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Riley Bear
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  • NIF : No NIF for now, in fact - maybe none today atleast a little it today, still (SLOWLY) coalescing :)
    ... and still open trackbacks, so go read them (if anyone leaves any, that is :P )
  • Monday : The Guard Our Borders blogburst took place without me - did you know we will be even less safe tomorrow?!
    ... and Ranchers are doing the job our Federal Govt is failing to do!
    ... and More on Jim Gilchrist here

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  • Iraq : Col. Todd Wood killed by car bomb ... 15 others killed as well; prayers & condolences
    ... We have enough troops in country ... modularity, self-sustaining battalions
  • SCOTUS / Alito : Judge Samuel Alito nominated ... filibuster blustering has started already
    ... although, DeWine (R-OH, Gang of 14) is threatening to vote for change of rules if the filibluster proceeds! (i.e. - Go Constitutional)

    ... Graham also says a filibuster will not pass muster ... "Expect Alito to get confirmed, 65-35"
    ... Conservatives rallying in support ... Schumer blusters (as usual / expected)
    ... SCOTUS-blog has more ... go figure!
    ... Dems - a whole bunch of hypocrites ... radicals, racists, pro-terrorist, bad losers
    ... Dems have their talking points all lined up
    ... Now see what some Dems have said about him before ... before SCOTUS nomination, that is
    ... Stop the ACLU has lots more! ... check all the links!
    ... Alito's Law.com profile ... found via CC (he has more!)
    ... A peek at his Wiki Bio
    ... Some thoughts on why Conservative Judges != Judicial Activists
  • India : More on yesterday's New Delhi bombings ... ~60 dead, 200 injured ... prayers & condolences

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  • Islamofascism : Israel, Islamic Jihad having a shootout
    ... 4 nights of riots in Paris ... religion of Peace meaningless violence
    ... Border controls still not so in control of the border ... educational visas handed out like candy
  • Iran : Iranian opposition - "Our President (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) is a Moron" ... Couldn't have said it better myself!
    ... And remember - the US is still "the Great Satan"
  • Plamegate : Wilson keeps lying, noone calls him on it (video available) ... what media bias?
    ... "Joe Wilson, lying troll" (quoting MPJ)
  • UselessNations : Will they actually stand up to Syria ... I'll believe it when I see it!
    ... A resolution WAS passed! ... color me amazed; all this from an org that can't define terrorism!
  • Mass Murderers : Rusty puts things in perspective, with pictures of True Evil
  • Italy : Berlusconi lies, panders, grovels, flipflops in trying to get re-elected
  • Civilization : How advanced can one become? ... can we fast-forward to Type III? ... MUST READ!
  • Computing : Differing thoughts on MS upgrade cycles
    ... Oracle releasing a free database product? ... "Oracle 10g Express Edition" ... BETA DL here!
    ... 10 excuses developers use ... not just developers!
    ... Bluetooth scanning ... like Wardriving, but for Bluetooth
    ... Google to hack at OpenOffice
  • Internet : Nasty AIM worm ... now with added rootkit goodness!
    ... Time Warner, -Steve Case
    ... Google, now with more video
    ... Bypassing the Great FireWall of China to see Google-cache
    ... SBC - "no more free pipes" ... that bodes ill!
    ... Amazon.co.u fell off the net for a bit ... what's this cable do?
  • Gaming : Dungeon Siege, the movie ... a two-part epic?
  • Telecom : FCC approves SBC/AT&T & Verizon's+MCI
    ... The Cel Phone, the first model
  • Economics : The (failing) French Model ... and is it really a model if noone is following it?
  • Real Estate : Check out what $1.2M gets you in Las Vegas ... found via Gindy
  • Energy : We will never run out of any valuable commodity ... seriously, and what that means WRT oil (sands / shale)
  • Space : NASA has a plan to divert incoming asteroids ... preventing a 2036 impact of 9942 Apophis(!)
    ... Spy satellites that spy on satellites
    ... Pluto +2 moons! ... for a total of 3
  • Left : Chavez - "Halloween part of U.S. culture of terror"
    ... Boxer writes book, time to puke
  • Right : Kilgore not quite "right" enough? ... well, he's certainly "righter" than Kaine!
    ... Republican != Conservative ... atleast, sometimes
  • "Global Warming" : The (cough) unbiased BBC brings us an illustration
    ... GW is just a hoax
  • Nature : Lamnid sharks, a warm-blooded fish?
  • International Relations : It's not just the US that think France sucks ... thanks Randy!
  • Audio : Kickin' Subwoofer ... your whole room!
  • Health : "Junk DNA" useful for evolution
  • Crime : Lion-O busted
  • Language : 'Simple writing makes you look smart' ... so copying headlines make me brilliant!
  • Celebrity(ies) : Prince Charles makes stupid quote ... rambling on about being "over efficient", culture, technology slavery ... WTF?

