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  • NIF : I feel a bit sick, so NIF is running late/slow today. Sorry!
  • Elections : So Virginia is stuck with Kaine for a bit now. Damn. Not overly surprised, just disappointed.
    ... Why Kilgore failed - Just not Conservative enough ... but the rest of the GOP ticket won / showed well
    (one contest is a toss-up)
    ... More on Kilgore's failure here ... good thoughts, and damn Northern Virginia (where I am)
    ... GOP licking wounds, Brutus has some thoughts on when/how we win
    ... Although I won't go as far as TAotB does/did! :)
    ... even more troubling, Cali's Prop73 failed ... how can you justify that?? How? HOW?
    ... Prop73 - Don't let the current failure get you down!
    ... On the plus'ish side - Bloomberg wins by record margin and Texas bans gay marriage
  • Wednesday : New blogburst - Free Jack Idema!
  • Bloggers : Go here and nominate me! Joker or Jack of Hearts, please!
    ... and go there and vote for ER or STACLU for clubs! (voting is on the left sidebar)
  • Soldiers' Angels Blogdrive : Check up on the teams! (In alphabetical order)
    Air Force

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  • Islamofascism / Jordan : Terrorist attacks hit hotels ... 18 23 5357 dead so far ... condolences, and still developing
    ... One of the attacks was a car bomb, detonated outside due to security measures blocking entrance
    ... Jordan's borders are now closed!?
    ... MPJ is following this story as well ... regular updates
  • Energy : House GOP caves ... abandons ANWR, Atlantic coast, Pacific Coast drilling from budget
    ... yet anohter disappointment from the so-called majority
  • Islamofascism / Iraq : US Air Strikes under way
    ... Terrorists in Iraq scared into cross-dressing ... still caught shot!
    ... WMDs in Iraq ... yes, you read that correctly! ... Nuclear, cyclosarin, etc.
    ... Kurdistan, the other Iraq ... the good news you don't hear much about
  • Islamofascism / France : France, still burning ... waiting to see which side surrenders first?
    ... Rioters bomb subway, burn newspaper office and loot stores
    ... Ferdy sees positive improvement but HE!D! is not so sure
    ... "It's a dump. We have nothing here. There's nothing for us"
    ... "Fatwa! Don't make me laugh"
    ... Interior Minister supports deportation
    ... France still bad, some places worse - govt responding with more socialist programs?
    ... MSM tripping over itself to NOT mention the word "Muslim"
    ... Expecting "brain drain"
    ... Slate provides instructions for How To torch a car ... huh? Why?
    ... The social model is what is burning
    ... Spreads to Belgium for third night ... officials downplay seriousness
  • Islamofascism / Indonesia : Have police forces killed al Qaida's Azahari bin Husin
  • Islamofascism / UK : 2 additional attacks foiled in UK since 07/07
  • Crime : Chai Soua gets six life sentences for murdering six hunters ... sadly, Wisconsin doesn't have a death penalty

