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  • Halloween : It just isn't like it used to be ... we had one group of kids come by last night - 1, uno, as in 0 + very few.
    ... I am glad we went to "Boo at the Zoo" Sunday - atleast got to have some Halloween fun
    ... the "walk through a tiger" part was the best part!
  • Blogger : Sux0ring this AM ... ? (Obviously, if you can read this I got through :P )
  • Tuesday : I wonder how John Kerry's AWOL 180 is doing ... What 180?

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  • Bird Flu : W to unveil a ~$6B anti-H5N1 program
    ... Thailand confirms 20th case
    ... Canada finds H5 in wild birds ... probably not H5N1, awaiting test results
    ... I watched The Plague and The Next Plague (TiVo'd from History or Discovery, I forget which) ... pretty decent;
    ... the biggest news to me : the flu cycle will last 12-18 months. That's a long time of dying & economic stagnation.
  • Russia : Putin not to run for third term ... but reserves the right to take control if things go badly.
    ... Cue dramatic duh-duh-duhhhhhh.
  • Haiti : 3 kidnapped children (ages - 7, 5, 3) returned safely ... "We operated very fast and no one was hurt"

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  • Islamofascism : Yes, Religion of Peace "Run over the children" ... go see the pictures, get mad
    ... The "medieval savage heaps of swine" like to run over children for entertainment?
    ... Learn about the "Muslim American Society" ... and the Dhimmis that support them
    ... (cough) "Islam is The Most Peaceful Religion In The World"
    ... 'France wasn't always filled with cheese eating surrender monkeys.'
    ... A fatwa against "football" (soccer) ... this is unbelievable! I'd assume it was a joke, but today is 11/1 not 04/01 ... ?
    ... Islamofascists getting a pass from NYT ... oh, all they did was behead 3 girls in India
    ... Know the "Danger Signs" ... and is the govt hiding Saudi's Wahhabist support?
  • SCOTUS / Alito : This may be "the big one" ... the fight so many (on the left) seem to be looking for
    ... Both sides preparing for "Armageddon" ... dontchya think that is a bit much? Are we really talk end of times here??
    ... ACLJ supports Alito ... at first I thought Jay was saying the ACLU was supporting him - I was gonna re-think my support :)
    ... There is no such thing as "maintaining balance" ... and if there were, Clinton didn't do it so why should we?
    ... NOfP keeps score - "Good guys 4, Liberals -3"
    ... Alito protected by the Italian Battalion? ... and LOTS of comments ... found via IAP
    ... The Left is afraid
    ... Some Conservatives have doubts ... sticky "substantive due process" issue
    ... Some examples of his rulings ... "rules based on his reading of the law, not based on his policy preferences"
  • Iran : Declaring war; and European nations' contrived response? ... jihadist morale needs a boost? Aw, so sad. Now die.
    ... Aaron shares a response for Iran
  • UselessNations : Syria rejects UN resolution ... well, duh. Now the UN will give them a withering glance, and ... nothing else?
    ... "The UNSC must enforce this resolution immediately" ... and China + Russia "better start coming up with better answers"
  • Left : Reid calling for a closed-door session of Congress ... WTF?
    ... Reid - "Grasping at straws to regain some kind of footing"
    ... Reid - "Enjoy the spectacle of a grown man ... becoming a stain on the toilet bowl of relevancy"
    ... Reid - 'Worst. Stunt. Ever.' ... damned straight, Ace!
    ... Reid - 'Confused Americans for Truth - When the Senate gets behind closed doors'
    ... Reid - Malkin has lots!
    ... Hey Reid - 'We went to war because Bill Clinton told the truth' ... I feel a little dirty saying that, but in this case it's true!
    ... Soldiers vs Lefties
    ... Greenpeace fined for damaging reef
    ... Skipping school is a form of AntiWar protest ... idiots; "Reason #45,978 to homeschool"
    ... Boxer lies again, this time WRT the Miers withdrawal ... lies, or just forgets (again)
  • Right : Some are so pissed @ Ann Coulter they are giving away books/CDs ... including a signed copy of one!
  • Taxation : W's Tax Panel - no good news ... and no Fair Tax, dammit!
  • "Global Warming" : Technology to the rescue? ... oh, and as predicted, Kyoto is an abysmal failure
  • Religion : Christianity under attack again, in the UK ... the Hindus are coming, the Hindus are coming
    ... UMC defrocks lesbian
  • Computing : Walmart + HP to unveil $400 laptops, desktops 'soon'
    ... MYPCE - the ultimate computer rig! ... although eerily similar to UF's gaming chair (which I can't seem to find a pic of!?)
    ... Sony's DRM install a rootkit? ... how (cough) nice of them!
    ... Oracle ignoring security vulnerabilities?
  • Internet : Forbes lied, Blogs all about honesty ... well, some are. Mostly.
    ... The Internet is killing the newspapers ... neener neener!
    ... Google hiring like crazy ... hmm ... :)
  • Gaming : PS3 to hit 120fps?
    ... MS using some questionable XBOX360 marketing tactics?
    ... 'Eidos has Zero Tolerance for consoles' ... Roll Call, console style
  • DeLay : -1 Judge!
  • Military Tech : PHaSR (seriously!) - Why kill when you can blind? ... more Directed Energy Weapons, yea!
  • Weather : The US Military vs Mother Nature ... "better gauge, react to, and possibly nullify future hostile weather forces"
  • Language : 'Live speech-translation technology unveiled' ... I want a Universal Translator!
  • Morality : Or the lack thereof ... people are weird
  • Health : "AIDS Gel" ... "HIV entry inhibitors"
    ... A real-world example of defective socialized medicine
  • Drugs : A peek into Absinthe
  • Misc : "Gravity Train" - from here to anywhere on Earth in 42 minutes and 12 seconds
    ... Cars + USB ... NICE!
  • Celebrity(ies) : 'Travolta stars in Scientology Night Fever' ... those wacky Operating Thetans!
    ... Oh, and you'll notice I didn't put this under "Religion" ... that was intentional; Travolta, Cruise, at al can eat one.

