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  • ME : Wow, workload really snuck up on me today!
  • NIF : Just like combination fried rice, this post will be a combination Wed+Thurs post.

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  • Oil : Senate GOP loses spine, denies ANWR drilling
  • NSA : FISA says "the President did have inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information" ... any questions?
  • Crime : Serial rapist escapes in Florida .... facing atleast life w/o parole, not much to lose IYKWIM
  • RIP : 'Son of Colts' coach Tony Dungy found dead'
  • Air Travel : How about a 45 hour lay-over?
  • Auto Travel : The UK will know where you drove from, drive to, and when ... and you thought listening to terrorists' phone calls was bad!
  • Crime : Guiance Software loses CC info for 3800 clients ... What's that smell? Ah yes, Irony.
    ... Not so sure the "Wardrobe Malfunction" excuse will work for this guy ... found via the *good* OSM
  • Stupid laws : No smoking in most of Scotland, including your own home! ... WTF?
  • Unions : Illegal strike continues ... striking workers may get sent to jail
    ... "Thuggish" is a racist term? ... WTF?? Just get back to work, slackers!
    ... oh, a WRT "We wake up at three and four in the morning to move trains in this town"
    yeah, it's called a JOB! I get up at 3-4am everyday to, what's your point??
    ... already losing 2*(# of days striking) in pay .. and TWU being fined $1M/daily ... TWU-local leader also faces jail time!
    ... Mediator involved now ... they just had a press conference to say they won't have any more press conferences. Oh, and workers may be are going back to work soon'ish.

    ... Is the solution to remove the state from the equation ... free markets are good

