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  • NIF : As is SOP here, this post will cover FRI-SAT-SUN as it will be a limited blogation weekend.
    ... I'll try and keep Friday active (NOTE : I said try)
  • ME : So, the wife, the child & yours truly went to Belvedere Plantation for pumpkins, animal petting and (of course) gratuitous photo ops. Sample below
  • Inflation : At Pumpkin Checkout, the guy ahead of us was charged $622.50 for his pumpkin.
    This was resolved by attacking Iran, taking their oil and resetting the scale to the proper amount/lb.
  • Google : I am #1 for "limited blogation", kind of - all of the top results are me or my trackbacks!
    ... Oh, and Basil is #1 (only) for "robo-assassin-guards" ... that's a real money word! ... All thanks to me!

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  • DC : Capitol Hill bomb scare
  • Wilma : Cancun evac'ed
    ... Could become a Cat5, again ... does that mean she gets double credit?
    ... A view from the ISS
  • Earthquake : Turkey, 5.9
  • Nuclear Korea : Or maybe not nuclear? ... um, we'll see
  • Lebanon : Rafik Hariri assassination was a Lebanese & Syrian joint op
    ... Syrian anxiety ensues
    ... Rick has more ... and more
  • Energy : US helping India go nuclear
  • Air Travel : Security screener swipes $80k ... glad he was caught!
    ... but what is $80k in cash going to Pakistan in a piece of checked luggage for?? ...
    Same ? here!
  • Auto Industry : Ford posts $284M loss, layoffs imminent ... see also : yesterday's "auto industry" link for why :)
    ... I wonder if I can get a sweet deal on a Black 05 Mustang GT Convertible?
  • Iraq : Kidnapped lawyer found, dead

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  • Islamofascism : "My goal is to kill Ariel Sharon"
    ... Emperor Darth Misha has some thoughts on the "US GIs burned corpses"
    ... Ms. U has some thoughts on the burning bodies as well ... "I'll Bring the Marshmallows"
    ... Torture, Froggy vs FrontLine ... found via Black5 (go buy one of his TShirts, I'm wearing mine now!)
    ... And remember, the Geneva Convention doesn't apply ... not saying we should go out of our way to violate it, but ...
  • Military : A look at the "recruiting crisis"
  • Guns : 'Congress OKs gun industry lawsuit shield' ... excellent news indeed!
  • Venezuela : Chavez still a paranoid commie ... says US planning to invade for "Our oil, as they did in Iraq"
    ... and HE calls US a terrorist govt! HA!
    ... I didn't know it was Open Mic night at the BBC! This guy is hilarious, is he coming to town anytime soon?
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : ACLU vs FBI ... and "Malkin, who strikes me as Bill O’Reilly in drag" - WHAT??
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Miers rundown!
  • Earthquake : Pakistani leader Perez Musharraf says the aid is "totally inadequate" ... good thoughts on that!
  • Computing : OpenOffice 2.0 is available! ... sadly, it is "clearly a CPU and Memory hog"
    ... Of course, OO2 is free ... DL here
    ... So, MS has "Shared Source" ... what does that mean?
    ... Excel can play sounds?!
    ... Ancient Greek computer, "Antikythera mechanism", reconstructed!
    ... R2D2 case mod
    ... Australia's customs system going down in flames?
    ... Enterprise Patch Management - Part I and Part II (Shavlik's HFNCPro shows well)
    ... Introducing the VMPlayer ... free tool from VMWare!
  • Internet : Voice calls to be free?
    ... BlackBerry induced RSI, "BlackBerry Thumb"
    ... Updated Google Earth ... still a threat to Western Civilization :)
    ... Wanna see who has blocked you? (in IM clients)
    ... China sensors Wikipedia ... eh, use a free proxy :)
    ... Flock has gone live ... I still need to activate my account ... Review, screenshots
    ... Regulators look to secure eBanking (more)
  • Gaming : Doom, the movie, sucks ... maybe Halo will be better? (I hope so!)
    ... Meet WoW's Blood Elves
    ... Gaming makes children less violent
    ... Anti-Game lawyer under investigation
    ... XBOX360 + PC game controller
  • Nanotech : World's smallest "car"
  • Business : "The new business cycle, I suggest, is based on training"
  • Space : Edible moon buggies
  • Abortion : TMLC files in support of Partial Birth Abortion Ban
    ... IOW, against "stabbing a baby in the head and sucking its brains out with a vacuum hose"
  • Racism : Hashim Nzinga proves racism is alive & well, and stupid
  • Govt : Review of the first 270 days!
  • Left : Kennedy making another pass at Hate Crime legislation ... since the front door = locked, he's going around back
    ... 'Static has better ratings than Air scAmerica'
    ... JCB reads, adds to DNC letter
    ... MSM preceding facts
  • Libertarian : Splitting the right? ... freedom vs values ... I don't fully agree with this article, but interesting!
  • Right : Govenator, W in (cough) disagreement over $
    ... Abort Air scAmerica
    ... In defense of FEMA's Brown
  • Crime : get hired to burn down Internet cafe, do it (killing your "employer" (whoops!) amongst others), go to jail
    ... $241k on strippers ... CEO + AmEx = dangerous :) ... found via Rusty
    ... All crimes must be punished the same ... in Kansas, anyway
    ... "Breast adjustment"
  • Education : "How did we become a country full of weenies" ... Hylton teacher caves, No devil coming down to Georgia :(
  • Math : Pi to 1M decimal places!
  • Avian Flu : Tamiflu production ramping up
  • Health : Orwell's novels influenced by his health problems
    ... Step1:get TB, be impotent, lose wife ... Step2:write books ... Step3:PROFIT!