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  • OOTS : #239 ... Booty call! Well, not quite.
    ... and Book #2 is available for preorder!
  • SCOTUS / Alito : Checking the want-ads
    ... Clinton prefers Laura Alito
    ... W picks Scalia
  • IMAO : Halloween Podcast!
  • Clippy : Oh My God, They Killed Clippy!
  • Robots : 'Defend yourself against the coming robot rebellion'
  • Left : The games they play ... why do their job when they can have "fun" ... (true'ish)
  • UF : On business ... "a wolf in veep's clothing"

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  • Halloweenahfascism :
    Only you can prevent terrorist midgets on Halloween
    --thanks IMAO!

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    Jack on the Vicki McKenna Show Live This Tuesday at 3pm EST
    Task Force Sabre 7
    ... found via Cao ... all of her Sabre 7 stuff here!

    Confirm Alito
    Blogs for Bush

    IFCB - Evil Conservative
    IFCB - Evil Conservative
    IFCB - Evil Conservative

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  • 10/30/2005

    Preemptive Strike of Limited Blogation

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  • NIF : Not today, atleast not yet. I guess the standard Limited Blogation weekend starts a day early :(.
    ... So, for now, just leave comments & trackbacks. I'll be back! ... afternoon, evening blogging in effect!
  • Basil : I slipped past his robo-assassin-guards and got a crosspost here
    ... UPDATE : He has fixed teh TypePad trackback problem ... Check it out ... it's something called WordPress :)
  • DST : Since we haven't managed to kill this monster (and in fact, have extended it effective 2007), set your clocks back 1hr on Sunday

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  • BOOM : New Delhi, India - rocked by 3 explosions ... still developing, 10 reported dead so far
  • Afghanistan : US Embassy spitting on First Amendment? ... how very American of us!
  • Plamegate : Libby indicted, resigns ... if I was acting like a Dem I would demand a definition of "is" and "sex"
    ... and also blindly believe (or claim to believe) in innocence
    ... But I am not, so I just hope the truth comes out and those guilty are punished

    ... Good analysis here ... strengths and weaknesses in Fitzgerald's case
    ... 'Fit to hit the shan' ... nice title, good post
    ... Lying about lying ... and how it still doesn't answer the root question
    ... The questions not asked
    ... TSG has more
    ... "And despite the apparent glee on the part of the left, it's coitus interruptus for them." ... news'ish, cut me some slack!
    ... Sidenote - 32 Dems opposed the law Scooter might have violated ... found via Poca Dot
  • Islamofascism : Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defends his "wipe Israel off the map" statement ... "Religion of Peace Pieces"
    ... Iran revealing how weak it is?
    ... Tony Blair responds to Iran
    ... UN makes a (cough) strong response to Iran ... UN, where the U is for useless ... and Russia basically endorses Iran
    ... TBIFOC has the Congressional votes on Condemning Iran ... 49 say "Iran is A-OK", and one votes as "Present" ... WTF??
    ... Iran + al Qaeda ... no surprise here!
    ... Prince Charles, Dhimmi?
    ... ISM, PLO = (still) terrorist organizations
    ... Danes make 4 arrests
  • Beta : Will become hurricane ... lucky #13, not expected to hit US
    ... Now a Cat 1, moving towards Cat 2
    ... Makes it up to Cat 3
    ... Weakens back to Cat2
  • Oil : Profits under fire ... ExxonMobil Q3 net income up 75%!
    ... They don't learn from their own history? ... or we don't learn from ours?
    ... Thoughts on the problem, and "Windfall Profit tax" is not (nor is ever) the right answer
  • Baseball : Most recent World Series was lowest watched EVER ... apparently I am not the only one who doesn't care!
  • RIP : Richard Smalley (62), one of the buckeyballs guys
  • Economy : A healthy Q3 ... 3.8% growth; in spite of natural disasters, etc.
  • Katrina : NOPD fires 51 officers for desertion ... and 60 have quit, so what about the other 139 AWOL employees??
    ... and put a second S in dessertion to make it funny

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  • New York City : City smells good, people get worried
  • MSM : NYT's misleading us WRT Cpl. Jeffrey B. Starr ... found via Absentee
  • UselessNations : Riddled with corruption
    ... Oil for Food for Bribes - AWB in it for $300M ... via Alia
    ... Kofi pledges to investigate ... I WOULD FRACKING HOPE SO.
    ... unless of course they do the RIGHT thing and fire him (or he resigns) ... but that is more than a little doubtful.

