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  • ME : So, I am finally blogging again!
    ... Big thanks to Basil, TMH & Paul for stepping in to help keep NIF from being totally devoid of interest!
    ... (and you guys know you are always welcome to just drop by and post ... or, if you didn't know you do know!)
  • Illegal Immigration : Let's think about Guarding our Borders ... and thoughts on private-sector collusion
    ... or how about this : Convicted aliens have more rights to privacy than we do!?
  • Household Maintenance : Yet again, my ignorance has conquered (atleast temporarily) a household crisis.
    ... step 1 : Garbage Disposal stops working
    (flip switch on, hear buzzing noise (but no spinning of motor), flip switch off)
    ... step 2 : Let it sit for a day or two, hope it fixes self
    ... step 3 : Stumble through dismounting, disconnecting unit from sink, drain & dishwasher (spill water)
    ... step 4 : Check if this somehow helped
    (flip switch on, hear buzzing noise (but no spinning of motor), flip switch off)
    ... step 5 : Perform percussive maintenance; read: hit it with hammer
    (flip switch on, hear buzzing noise (but no spinning of motor), flip switch off)
    ... step 6 : Perform percussive maintenance inside grinder-part-thingie; read: hit it with hammer + long piece of metal
    (flip switch on, hear grinding noise as unit successfully grinds up rust, flip switch off)
    ... step 7 : Remount unit
    ... step 8 : Pronounce victory to loving wife, add new disposal to list of future weekend projects
    ... As I said - my ignorance (hey - it wasn't a computer / network device, cut me some slack!) dominates all challenges!

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  • Earthquake : India, Pakistan Afghanistan - 7.7 ... 30000 feared dead ... condolences & prayers
    ... Rescue operations underway ... including military helos heading to Pakistan, from Afghanistan
    ... US aid arriving
    ... Misha has more on the US aid, and on the UN's (cough) contribution so far
    ... Unrelenting aftershocks ... atleast 13 of them, one was a 6.3
    ... Millions left homeless
    ... ER wonders how long it is before the Great Satan will be blamed? ... even while we are rushing to the rescue effort
    ... FF's Crystal Palace feels it
  • Mudslide : Guatemala village now a mass grave ... 1400 dead, buried ... condolences & prayers
  • Flooding : Lots of rain in Eastern US ... evacuations, deaths ... condolences & prayers
  • Hurricane : Stan making impact in Central America, Mexico ... 225 dead so far ... condolences & prayers
  • Iraq : Still fighting for Sunni support ... violence on the upswing as Oct. 15th nears
    "foreign militants involved in Iraq's insurgency had fallen to around 900"
    ... Not a quagmire! ... "80 percent of the al Qaeda network in the north has been devastated"
    ... Let's see if the "next dictatorial overlord" is willing to "sacrifice" ... a little piece of Iraq, in France
  • Germany : Schroeder out, Merkel in ... EXCELLENT!
    ... CQ has more
  • Colorado : SNOW! ... up to 18" so far, up to 4' expected!
  • Avian Flu : EU bans poultry imports from Turkey ... their is an obvious Turkey joke there ...

