Go vote, Virginia!

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  • VOTE : Everyone in Virginia should go vote. Hopefully for Kilgore :)
    ... oh, and did you hear Mssr Kerry lying about Kilgore. Very nice. So much for no dirty politics, ad hominem attacks, etc.
    ... with friends like John What 180? Kerry and Mikey I killed my wife Schiavo, how can Kaine go wrong?
    ... as of 10pm, the uncertified results show Kaine / Bolling / McDonnell ... um, 2 out of three ain't bad? Damnit.
  • NIF : Cut off early yesterday, and slow start today ... sorry!
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  • Kerry : Hey, how about that AWOL 180?? ...
    John Kerry gladhands commie thug Danny Ortega. The simp who looks like he just saw his first naked lady is the dippy, Way Left Senator from Iowa, Tom Harkin.
    ... HA!

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  • Islamofascism : France still burning ... Chirac playing fiddle?
    ... France is imposing curfews ... only took 12 days, and still no military involvement!
    ... "Chirac's bold response to terror: respect, understanding, and a committee to study curfews"
    ... BBC supports the rioters? ... that is wrong
    ... Muslims view immigration / emigration differently
    ... Rioters are also burning churches
    ... Riots sparing muslim vehicles, businesses - not just mindless violence
    ... Investigating riot-inciting blogs
    ... "While the riots are not perhaps caused by Islam per se, the religion suffuses the issue" ... to put it mildly!
    ... EUROsion ... Euro taking a beating, due to rioting?
    ... Flashback - "After the Los Angeles riots in 1992 the French were supercilious" ... and the minimum wage is to blame?
    ... Rioting has spread to Belgium, Germany?
    ... Don't forget about, or underestimate, the Testosterone Factor
    ... Australia arrests 17, prevents "catastrophic" attack
    ... 'Could French-style riots happen here?' ... Aztlan separatists think/hope so!
    ... '7 Easy Steps to Jihad in America' ... no permalink :(
    ... Al Qaida kidnaps some Moroccans, 150k demonstrate against them! ... excellent!
  • Iraq : Troop level announcements
    ... Adil Muhammed al-Zubaidi, lawyer for Saddam co-defendant, killed
    ... Neither the Bush Doctrince nor the Mush Doctrine are correct? ... "The war is likely to be decided in the technological theater"
  • Iran : Mahmoud wipte Israel off the mapAhmadinejad to deliver "MidEast Peace Plan" ... now THAT is irony!
  • Avian Flu : Vietnam confirms another H5N1 death
    ... PETA gets naked to protest eating pultry ... politicizing the threat of the flu
  • Elections : VA and NJ are big, close races ... good luck to Kilgore and Forrester, respectively
    ... and good luck to the Govenator - props 73-78 really should pass (and 79, 80 really should fail)!

    ... More on all of that here! ... predictions grim for all of those I supprt above? :(
    ... TAotB sees VA as a lose-lose for Bush ... I still want Kilgore to win!
    ... How politcal people see the Kilgore-Kaine race ... and some thoughts on the Dems lies :)
    ... Round-up of election ongoings ... and take note of the Soros Initiaitives in Ohio!
    ... Gubernatorial results here ... Kaine up by 3.5% (sad) ... found via PoliTeen
  • Germany : German firms provided missile technology to Syria, Iran ... via Russia
  • Crime : Tennessee High School Shootings
  • India : -1 Foreign Minister ... Natwar Singh, yet more Oil for Food for Bribes fallout!
  • ID : Kansas State Board approves teaching
  • Aruba : Boycott?
  • NFL : Eagles suspend TO for season ... don't care, Redskins still beat them!
  • Cali : Breasts not Bombs busted ... old sagging mammaries not impressing the cops

