Were-Rabbit Follies

CHILD HEALTH - Polio spreads from Nigeria to Yemen.

CHILD PORN AND MURDER - Please teach your children to NOT mess with deviantART!

BOMB THREAT - at the Washington Monument, too.

ACLU - Stop taxpayer funding thereof! Also, submission due date for Carnival of True Liberties at StopTheACLU.com extended to Sat. 08 Oct 11 pm Eastern.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE - When will they start just giving an Anti-America Prize instead? Oh wait, they just did. Laurence Simon has a suggestion for the next Nobel Peace laureate.

SCOTUS - The exclusive It'sAPundit interview with Harriet Miers! Oh wait, it was this Harriet Miers.

THE ECOSYSTEM - TTLB have you confused of late? N.Z. Bear explains.

MOONBATS - TMT shares with us his deep dark secret about MoveOn.org.

OH JOY - Only a feature-length Ren & Stimpy movie would make me tingle as much as the thought of seeing Wallace & Gromit on the big screen.

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