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  • Plamegate'ish : Interplay between POTUS, CIA ... and erring on the side of caution is good!... :
    Was the President hearing what he wanted to hear with regard to pre-war intelligence?
    Or, was he hearing the screams of dying Americans in his sleep, killed in a terrorist attack if he did nothing?
    ... Wilson himself outed Plame in 2002 ... and why have neither Wilson nor Plame testified under oath?
    ... Fitzgerald challenged by witness ... "Mr. Fitzgerald deliberately ignored critical testimony"?
    ... Wilson is throwing threats around ... usually a sign of guilt, no?
  • Able Danger : More docs forthcoming?
  • SCOTUS / Alito : Senator copies from Blogger ... plagiarism gets you an "F"
  • MSM : Mapes is still clueless
  • Iraq : Spain issues baseless warrant for 3 US GIs ... "friendly fire" incident that killed 3 journalists
  • Our Rights : SanFran says "What gun rights?"
  • Computing : You have patched your Win* machiens in the last day or so, yes?
    ... Go download the TheHotFixNet WinXP-almost-SP3
    ... Bring the power of Pixar to your PC ... from Pixar, for $1000
    ... MS memo leaked, Gates warns of disruptive changes ... ever tried to move an elephant? :)
    ... RSA-640 factored!
    ... NSA has a flash-based "Crypto for kids" site!
    ... HowTo : Install a PCI card ... in case you didn't know
    ... MSI MoBos getting Audigy onboard!
  • Internet : TBIFOC reminds customers to RTFM ... and to remember security! Damned straight!
    ... Email time capsule
    ... Australian ISP releasing WiMax'ish card
    ... Inmarsat-4 F2 launched, to bring 3G nationwide ... eventually
    ... Cisco going WiFi-Mesh ... "soon"
    ... Grokster caves under weight of RIAA & MPAA lawsuits ... grrrrr, RIAA & MPAA bad
    ... ISP throttling BitTorrent ... that is *wrong*
    ... DoD buys iDEN ... and Sprint going WiMax
    ... Tool for spreading, debunking myths, urban legends, etc. ... created, killed UFOs!
  • Gaming : XBOX360 shooting for 3M sales in 3m
  • Left : Demanding no pardon for Scooter ... ballsy move, given the pardons Clinton SOLD
    ... Clinton lies again, create memory
    ... Hillary's chances (rightly) look dim ... PIAPS - HA!
  • Right : Bloggers rallying for Bush
  • Avian Flu : Is your company ready for an H5N1 pandemic? ... telecommuting helps!
  • Illegal Immigation : Illegals to speak at rally ... round 'em up!
  • Health : Malaria vaccine making headway
  • Air Travel : Boeing shooting for "longest nonstop flight by a commercial jet" record
  • Space : Venus probe succesfully launched
    ... More here on Venus, Express
  • ID : Pro-ID Dover, PA School Board ousted ... wow, that is not so good
  • Misc : DreamTime LED Clock
  • Jeep : "The Mudds" have two videos out
  • Movies : Aeon Flux ... in theaters 12/02/05 ... video game being released 11/15/05
  • Celebrity(ies) : Desperate Housewives' Page Kennedy fired for bad behavior? ... isn't that required?
  • Bloggers : BlogWizard shares some tips about HaloScan commenting/trackbacks - Part 1 & Part 2
    ... Happy First Blogiversary to GMR!!
    ... Happy Birthday John! (WuzzaDem)
    ... Commissar hits 1M visitors! ... congrats!
    ... How to get the TB URL when the server is down ... Hi, MuNu!
    ... STACLU interviews RWN ... good stuff!

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  • OOTS : #243 ... it's just nonmagical fire, no more than 1d6!
  • Office Space : How well do you knkow the best movie ever? ... found via MPJ
  • Islamofascism / France : Rioters out of cars to torch, targeting accordions
    ... Smokey the Bear named as envoy to France
    ... I think Chirac is surrendering, appeasing and wetting himself
  • Islamofascism / Iraq : 'Saddam lawyers say trial unfair without different client'
  • Civil Rights : RIP:Parks, "Now we can finally put civil rights behind us"
  • NFL : 'Hot lesbian cheerleader sex' ... marketing, merchanising, "Carolina is the new America's Team"
  • Elections : Mr Stick Figure interviews Corzine
    ... Dems retaining seats a MAJOR victory!
  • DeLay : 'Asks to see Texas convict’s escape plan'
  • Economics : US "Dollar" slips against Canadian "Acorn"
  • SCOTUS / Alito : 'Dems to wait and see if Alito is confirmed before deciding whether to oppose'
  • Rescue Mission : 'Former Presidents Bush, Clinton on emergency mission ... to White House' ... "their most challenging project to date"
  • MSM : More editors will prevent more MASSEY errors
  • Magic : Disappearing kitten
  • Rock : Hand-sign abuse?
  • Blooper : Meat panties?
  • Rove : Cheating in Ethics Class ... "I will not leak the name of CIA officers"
    ... Local voters defeat Rove
  • Wow : This dude can Yoyo MUCH better than you! ... I didn't think physics permitted som of those!
    ... oh, and turn your speakers down
  • Torture : "We do not really use torture" ... here kids!
  • ID : 'Sheer Idiocy scores victory over Evolution' ... amusing, but wrong :)
  • Relationships : Geek Pick Up Lines, part 4
  • Bloggers : Don't ever let your kitty be Internet-deprived

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
    Today's "Quote" will actually be my posting for the Free Jack Idema blogburst ... Who is Jack Idema you ask? You aren't alone, his story has been massively under-reported and it is a disagrace how he is being treated. Read on! Thanks Cao!
    These three Americans have been to hell. But we can help them back. It's time to turn the heat up under the comfy chairs of the armchair quarterbacks who got them into this mess. Jack Idema, Brent Bennett and Eddie Caraballo were declared innocent of the trumped up charges against them in court in Afghanistan in March of 2005. They should be released. The American government is now standing in the way of their freedom, and this is a travesty of justice.