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  • Islamofascism : NY's subway was on high-alert Friday
    ... Bombs found on Georgia Tech campus ... and at UCLA as well? ... found via TMG
    ... Malkin has more on the GT, UCLA bombs found ... + Gwinnett County
    ... Thoughts on W's "The War for the Free World" speech ... he (finally) uses the word Islamofascism
    ... "This type of democracy is worthless for Muslims" ... or so Imam Raed Hlayhel would have you believe
    ... "Islam permits killing of 'infidel' civilians"
    ... CAIR is "nothing more than al-Qaeda’s version of the ACLU"
    ... "I salute President Bush who does not care much for this kind of defeatism and treats it with the contempt it deserves" ... found via Ace
    ... Al Jazeera recruiting drive ... first a USMC, now a Knight? It's a Dhimmi-storm!
    ... More on the OK suicide bombing ~2wks ago ...
    "if a terrorist attack in America's heartland doesn't jolt the country out of this fantasyland, what will?"
    ... Dr Sanity reminds us how difficult it is to prove your preventative measures had any effect
  • Katrina / Rita : 3 NOPD officers charged with abuse ... of a 64yr old man, from Basil :
    "The downside of Los Angeles providing police protection becomes apparent"
    ... NOPD steal Cadillac to desert posts ... how many strikes does it take to be out?
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : ACLU scores a win vs Christianity ... Mt. Soledad to lose Cross; despite 75% popular support?
  • Carnival of True Liberties : #2 ... features several TWAers!
  • DeLay : Counter-filing against Earle ... found via, and more comments from The Therapist
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Good round-up of "Week 1" ... and check out "Scalthom"
    ... Rick ponders the circular firing squad ... and fondly remembers someone who handled the opposition better
    ... Dem support may be what gets her confirmed?
    ... 'Pro-Ginsburg but Anti-Miers?' ... questions for 16 GOPers
    ... Patterico, Fund question Miers
    ... TAotB forwards some questions for Miers
    ... Discerning Texan, Steyn say "She's not ideal but she'll do" ... I am in this boat, currently
  • Equal Rights : "White legislator from Tennessee wants to join the Black Caucus" ... turn-about is fair play, yes?
    ... Hurricane Farrakhan blustering into DC ... grief-pimping, race-baiting ...
    "It's a veritable Who's Who's Among Unhinged Black Leaders"
  • MSM : Asking itself about its own bias ... hope they weren't expecting much!
    ... 'WaPo's non-correction correction' ... the, ahem, novice protester
  • Education : Why the system is broke ... "I didn't get bad grades in some classes because it was the best I could do. I got them because it was the best I would do"
    ... Blowing up smurfs is supposed to discourage violence? ... isn't that just giving them ideas?
  • Intelligent Design : TMHBB has lots of thoughts ... far too many to adequately summarize here; so go read! I'll wait ...
  • Computing : Disable ports 139, 44 on your machine ... if, for some reason, you haven't already done so
    ... Malware makes your PSP a brick ... "You might as well use it to build a house"
    ... Meet the "All-in-one Touch Panel PC", from OZiQ
    ... Do-it-yourself photo printing doesn't add up ... Sam's, Snapfish are cheaper
    ... Indexing the world, in 300 years or less
  • Internet : AOL buys Weblogs Inc
    ... HowTo - use TCP-Wrappers to (help) secure Linux
    ... SkypeOUT, for free!? ... listen to ads, and you are sticking someone else with the bill - which is mean
    ... Boeing demos in-flight Internet ... and other good stuff (like cel phone usage)
    ... Google has an (online - duh!) newsreader now ... your RSS, anywhere
    ... Sergey Brin's Resume from 1996 ... you know, one of the Google guys
  • Gaming : Play WoW for free ... once you have the game, that is
    ... Nintendo DS going Wireless (USB)
  • UselessNations : 'UN's definition of occupation varies based on the Jewishness of those involved'
  • Left : Byrd has a senior moment
    ... 'No bad deed goes unrewarded'
    ... Our vulnerability to H5N1 is their fault?
    ... PETA following in Nazi footsteps ... indoctrination of youth
    ... "God had told him to invade Iraq", and why they keep taking the bait
    ... Still fighting FOR expensive gas? ... and more here
  • Right : W ignoring Ortega, Sudan, Castro? ... add Chavez to that list ...
  • Religion : Thoughts on God, organized religion - in the light of these trying times
  • Space : Some closer looks at sunspots
    ... 'Ice-scanning satellite crashes into North Pole' ... dysfunctional booster rocket leaves in it the cold
  • Energy : Looks like glass, functions like solar panel ... "Power Glass" windows can make electricity
  • Health : Cranberry + Oregano making (sea)food safer to eat ...
    "both plants are known to contain phenolic compounds with antimicrobial activity"
  • Robots : Driver-less VW (Standford's "Stanley") completes DARPA's race
    ... GadgetMadness gets a robo-mascot ... thanks to Gorden Bennett
  • Employment : Tips for using Craig's List .. or what not to do
  • Physics : Cool interactive simulations ... very similar to SodaConstructor
    ... Making light slower ... down to 245 meters per second, at room temp
  • Air Travel : Launch of 11.5 meter Supersonic model jet = successful ... although the industry still sux0rs
  • Language : floccinaucinihilipilification, floccinaucinihilipilificatious, floccinaucinihilipilified
  • Misc : Racing the Rubik's Cube ... in 45 moves!?
    ... Meet Kirsch Pink, a shrub that cleans the air ... from Toyota, of all places
    ... Mosquitoes with glow-in-the-dark testicles ... ahem, excuse me?
    ... The Alarm Grenade ... OMGWTF? I pity the fool ...
  • Military Stuff : Tank Pr0n ... or, maybe logistics pr0n ... either way, it's all good!
  • Bloggers : Hans lives!
  • A Story, bit by bit : ... "SuperEgo" :
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  • OOTS : #230 never quite came out on Friday ... Rich is using "moving" as an excuse, whatever!
    UPDATE : 230 IS HERE ... Chaos vs Lawyers :)
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Hubris has a sneak peak of the confirmation hearings ... Kennedy likes biscuits
  • Internet : The Internet Zoning Commission is Eminent Domaining your domain ...
    "incoherent actors and unskilled producers' wives"
  • Columbus Day : A, um, History Lesson
  • Right : 'Bush running out of incompetent cronies to appoint'
  • Katrina / Rita : IMAO knows how to fix New Orleans ... Mayor BusHitler Nagin's gambling is simply not enough!
  • Art : Abstract art upside down for years, noone knew
  • Caption This : Islamic Jihad, Mohammed Al Hindi ... "My goat assures me length doesn't matter"
  • Today : It is Upset a Lib day! ... every day is!
  • UselessNations : More on that Nobel Prize ... what threat could just couple more Nuclear powers pose? (true)
    ... IFOC says we are rewarding failure ... its about the LEVEL of failure (true)
    ... OTB says it was reward for opposing W, US ... "dubious grounds" ... lots of details here (true)
    ... Jawa reminds us it is all political ... and shows us the committee members (true)
    ... IAEA is a joke ... (true)
    ... The Nobel Prize for Appeasement ... (true)
    ... Nobel Committee develops nuclear capabilities
    ... More on IAEA's failures ... (true)
    ... So I realize this whole section is mostly true - but I can't stop laughing when I think of the IAEA getting a "Peace" Prize!