    ... Stop the UNternet ... :
    "The United Nations either does not understand or is willfully ignoring
    the fact that the lack of control of the Internet is not a bug"
  • Computing : Korea -Windows?
    ... MS fighting Zombies, in court
    ... Notebooks, with screens that are readable in sunlight
    ... SW industry not prepared for multicore? ... MS would know, wink wink
    ... Odious DMCA undergoing review, speak out!
    ... IBM's Blue Gene tops own record ... 280.6 teraflops!
    ... RAID, explained through water jugs
    ... MS building Web-based Office? ... or just a lite version
    ... More on "IE7 to be more secure"
    ... Convert videos to iPod easily , freely
    ... USB Guitar
    ... MS vs OSI
    ... IBM to sell Solaris on blades?!
  • Internet : 1Tbps!
    ... Cisco building WiFi mesh
    ... Digg gets some sweet VC$ ... a cool $2.8M, and they deserve it (but so do I!!)
    ... AOL hit by IM virus
    ... L3, Cogent get over selves, sign peering agreement
    ... Internet plays integral role in our lives ... no, really??
    ... Sex.com hijacker (finally) busted ... $65M run for the border finally over?
  • Gaming : Your PSP wants solar power!
    ... XBOX360 expected to sell 4.5M to 5.5M by 06/30/06! ... including mine?
    ... WoW - Burning Crusade site launched
    ... Battlefield 2 "complaints" ... bullets turn peoples' skeletons into jello, and Jeeps blow up like Pintos?
    ... Civ4 - the addiction ... and bad politics
  • Happy Birthday : Lady Liberty ... dedicated on October 28, 1886
  • Education : Corporate bribes are just fine for WVU President David Hardesty ... I wouldn't mind a $70k "bonus salary"
  • Abortion : A peek inside Planned Parenthood
  • Right : 'The Cost of Real Corruption' ... "Democrats relentlessly decry the “culture of corruption”"
    (cough) hypocrites (cough)
  • SCOTUS/Miers : 'A pyrrhic victory for opponents'? ... sadly; I hope they are wrong
  • Racism : Sports not safe from it ... "race-based pseudo-controversy"
  • Halloween : ACLU throws a block for sex offenders ... they keep good company - pedophiles, terrorists
    ... 100 greatest horror movie performances of all time
    ... Go as Halo's Master Chief
    ... LED Jack-O-Lantern
    ... Venus, Mars to be glowing
  • Space : Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) opens eyes ... 10x better than Hubble
  • Health : CNTF vs obesity
    ... Microbe + machine = cellborg
    ... ExxonMobil giving employees "fake flu shots"? ... I got a real one from my Dr, atleast I think so :)
    ... The Mediterranean Da Vinci Code Diet ... by a bread-maker ... no ulterior motive here!
    ... Tiny robots, remote surgery ... sounds like a movie
  • Privacy : Passports + RFID + (attempted) AntiSkimming measures
  • Employment : 'The worst jobs in science'
  • Education : MIT Prof Luk Van Parijs fakes data, gets fired ... been doing it for quite some time?
  • Weather : Tracking hurricanes back to 1700s
    ... Hurricane Wilma made a "2"?
  • Culture : Babies w/o daddies on the rise ... (sad), but teen births are down (good)
  • Urban Legends : Check it out here first, before you email it to everyone on the planet
  • Crime : Steal CC, buy winning ($1M) lottery ticket, get busted/lose $/go to jail
    ... Ex-"Mayor for Life" Marion Berry charged with Tax Evasion ... um, that damned IRS set him up?
  • Stupidity : State Hospital gives mental patient Adonis Oandasan a machete ... you see where this is going, right?
  • Celebrity(ies) : George Takei, aka Star Trek's Sulu = teh gay ...TMI
    ... IMAO wants to hear about any celeb who is surprisingly NOT teh gay
    ... DiCaprio blathers about "Global Warming" ... yes, 'cuz he is a scientist and stuff
  • TV : 10000 bouncy balls released in San Fran for ad
  • Bloggers : Forbes thinks you are dangerous ... what, to their profits? Credibility?
    ... Spacemonkey reacts to Forbes
    ... Intro to Trackbacks ... in case you didn't know!

