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  • Weather : Wilma brings snow to MD, 50+ MPH winds to North-East
  • Plamegate : Indictments expected today'ish
  • Celebrity(ies) : Stern timeline planned ... The Junkies are coming back to mornings (in DC, on WJFK)!
  • Oil : ConocoPhillips profits up 89% ... totally unrelated to my gas costing me double what it used too, I am (cough) sure

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  • Islamofascism : More on the 2000 dead American heroes ... and what the GIs think of being used in leftist propaganda
    ... "To some, the death is a tragedy. To others, a statistic. And to the loon, political opportunity!"
    ... Ace brings us a little 'Perspective' on the 2000
    ... Some excellent thoughts from PP here on the "2000 dead" hyperventilating
    ... "can we afford NOT to risk the loss of 2,000 to save 250 million?"
    ... 2000 is an artificial mark and a cartoon ... both found via MM
    ... "We do not honor two thousand soldiers who have died. We honor one"
    ... USA Today disrespects our fallen in a different fashion
    ... Sunnis uniting in political process
    ... Jihad denied, biatches ... no 72 raisins for you!
    ... Hypocrisy, perception and fake pacifism on their side ... terrorists become "good Muslims" when they are captured ... ?
    ... 'New York Times lied, people died'
    ... Some thoughts on Israel, "Palestine", border security and some quotes from AIR
    ... Iran - "The State of Israel should be wiped off the map" ... religion of peace, indeed!
  • US : Firepower Forward deploying to Pakistan to assist with earthquake recovery ... damn we are a great country
  • Legal Immigration : Congress trying to sneak an increase in H1B & L1 visas?
    Send a fax, Call your reps to reject this section of the budget reconciliation package
  • Illegal Immigration : A Guard Our Borders post I missed on Monday ... why fences are good ... and :
    ... "become Americans, not just invade and set up their own ghettos"
    ... A bad situation, and a simple solution!
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : (cough) Non-Partisan?
  • Nuclear Korea : Bad for (Hyundai's) business ... wow, read the justification!
    ... found via OTB,who summarizes - "You are a fool if you enter North Korea to make money"
  • Plamegate : Everyone, everywhere jumping to conclusions ... gonna come down to "civil rights violations"?
    ... Oh, and they need a "Jump to Conclusions" mat!
  • Computing : Free e-books from MS ... some real literature (not all computer / IT related)
  • Internet : Google releasing "Base" ... wiki-database? ... more here ... Google responds
    ... Comedy Central unveiling "Motherload" ... online content galore
    ... Patched version of Skype released
    ... Someone is not too happy with Google's Web Accelerator
  • Gaming : XBOX360 retail (only) kiosks' WiFi too strong ... so, um, anyone wanna help pay for my XBOX360?
    ... NES turns 20
  • Abortion : Cali's Prop73 (Parental Consent) must pass!
  • MSM : Lean left, bury headline
    ... Rice photo has 'shopped
    ... Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
  • Economics : Walmart pushing for raise in minimum wage ... of course, because they already pay higher!
  • Left : Franken is cracking up? ... and here I thought he was long gone!
    ... "50 years of peace" .. on what planet?? ... found via Basil Poca Dot
    ... Kerry's "been hanging at the Waffle House again" ... need more troops, bring them home now
    ... More Left hypocrisy ... tied into Plamegate for relevance :)
  • Right : W - Great speech ... :
    "It's not very heartening that the man has to even say any of this, though.
    What the hell is wrong with some of the people in this country?"
    ... A return to civility
    ... Don't follow the Left's blind-support model!
  • Heroes : 3 new Silver Stars awarded
  • Racism : And not what you think
    ... "the ineffable condescension and embarrassing patronization of white people who hear a
    black person saying something ... and feel the need to treat them as either children or retards"
    ... LSB has lots on Rosa Parks ... "Whatever her reasons that fateful day, I’m glad she decided to stay in her seat."
    ... USAFA's football coach Fisher DeBerry slipping below the line?
  • Health : H5N1 alert on raw eggs & poultry
    ... Chemicals to be the death of us all? ... or just a bunch of FUD
    ... Walmart pushing for healthier employees?
    ... Use Pink Noise to help you focus? ... MAC users only (cough-gay)
  • USPS : Create your own stamps ... if you actually still snail-mail anything, that is
  • Nature : Fishies get swollen heads when promoted ... literally!
  • Stupidity : Wannabe "Superman" hospitalized ... the whole flying thing no workie
    ... Walking is a terrorist act?
    ... Rome bans Goldfish
  • Art : MC Escher archive
    ... Science pics
  • Crime : Toilet Spy gets off with slap on wrist
  • SICK : How' that donut taste? ... found via Ace
  • Bloggers : Paul has resorted to posting High School assignments! ... it ends with Powers getting jettisoned! (kind of)
    ... Rusty has advice for academic bloggers ... follow Chomsky! (Seriously. Atleast in this regard.)
    ... How To : Evolve in the Ecosystem

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  • OOTS : #237 ... it's Roy's time of the month?
  • Poolside : In search of "Camel Toads" ... it is to laugh, thanks Kit (via email)!
  • Language : Nigerians should take an English class
  • Religion : Phelps praises terrorists
    ... Scientology, in Flash!
  • Right : Rice to star in Thriller remake ... remember, the photo was shopped
  • Advertising : B5 found a "Big Ad" ... I wonder how much THIS cost to make?
    ... Evolve into Guinness ... also found via B5
  • Trotsky : Movie remakes
  • TV : The E-Wing

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    A piggy bank for Muslims

    AntiTerrorist Weapon
    .5 (go read the text :) )

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