    ... Some celebrities "get it" ... Bruce Willis supporting Deuce Four ... Yon is there
  • Crime : Gate-ramming at Lackland AFB ... all 3 in the car killed .. developing
  • Bloggers : Blog-Wizard Basil introduces you to Blogger's tags ... and asks what you don't like about Blogger
    ... my answer - the fact that it isn't working reliably RIGHT NOW!

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  • Avian Flu : "Sustained contact with poultry is a defining characteristic of the West Virginia experience"
    ... W orders Bald Eagle slaughter ... "rid our nation of this potentially disease-ridden winged animal"
    ... W unveiling Super-Flue strategy
  • Plamegate : Rove uses Alito as diversion, Libby escapes
    ... 'Bush strips Libby of nickname'
  • SCOTUS / Alito : Schumer - 'Alito name too ‘Vowel-Heavy’' and "Hopelessly overqualified"
    ... Bush caves, nominates "Judge"
  • Right : W issues challenge to Geena Davis
    ... W starts own blog
    ... Lott losing majority, intentionally
  • Left : Reid - 'Rejected stunts' ... "The Sound of Music"
    ... 'Hillary calls for universal chicken health care'
    ... Get back on message!
  • Iraq : Constitution ratified, burned
  • Relationships : 'Night on town fails to rekindle fading business relationship'
  • Greeting Cards : The "I Demand An Apology" cards
  • Israel : Agrees to Iran's "wipe us off the map" plan
  • Automotive Industry : GM to offer prOnStar service ... "expands on that by focusing on getting laid"
  • Physics : Gravity, solved
  • Flash : Mouse Avoider

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  • Military Tech :
    SteveDixon23: how hard do you think it would be to build a working EMP bomb?
    xanxion: the hard part would be making a video to prove it works.
    --thanks Bash!

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    Jack on the Vicki McKenna Show Live This Tuesday at 3pm EST
    Task Force Sabre 7
    ... found via Cao ... all of her Sabre 7 stuff here!

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