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  • OOTS : #238 ... no pied piper
  • Islamofascism : Saddam - "You can't handle the truth!"
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Acceptance to White House Halloween Bash withdrawn
    ... Miers flees SCOTUS fiasco ... cookies weren't enough
    ... Mr. Stick Figure, on Free Speech ... if it is not about Miers, we don't care!
    ... Scooter for SCOTUS ... a one-liner, throw away ... but still funny (and I hear he is available)
    ... Where'd everybody go?
    ... Miers withdraws, + punchline at the end
  • Plamegate : 'Libby case a ‘slam dunk’, but leaker on the loose'
    ... Hitchcock salutes prosecutor
    ... ' The White House girls take Scooter Libby out to lunch' ... standard going-away lunch
  • UF : The geek dating saga continues!
  • Right : TBIFOC has a nightmare
  • Katrina : Red Cross uses $ to takeover Salvation Army ... actually, ARC is outa $ - but that isn't funny
  • Laundry : Some people HATE doing laundry ... and offer "rewards" as payment, thanks Chris ... (true)
  • Culture : Ignorant wannabes everywhere
  • W : Reality Show up next
  • The Onion : A response to POTUS cease & desist order ... using the White House seal is verboten
  • Podcast : Night of the Living Left ... found via ... IMAO
  • New Jersey : (Rejected) State Slogans
  • Engrish : Wok the F@#$ (flash) ... obviously, language warning ... thanks John!

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  • Divorce :
    A man stuck on a deserted island stumbles onto a lamp. As he is rubbing the dirt off of
    it a genie flies out of it and says "I will grant you three wishes, but first I must know your
    marital status." The man says he is divorced. The genie says then his ex-wife will get
    twice as much of what ever he wishes. The man says " Ok. For my first wish I want a
    billion dollars." The genie gives the man a billion dollars and his ex-wife 2 billion dollars.
    The man then says " For my next wish, I would like my own private jet." The genie gives
    him a private jet, and his ex-wife two private jets. "And for my last wish I would like you
    to beat me half to death." The man says. The genie then beats him half to death and his
    wife is dead.
    --thanks Aaron (via email)

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    Happy Halloween :
    Riley Bear
    My Riley Bear

    Piece-ful Islam, Iran
    Cox & Forkum

    Jack on the Vicki McKenna Show Live This Tuesday at 3pm EST
    Task Force Sabre 7
    ... found via Cao ... all of her Sabre 7 stuff here!

    Dunno about the text, but illusions are cool: (click for larger)
    The pictures attached are used to test the level of stress a person can handle.
    The slower the pictures move, the better it is said is your ability of handling stress.
    Alleged criminals that were tested see them spinning around madly; however, senior citizens and kids see them standing still.
    None of these images are animated-they are perfectly static.
    One teacher who used this test said, "I felt like they were all moving... but slowly. Kinda like, they were breathing."

    Thanks Aaron (via email)

    Pick your Scooter :



    Bloggers != sex

    Merry Christmas, ACLU!
    Stop the ACLU

    Dear God : (Click for larger)
    Dear God ... from the mouthes of children
    ... thanks Rodney (via email)

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  • 10/27/2005

    Another day in the neighborhood

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  • Thursday : That means we need to Stop the ACLU, an interview with ADF President Alan Sears
  • Blogger : Acting iffy for you? It is for me (Thursday AM) ... maybe it is all the "Miers withdraws" blogtivity?
  • Guest Blogging : Basil's house has been invaded by yours truly!

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  • Religion : School Board in Hillsborough County, Florida cancel all "Religious Holidays" ... CAIR, still pro-terrorist
  • Iraq : Terrorists kill 3 more GIs ... and 4 wounded, prayers and condolences
  • Israel : "Palestinian" suicide bomber kills 5, wounds dozens
    ... Sharon approves response
    ... 'Israeli Army enters Jenin'
    ... The growing threat Israel faces ... a threat to the nation's survival
  • Baseball : Chicago White Sox have swept the Astros in 4 straight ... and I still don't care about baseball
  • Beta : Another tropical storm forming ... just to make the record harder to break in the future
  • Katrina : 'Subpoenas issued in Memorial Hospital deaths'
  • Wilma : Jeb accepts blame for his constituents being stupid ... perhaps they should have BOUGHT FOOD AND WATER??
  • Amsterdam : Fire in airport kills 11 ... they were illegal aliens awaiting deportation, and others escaped during chaos
  • NFL : Saints being relo'd to LA? ... it's not the Redskins, I don't care