    ... Gastric Bypass, dangerous truths?
    ... MIT knows why bad habits are hard to break ... um, because they are fun?
  • Nature : Selective logging still kills rain forests
    ... Elusive rat finally caught ... good swimmer, and who knew they liked penguin?
  • Geology : Cali's landslide rooted (unrooted?) in history
    ... kinda like building a house near the water, below sea level .. or in an active fault zone
  • Misc : Ontario will match US's DST change ... so they can have computer/device problems too!
    ... Use acetone in your fuel tank? ... anyone out there tried this?
    ... Teenager clothing crisis ... I disagree with one thing : no govt involvement needed, just parents!
    ... TBIFOC smack around Instapundit ... mmmmm, real BBQ
  • Halloween : Misc stuff, HowTos, etc.
  • Language : Rewriting 1 cliche every day ... today = "zip your lip"
  • Bloggers : CY has kidnapped Phin ... so go pay; either to free Phin or for your fish sticks :)
    ... Wanna win some ad space @ ER?
    ... Girls, or gay guys, go vote on the winner of the sausage-fest
    ... The Alliance has Friday links ... and Harvey has a list of their assignments to us!

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  • OOTS : #235 ... Roy(ette) has a date, with a dwarf!
  • Military : US extraditing 3 GIs to Spain ... precision guided delivery, no less
  • Right : Exiled Rove to (still) think for W
  • DeLay : REAL mug shot found!
  • Crime : Sex offenders to be shipped to Canada
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Miers withdrawn, fawning soldier nominated
    ... Miers + Keith Richards? ... found via CC
  • Burger King : Some thoughts on Buddy Jesus The plastic King
  • Flash : Choose your life
    ... Lost, the Bohemian Rhapsody (Weird Al) version
  • Makeup : It works miracles ... actually, the last one doesn't really change!
  • Iraq : "Both Baghdad and Washington condemned the killing, until they realized who it was."
  • Lord Of The Rings And Ninja Turtles: Radical Ring Power : 1 2 3 4 V
  • MSM : 'A Hardball Day's Night Logic Problem'
  • Belgium : It just disappeared!
  • Plamegate : 'Miller doesn’t think Scooter called out Plame’s name during sex'
  • TV : TiVo launches Sports Accelerator
    ... '"Commander in Chief" show brainwashing Americans into accepting girls as leaders?'
  • Celebrity(ies) : Copperfield to create immaculate conception, then cut the deficit ... (the first part is true'ish!)
  • Movies : Did you know computers can ...
  • Insults : Get all Shakespearean ... found via Dr Sanity
  • Scare Tactics : PETA'ist vs Rat Monster ... funny video, even if totally fake ... found via WB
  • Bloggers : Sobek interviews Protein Wisdom

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  • Religion :
    I no understand. Zarqawi said the Katrina wind was Allah and stuff. Osama said the Allah man did the planes into the tall skyscrapers. Me thought the Allah was really, really smart and powerful. Why for did he stone his own people to death with the shaky ground?
    --thanks Mr Doofus!

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    Riley! Riley!

    Buy an ad to help Stop the ACLU!
    Stop the ACLU

    IMAO, new podcast (yesterday)

    Mohammed didn't wipe

    Scare a Lib for Halloween, click for more!
    Mike's America

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