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  • Islamofascism : Germans cave, free Mohammed Ali Hamadi ... bargaining with terrorists?
    ... UK convicts Abu Mansha
  • National Security : "Failing to renew the Patriot Act in it's strongest form is an example of such dhimmitude"
    ... Why bypass FISA?
    ... B5 has more on NSAgate, 'Enemy Signal Surveillance not Domestic Spying' ... "Al-Qaeda declared war"
  • Iraq : Ba'athist involvement - "an unvanquished enemy can’t become a reliable ally overnight, if ever"
    ... Some troops probably coming home soon! ... above and beyond the "additional election" troops coming back home
  • Illegal Immigration : We Need A Fence ... that is step 1!
    ... Guest worker programs, "all smoke and mirrors"
    ... Mexico promises to block the fence ... them being that upset means it must be good!
    ... one quore really caught my attention - "It's against what we see as part of our life, our culture, our territory"
    ... THEIR TERRITORY, whih exemplifies why we need a wall!
  • "Palestine" : Not such good farmers ... having to hire the Jews they just kicked out, more Irony!
  • Katrina : Hypocrisy from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
  • Crawfordstock : Sheehan gets part of a "Knucklehead of the Day award"
  • Computing : Quantum Computing, thanks to Ion Trap?
    ... More on Sony's DRM rootkit ... installed even if you said No
    ... Linux vs Windows on the desktop, some thoughts
    ... MS looking at $2.4M/day in fines?
  • Internet : Symantec not handling RARs so well ... MAJOR BUG!
    ... Broadband over powerline, coming to Texas
    ... eCommerce taxation to crush online businesses ... that is bad, bad and bad
    ... Tim Berners-Lee joins ranks of bloggers
    ... Cain & Abel 2.8.2 released (DL this) ... and here I have been using OPHcrack (multiGIG DL!)
    ... Symantec restricting LC5 export ... just use OPH or C&A/RC :P
    ... GoogleTrends - are they reading your mind?
    ... Google owns Python, or atleast its creator Guido van Rossum
    ... Internet going two-tier; "network neutrality" at risk
    ... France OKs P2P! ... the French are now ahead of US in something; aside from cheese, wine & retreating that is :P
    ... RIAA vs Mother; and now she is broke ... wanna help?
    ... MPAA "suborn national police" in anti-priacy round-up ... not really Internet related, but the DMCA is still odious
    ... Blog-confessions of Vehicular Manslaughter / DWI
    ... Oakland County, Michigan going all wireless
    ... Sober worm prompts Kiddie Pr0nographist to turn self in!
    ... The truth about SuperNova's shutdown ... not as intersting as some of the rumors :)
  • Gaming : Cali's anti-game legislation blocked ...and shame of Govenator for signing it!
    ... Conqueror ... free, online, turn based ... Risk'ish
    ... Dyson presents "Vacuum Game" ... first 15 pretty easy, try it out!
    ... Samorost2 ... weird ... kompotarna, budoar ... beat free levels
  • Right : An Open Letter to Reid ... imagine that, democracy means he with the most votes wins
    ... Thoughts on Dem's obstructionism, and how it may help the GOP in '06 ... "the minority which runs the Senate" indeed!
    ... So, what possessed Govenator to hire 'vormer Gray Davis aide' Susan Kennedy? ... back in NOV
    ... 'White liberals support ‘diversity’ in theory, not practice'
  • MSM : Fox's Ailes is raking it in! ... WOW!
    ... TMH has some a few thoughts on, examples of media bias
    ... PATRIOT Act now a "domestic surveillance law" instead of "anti-terrorism law" ... no bias @ WaPo, nope, none!
    ... NYT - partisan hacks, like usual
    ... Spies for al Qaeda
    ... NSA "bombshell" just another Memogate?
  • Military Tech : Scramjet powered missiles
  • Nanotech : 'Nano Blocks: One-step process makes trillions of DNA pyramids'
  • Health : More Stem Cell magic, for children this time? ... NOT embryonic!
    ... More on printing organs
  • Robots : They don't always flip out and kill people, sometimes they save the day ... especially @ White Sands
  • Math : 43rd Mersenne prime found?
  • Space : Uranus, +2 rings
    ... HomeWorld Security : asteroid warning system
    ... Better telescope images by laser-generating a fake star
    ... Ingredients for life are out there, right up next to IRS46
  • "Global Warming" : Permafrost melting, to be gone by 2100 ... sinkholes opening already
  • Nature : Gene modification, through civiliation ... "linkage disequilibrium"
    ... How animals deal with unusual day-night cycles
  • Misc : Afraid of squishing spiders? Here is a gadget.
  • Bloggers : These awards are different ... slap a language warning on that

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  • OOTS : #259 ... I would totally hit that!
  • Christmas : Santa watches you, NORAD watches Santa
    ... '2005 Holiday Survival Guide for Slackers' ... "RU = DU/MB"
    ... SMB's "12 Days of (liberal) Christmas" ... up to Day 10, so far
    ... 'A Visit From Old St. Hillary'
  • RVB : #70 is available! ... slightly less red, and making Simmons cry
  • Racism : Byrd loves Stevens, hates that ... eh, go read it yourself!
  • MSM : I have no words for this, just read it! ... it's from Wuzzadem, what are you waiting for??
    ... Use of "qoutes" on the rise
  • Slang : Hip Hop Helper ... off da heezy fah sheezy ... thanks Chris!
  • Comics : Top10 Villainous Moments
  • CaptionThis : NSFW
  • 2005 : 'CIA intelligence leaks added to 2006 entertainment book'
  • Iraq : Cheney entertains the troops
  • Blooper : "Plagiarism can be a great research tool, if you don't get caught."
  • TMGAIHAA : The Millington's wish you a Merry Christmas!
  • Eww : Golden shower, with drawings!

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  • Wiki!:
    Gelgameth : ...Now wait a second.. There's a class action lawsuit against wikipedia?
    Scarab: Anyone can join in and add a grievance.
    --thanks BASH!

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    Fair Use? ... pic posted here
    Darth Emperor Misha in trouble for using this pic?
    © NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

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