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  • Culture : "Nero fiddled while Rome burned, is that what we are doing ?" ... some sobering thoughts
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Questioning the quality of her writings ... I am still on the fence, noone has sold me either way
    ... Nevermind - Miers withdraws!
    ... FNC coverage here
    ... More here ... "concerned that the nomination process presents a burden"
    ... Ogre was right
    ... "Bush must heal the divide this nomination has created among the conservative base" ... and lessons learned?
    ... B&E comments on the MSM's reporting ... and he might know a SCOTUS Justice!
    ... WB has a lot more links & thoughts ... including some blathering from Dick Turban Durbin
    ... a WHOLE BUNCH of links ... one of which may surprise you
    ... "I am willing to accept that if it means they've learned their lesson about acting like Democrat"
    ... "Michael Ludig would be an amazing Justice, as would Edith Brown Clement or my personal favorite, Priscilla Owen"
    ... "Will Bush pick another dud or a real nominee this time?"
    ... Frank J. threatens to punch people, if it helps
    ... "This is a victory for anyone who cares about the direction of the court"
    ... "Sooper sekret message to the White House - just say "no" to 'Berto!"
    ... "The final straw: clear evidence of her liberalism, overlooked by a shoddy vetting process"
    ... So, who is next at bat? Your thoughts?
  • Islamofascism : NOfP rounds up thoughts on the 2000 murdered Americans ... each a hero, every single loss is tragic
    ... and how the left makes a mockery of their sacrifice
    ... Some video the MSM won't show you ... and, for comparison, an example of what they do show
    ... Live by the sword, die by the Coalition Forces ... Nashwan Mijhim Muslet (aka Abu Tayir or Abu Zaid) killed dead
    ... You can sue traitors! ... yet another way to fight terrorism :) ... thanks to TMH for the tip!
    ... "The World without Zionism" ... "attended by suicide bomber wannabes, homicidal maniacs and future Hitlerian imitations"
    ... 'Multinational force spokesman: media being manipulated by terrorists' ... um, duh?
    ... Don't any one of the 2000, like USMC Captain Ryan A. Beaupre ... read his letter home, and remember
    ... More on the jubilation on the left over the 2000 dead heroes
    ... Iraq bodes well for the wave of democracy ... dictators be damned
  • Plamegate : Missing the point - Iraq's quest for Uranium
    ... Indictments may be a win for Conservatives?
    ... Predicting no indictments?
  • UselessNations : UN to finally publish list of those participating Oil for Food fort Bribes ... I wonder if Kofi/Kojo will listed?
    ... Galloway's wife received Oil for Food bribes, MSM ignores it
  • RFID : In your passport, in 2 months! ... I am still not convinced this is good!
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'ACLU vs America'
  • MSM : Round up on Condigate, USA Today's latest photoshop adventure ... which they have since corrected
  • Disasters : Katrina, etc. raises questions as to our resiliency
    ... Infrastructure failures
  • Crawfordstock : 'Cindy "What's her name?" Gets arrested and no one cares'
  • Computing : Usability, still AWOL
    ... 'What would Microsoft do if Google invented an OS?' ... WWMD? I am guessing change their underwear would be #1
    ... VMWorld 2005
    ... Spotting, stopping stolen software ... no warez for you!
    ... Review of Lenovo X41, tablets in general, and WinXP Tablet Edition
    ... Visual Studio rots the mind?
    ... Fighting Linux FUD with Humor ... "The biggest obstacle is fear"
    ... Digital Ink getting closer ... finally!
    ... New Zealand govt going "all open source" ... say Hello to Novell/SuSe
    ... VMWare's free player raises pressure on MS
  • Internet : Building ID systems
    ... Web defacer being deported ... yeah, but don't they have The Internet in his home country?
    ... This retarded site has made $.5M in the last 1-2 months ... I hate his idea (Yes - jealous), and am boycotting his supporters
    ... 1 mile WiFi (802.11b) ... for $50! ... make that 802.11G and I am so wanting that!
    ... Thoughts on the RIAA's fighting of 'piracy' ... :
    "Their refusal to adapt to new technology, and to create new and innovative ways to profit from it, is doomed to fail"
    ... Web users cutting back? ... that's alright, I'll pick up their slack :P
    ... VOIP wiretapping back in court
    ... The real threat to Vonage, and it isn't cable
  • Gaming : StarCraft, WoW for XBOX360? ... oh hell yeah!
  • Right : Coburn, right-bloggers talk porkbusting
  • Racism : Thoughts on the many failures that led up to Rosa Parks' victory ... :
    "Rice and Colin Powell stand on the shoulders of Rosa Parks"
  • Health : Schizophrenics better at discerning illusions ... +4 to saves vs Illusion? Fault/Feat tradeoff?
    ... Geeks' Guide to Working Out ... good stuff!
    ... 'Slacker or sick', RSI making good employees look bad? ... boy, do my wrists hurt all day, every day ... damned cytokines
    ... They've mapped the diff of our genes?
    ... Bone Marrow donors subject to DNA-identification mixup ... I smell a CSI episode coming!
  • Volcano : Galapagos Islands' Sierra Negra volcano continues erupting
  • Halloween : And religion; I had never heard of Jack Chick
  • Misc : Soling a 20x20 Rubic's Cube
    ... Fractal cabbage
    ... Old undeveloped film, photos unseen - until now'ish ... for some reason this makes me sad
  • Homosexuality : Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court Pro-Sodomy ruling was setup ... "reverse entrapment"
  • Celebrity(ies) : 14 things you don't know about Billie Gates
    ... Couric feels your pain ... but she will have $65M to comfort herself with
    ... Prince Harry forced to drop trow
  • TV : "Destroy All Humans" becoming animated series on Fox ... 11 episodes, canceled, moved, movie deal ... right?
    ... PuppyBlender questions the logic of subsidizing TV ... while technology blows past Congress
  • Sick : Arby's employee spits in State Trooper's sandwich ... glad I am not a State Trooper!