    All three Americans are now languishing at the infamous Pulacharke prison. But they are still alive, no thanks to the American government or the FBI. Peter Bergen, the author of Holy War, Inc. and "Shadow Warrior" at Rolling Stone Magazine said in his interview at NPR:

    Pulacharke prison where he and his two colleagues are, Brent Bennett and Ed Caraballo, is–you wouldn't wish this on your worst enemy. I spent 5 days there, that was plenty. It's the equivalent of the Leavenworth of Afghanistan, it's–a lot of Taliban, members of Al Qaeda are in there. In fact, there was a prison riot in December where 4 of the Al Qaeda-linked prisoners tried to kill the American prisoners and ended up killing 4 prison guards. So it's a dangerous place, it's an unpleasant place, they are serving some pretty hard time there.

    Hard time is right...this is why we need to get them the hell OUT OF THERE. Below is a portion of a statement from the SuperPatriots at the website, but I want you to bear in mind that there is no excuse for leaving these guys there even though they're trying to maintain a "stiff upper lip". These men were declared innocent of the charges by the Afghan Supreme Court in a second closed-door session between January and March of 2005, they should be released.

    We are living pretty well now, all things considered. It is one of the most infamous prisons in the world, where more than 20,000 people were executed by the Russians, and God knows how many by the Taliban. But the fact is, that our friends here, the officers that know what really went down in our case, treat us pretty darn good. Sure, there are lots of things we don't have, and lots of things we wish we had, but all in all, we turned the tables on our enemies, and did it with no small help from our Northern Alliance friends, the men who were loyal to America against al-Qaida and the Taliban, and remain loyal to America and us.

    Back at the FBI-NDS Saderat facility that is used to "legally" torture anyone and everyone they choose to, we were not allowed any contact with each other, family, friends, or the outside world. We were tortured, beaten unmercifully, chained, burned, some of us electrocuted for days, and starved with just two cups of rice and a piece of bread each day. Now, at Pulacharke Prison, they place few restrictions on us and help us as best they can.

    It is surrounded by mountains and deserts and multiple walls. In the past 100,000 prisoners were housed here. It is not a place you want to be. But for us, we have little to complain about; the officers here treat us well. Pulacharke is called impenetrable, but as they teach you in Special Forces SERE School, nothing really is.

    Sorry for the ranting and raving, but you know how things get when you're in the world's most infamous prison surrounded by 500 al-Qaida terrorists trying to kill you 24 hours a day. Actually, you probably don't. Well, try to imagine.
    Courage Forward,

    Here are the facts:
    Al-Qaeda tried to kill Jack and the others on December 17, 2004 in what some (like Peter Bergen) are categorizing as a "prison riot". In the process, two Iraqis, one Arab, and one Pakistani terrorist were killed. Another Arab terrorist, who was critically wounded, survived. Four Afghan military officers were killed defending the SuperPatriots. Two of them were very close friends of Jack and his men, including Colonel Sherzaman, who ran into the middle of the terrorists with just one magazine of bullets. The Colonel killed two and wounded one. The remaining terrorists critically wounded the Colonel, and then executed him twenty yards from the SuperPatriots. Northern Alliance Generals quickly came to Jack's aid and rescued the unarmed Americans as they held off 300 terrorists with barricades. This "prison riot" was orchestrated by members of Al Qaeda to kill the Americans at Pulacharke prison.
    This is the beginning of the Free Jack campaign.

    To join the campaign, email Cao from Cao's Blog and tell her you want to join the Free Jack Idema blogburst.
    We will be blogging on this every Wednesday until he and his team are released, and when they are, we'll be blogging about a congressional hearing. I will maintain an email list, and will email you the post of the week along with a picture (if there is one for that week) to host at your blog. Join the fight. No American should ever have to worry about ending up in this predicament ever again. But first, we must make sure they get home safely and in one piece.

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing

    Chirac is Nero
    Cox & Forkum

    Kerry celebrates France, San Fran disarming

    Fire Suppression

    Support W

    Iraq, um I mean France, is burning

    The Iraqi insurgency grows ever more powerful,
    fueled by a stagnant economy, low voter participation,
    and a general sense of inevitable decline.

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