nuke-free
  • SCOTUS / Roberts : The "Leave it to Beaver" edition
  • Rita : Bus on non-Jews explodes, media notices
    ... Rita roundup ... how will Bus(sic) be blamed? :P
    ... Hurricanes = Yakuza's fault
    ... NASA : No hurricanes on Moon!
    ... Media lied about WMDs Storm of Mass Destruction
    ... FEMA orders Rita be arrested ... Rita Rudner, that is
    ... MSM to tell us how wind blows, where hurricanes hit
    ... Lap dances interrupted in NO, Houston ... true'ish!
    ... New Nostradamus prediction overwhelms all critics
  • Katrina : W finally got rid of the Negroes
    ... Top 5 (+5) benefits from Katrina
    ... What? No commemorative bag?
  • MSM : Both paying readers enjoying the drivel
    ... An open letter to NYT ... what about the self-esteem of those being laid off? Think of the children! (TRUE!)
  • Computing : "Add remove" fad sweeping the halls
  • Complaint : NTL is a bunch of testicle jugglers? ... found via ER
  • Privacy : PATRIOT Act expanded to include gumball machines
  • Religion'ish : Jennifer's prayers ... "No Robert Blake amateur hour here"
  • Pope : Vatican to outsource jobs ... that is so not right!
  • Mysteries of the Universe : Do Democrats really exist? ... "there is no logical explanation for Howard Dean"
  • Caption This : Dogs in flight ... captions funny, picture not so much
  • Audio : Song not so good, but interesting video'ish concept
  • Productivity : What not to do ... and by the time you finish reading the list, you're done for the day!
  • Cows : Is your wife from Oklahoma?
  • UselessNations : A letter to Yasser

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  • Katrina + Rita holdouts :
    "Perhaps they should write their Social Security numbers on their arms with indelible ink."
    --thanks Governor Blanco, viaMy Way!

  • XML :
    itior: XML is like violence, if it doesn't solve the problem, just use more.
    --thanks BASH!

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    No small spenders
    Day by day

    No small spenders
    Cox & Forkum

    Bush lies, Mars fries

    Look busy!

    Heineken is for losers, um I mean looters!

    Support the Troops weekend
    Support the Troops!

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