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • SCOTUS/Miers : 'Miers withdraws to 'Spend more time with humans''
    ... W to nominate Reid's second choice
    ... Miers grilled over "plans to spend more time with family"
    ... A (cough) real glimpse behind the scenes ... AG will CUT YOU!
    ... "Who is this "Harry Etmyers" that everyone keeps talking about?"
    ... 'Bush to nominate next person who walks through door'
    ... President's Intern knows why she withdrew ... lawyers don't work for flat rates!
    ... Frank J. has a different answer ... it involves her mother. Sort of.
  • Movies : IMAO casting ... WRT the first comment, that is just uncalled for!
  • Video : Yoda dances! ... easter egg in the RotS DVD
  • Baseball : Caption the man-kissing
  • RVB : Did I mention #65 is available?
  • Crawfordstock : Sheehan celebrates 2000 supporters ... by playing dead, getting arrested
    ... 'Dead hippies! Yay! ... Aw, they're just faking it'
  • UF Geek dating ...
  • UselessNations : Debating the meaning of "Wipe Israel from map"
    ... 'Police find 100,000 barrels of oil in George Galloway’s spare bedroom'
  • Relationships : Marriage in a Nutshell
  • "Global Warming" : Ice cap thickens, enrages environmentalists ... "By the year 4500, we could see a dramatic rise in ocean levels"
  • Dilbert : Introducing the Specter of Unpaid Overtime ... hey, I know that guy VERY well!
  • Illusion : Pink, green or no dots ... except for schizoids, apparently (see "Health :" above :) )
  • Racism : Caption Prussian Blue, aka - the Nazi Olsen twins
  • MSM : CBS puts Sports in charge of News
    ... USA Today issues correction, (cough) posts real Condi pic
  • Plamegate : 'Army Corps of Engineers repairing massive leak in Cheney'
  • Coffee : Real men don't drink decaf lattes
  • ALP : #150 ... Jesus is moving out
  • Parenting 101 : Caption the Child Abuse
  • Gaming : Civilization Anonymous
  • Flash : Zombie Romp ... first try = 42732
  • Life Lessons : You learned them HOW?? ... "It's best not to think how you got into your situation, but how you are going to get out of it"

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • "Global Test" :
    It is ironic that our founding fathers wanted to free ourselves from European Imperialism
    but modern constitutional scholars believe that we are in fact subject to their whims.
    --thanks JCB! (received via email)

  • W :
    Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes
    by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in an accident"
    "OH DEAR GOD NO!!!" George W. Bush exclaims. "That's terrible!!" His
    staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the
    president sits, head in hands. Finally, the President, devastated, looks
    up and asks.......... "How many is a Brazillion??!"
    --thanks Bash!

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Yes, GOP ain't perfect, but ...
    Day by Day

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