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  • Illegal Immigration : 66% of US finally gets a clue, supports fence! ... and how the 14th Amendment is being abused
  • Plamegate : Wilson himself was the set of loose lips, not Scooter?
    ... More on the CIA vs Bush
    ... Or how about France vs Bush ... they created the (fake) "Saddam wants uranium" document?
    ... Speaking on investigating leaks, how about those "Black Sites"
  • UselessNations : Say no to the UNternet!
    ... Reform or leave!
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : ALCU attacking Boyscouts ... ACLJ fighting for the good guys
  • Energy : Vertical Turbines ... safer, cheaper, quieter, more efficient
  • International Politics : Our neighbors to the south present a growing danger ... think Chavez, Kirchner
  • Crawfordstock : "Many activist groups have taken the word peace to sugar coat their Marxist agenda"
  • Computing : MS giving away Visual Studio, SQL Server ... yeah, more free stuff!
    ... MS says Unix beats Windows ... well, kind of
    ... History's worst software bugs
    ... Torrents for Linuxes
    ... 1M+ MAC converts this year?
    ... Create, and delete, "special" folders ... "con, prn, COM1, etc." ... old, but still useful!
    ... Working in IT can sux0r
  • Internet : Netgear rolling out 240mbps (pre-standard) WiFi
    ... Patch your (Cisco) Routers!
    ... Internet Watersheds ... Dot com boom/bust, Drudge!
    ... Meet "Lupper", a Linux worm ... patch your "XML-RPC for PHP"s :)
    ... HowTo : VNC over SSH
    ... Thoughts on outlawing open WiFi
  • Gaming : XBOX360 to play (some) iPod songs
    ... Valve is bunch of fascists? ... account banning gone wrong?
    ... Nifty PSP ad
  • Left : Media darling, and former Marine Staff Sgt., Jimmy Massey lies like a champ
    ... More Massey lies debunked here
    ... Massey - 'Liberals are liberals and facts are facts and never the twain shall meet'
    ... Read flip-flops on Iraq, Saddam
    ... Communist lefties ... found via SoS
    ... MD4Bush controversy ... WaPo pleads ingnorance, found via Malkin
    ... Dems lie about WMDs in Iraq, NYT gleafully repeats
  • Right : 'Senate Republicans slightly better than useless; Dems aren't' ... paltry $35B in "cuts"!
  • Military : The Pentagon goes online, 24x7, with "The Pentagon Channel"
    ... "We were soldiers once", the real story!
  • Robots : This one, "Darwin VII", has 20k brain cells
  • Space : NASA cancelling ISS-based research ... something about $1B/yr deficit for the next 5yrs
    ... ESA's Venus Express to launch 11/09/05 ... yes, tomorrow
    ... "Robert's Quartet" creating lots of stars ... 4 galaxies in a space only 1.5x the Milky Way
  • Health : Ready to print some organs? Meet Hydrogel! ... and I don't mean photocopying your buttocks
    ... Lovastatin ("common anti-cholesterol drug") cures NF1 (learning disorder)
    ... Most "fat studies" are wrong ... and look at vending machine placement, portino sizes, etc.
    ... '"Safe cigarette" claimed to cut cancer by 90%' ... and not smoking still cuts it by 100%
  • "Global Warming" : 'New England rivers melting sooner'
  • Nature : Women get more enjoyment from humor than men ... only because they have lower epectations. Seriously!
    ... 'Gigantic apes coexisted with early humans' ... ahem, some of them are still here :P
  • TV : NBC. CBS going on-demand ... $.99 commercial-free shows ... ABC is $1.99
    ... No truth in HDTV advertising ... buyer beware!
  • RFID : Fun, Art, Crime
  • Sea Travel : Cruise ship that was attacked near Somalia used "sonic weapon" for defense ... neat!
  • Air Travel : Someone doesn't like self-check-in kiosks ... I think they are great (just don't check baggage!)
  • Religion : More loss of freedom, Christianity under fire
  • Taxation : IRS vs All Saints Episcopal Church ... from what I have read, I support the IRS on this one!
    ... Patterico found some truth ... that the headlines aren't telling you!
    ... and if we would convert to the Fair Tax we wouldn't have this problem!
  • Misc : LED faucet light!
  • Mystery : Oak Island, and it's money pit (/ buried treasure?), up for sale
  • BearingPoint : Filing delayed AGAIN ... dayam!

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  • OOTS : #242 ... free pudding??
  • RVB : #66
  • Islamofascism : Chirac = reading My Pet Goat for last 11 days!
    ... "How long before France figures out how to surrender the same piece of land twice?" ... and solutions to the riots
    ... Riots are all Dowds fault! ... found via NOfp
    ... Preston wants to (cough) help! ... Vinnie signs up!
  • Religion : Jesus-Dress-Up ... thanks Chris!
  • Left : Proof that they are afraid of Arnold ... and have WAY too much free time! (TRUE!)
  • IFCB : Work-blogging!?

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  • Politics :
    When the Far Left has nothing
    And knows it has nothing
    To feign it has something
    It simply must lie.

    And lying is simple
    With words oh so nimble
    Crying "Bush lied!" "Folks died!"
    A lie, a lie-o

    A lie, a lie-O
    A lie, a lie-O
    Giving moonbats their kool-aid
    A lie, a lie-O
    --thanks TMH!

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