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  • Kilgore vs Kaine :
    It was another clear win for Jerry as he laid out his positive agenda of Honest Reform. Jerry demonstrated once again that he is a workhorse, not a showhorse, and spoke passionately about his optimistic vision and strong record of accomplishments.

    Sadly in Tim Kaine, you saw more of the bitter and cynical rhetoric we have grown accustomed to. Tim Kaine used the debate to attempt two things. First, he attempted to rewrite his liberal record to appear mainstream to voters unfamiliar with his record. Second, he launched attack after attack on Jerry praying one of them would stick in an effort to bolster his campaign which is widely seen as slipping and becoming more and more desperate.

    In the debate, Jerry clearly articulated his ideas to bring better pay for better teachers, get traffic moving again, create jobs and opportunities, and keep Virginians safe from harm, and easily brushed aside the barrage of negative attacks and half-truths from Tim Kaine.

    Even if you were not able to see the debate, here are 10 key points to remember and share with others:

  • Jerry Kilgore will improve education with his better pay for better teachers plan by recruiting, retaining and rewarding the nation’s best teachers. Tim Kaine readily admits that he does not even know how to pay for his signature education initiative without a tax increase.

  • Jerry Kilgore will get people and commerce moving again by empowering regions with real decision-making authority to find solutions to their transportation needs as well as making transportation a priority in the state budget. Tim Kaine has been widely criticized that he has provided no transportation plan and no new money for road construction.

  • Jerry Kilgore will make job creation a top priority by promoting Virginia’s business friendly climate; working with our colleges and universities to promote research and development; eliminating the unfair death tax; and creating and nurturing a regulatory environment that promotes the growth of businesses in Virginia. Tim Kaine has said very little in this campaign about job creation, but when he served as the Mayor of Richmond, the unemployment rate increased 47%.

  • As a former state and federal prosecutor, Secretary of Public Safety, and Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore has been on the front lines working to keep Virginia’s families and communities safe. Abolishing parole and establishing truth-in-sentencing, reforming the state’s domestic violence laws and enhancing penalties for gangs and drug dealers were just the start. Jerry will continue his effort to combat the growing threat of gangs and drug dealers, and will give police more authority to address the growing crime problem associated with illegal immigrants. Conversely, 840 acts of murder were committed while Tim Kaine served as a member of Richmond’s City Council and the federal government had to come in and implement Project Exile to protect Richmond’s citizens from violent criminals.

  • Jerry Kilgore is the one candidate for Governor who will enforce Virginia’s death penalty and use it as a deterrent to heinous criminal acts. Tim Kaine has spent a lifetime of activism against the death penalty and supports a moratorium on the death penalty, and if elected, he could bypass the General Assembly by exercising his clemency powers.

  • Jerry Kilgore believes government shouldn't tell the people how much it wants - the people should tell the government how much it gets. Jerry opposed the largest tax increase in history believing it was not necessary and now we have a $2.2 billion surplus. Jerry supports giving voters a say when politicians propose raising the state sales, gas or income taxes. Tim Kaine on the other hand supported the largest tax increase in Virginia history - a tax increase he now disingenuously refers to as “Budget Reform.” Tim Kaine has indicated his support for raising the gas tax and has promised to tour the state if elected to drum up support for higher taxes to fund transportation.

  • Jerry Kilgore opposes using taxpayer funds to encourage illegal behavior. That is why he opposed giving those in Virginia illegally drivers licenses, in-state college tuition and using your tax dollars for day laborer centers that do not check for legal status. Tim Kaine supports using taxpayer monies for illegal immigrants to receive in-state college tuition and for day laborer centers.

  • Jerry has a consistent pro-life record and has worked to promote a culture of life. Tim Kaine can’t be trusted on this issue as he has run radio ads in Southwest Virginia claiming he is pro-life while cynically running as a pro-choice candidate in Northern Virginia.

  • Jerry Kilgore is running on his record of significant accomplishments and positive agenda for the future. Tim Kaine has made Mark Warner the focus of his campaign to try and mask the fact that he has a weak liberal record to run on and that he is out of step with most Virginia values.

  • Jerry Kilgore has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Virginia Association of Realtors, the Virginia Society for Human Life PAC and the National Rifle Association just to name a few. Tim Kaine has not earned the endorsements of any significant organization other than the traditional Democrat unions and extreme environmentalists.
  • --thanks Ken Hutcheson, Kilgore for Governor

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    Guard our Borders

    W is warming Mars

    Miers Kitten
    ... via IAP


    A Kofi shop!

  • Sources / Bloggie Linkfests: Basil-Sat, OTB, TMG, Cao, Basil-AM, CO, JC, STACLU, PoliTeen, B&E, Basil-Noon, OTB, TMG
    ... Need More? Check IP's excellent round up of goings-on! ... Terrorism, Iran, Iraq, more!

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