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  • NIF : Sorry I've been deNIFed lately ...
  • Wiretaps : The President authorized the NSA to wiretap terrorists phone calls, w/ Congressional oversight.
    ... What is the big deal? (Yes, I know there is a lot more to it - but this, in the end, is really what it boils down to!)
    ... CHT presents FICA, for your review ... quite interesting!
    ... B5 has a thought or two on this ... think Clinton ;)

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  • Military Tech : 150lbs of C4, plus giblets, missing in NM ... enough to readily take out a decent-size building
    ... NEIN adds 250lbs of "sheet explosives" to the list! (metal detector proof)
  • Air Travel : Plane down yesterday over water, near Miami ... everyone aboard killed - 19 (or maybe 20?), condolences
    ... "It exploded in the air, and one of the wings flew out of there"
  • Unions : NYC grinds to a halt as transit workers strike ... illegally, I might add
  • Iraq : Elections : Sunni's challenging results, make threats ... Allawi got trounced
    ... Before you disparage the Iraqi Security Forces ... "a force that will be able to provide stability and keep the peace"
  • Nulcear : Venezuale loses more Iridium-192
  • Democracy: It just keeps spreading! ... record-breaking 122 nations are now democracies!
  • ID : On trial again ... UPDATE : Federal Judge rules againsts ID

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  • Islamofascism : Iran banning "western influences" ... e.g. - Kenny G ... and a joke at the end
    ... Canada arrests Abdullah Khadr, extradition proceedings to US underway
    ... UK nabs 7/21 suspect
    ... Dying "Just because ... " ... another response to Crawfordstock
  • 2005 : It's been a long year ... read it, and appreciate the sacrifices being made to keep us safe
  • Illegal Immigration : HR 4437 is a few steps in the right direction! ... now, just make that fence longer.
    ... (Vicente) Fox wining about the wall ... it's all about the illegal part!
    ... MSM still biased!
    ... a relevant saying I am quite fond of : "A nation that cannot secure its borders is not secure."
    ... FWIW - once the border itself is under control, I would be willing to entertain a guest worker program to allow foreign nationals to come into the US for work.
  • W : Polls inching higher - 47% approval ... not that opnion polls mean that much, but this is good
  • Cuba : Can democracy spread to their, peacefully?
  • Serenity : DVD goes onsale today!
    ... Order the whole series, on DVD
    ... They made an RPG out of it! ...
  • National Security : 62% support the Patriot Act
  • Computing : Spare some thought for the Motherboard
    ... Do you need QUAD-nVidia GPUs?
    ... RFID tags ... for people ... NOW the big brother alarms start going off :)
    ... Screenshots of Windows Vista (build 5270)
    ... Apple = better; but not for the reasn you think? ... that needs more?s on it
    ... RIM may be able to continue operating
  • Internet : No more IE for Mac
    ... Kiddie Pr0n on the Internet
    ... Another "Advanced Googling" guide ... good stuff, one or two I hadn't seen before
    ... Digg got $Millions - now you can do the same thing yourself! ... I mean the voting, not the $ :(
    ... HackingCiscoExposed ... I sense another book purchase by TJ
    ... Wikipedia founder caught editing own wiki-Bio ... shame on Jimmy Wales
    ... Cracking WPA
    ... Google's market cap briefly surpassed IBMs! ... insane?
    ... MS adopting Firefox's RSS icon
  • Gaming : Congress getting it all wrong with "violent games" legislation ... "for the children"
  • Earthquake : Louisianna, 3.0
  • Health : Socialized medicine, only a few maggots
    ... Medical fraud - ESCR "pioneer" Dr. Woo Suk Hwang
    ... Advances in painkillers ... more potent, less addictive
  • Attitude : 'Happiness buys Success' ... other factors - "intelligence, family, expertise and physical fitness"
  • "Global Warming" : Polar bears some of the first victims?
  • Nature : Rice improved again ... this staple food now gets a stiffer backbone
    ... Man was in N. Europe 200k years sooner than previously thought
    ... Human != Chimps, as of 5-7M years ago
    ... "Skin color" gene found
  • Space : Life on Mars? ... would require drilling "thousands of feet" to know
  • Misc : Air Guitar'ing for real music? ... wireless MIDI glove
  • Bloggers : Is the ecosystem rigged?
    ... Aaron gets medieval on commenters ... luckily, I have not had that pleasure
    ... Basil is Area51?

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  • OOTS : #258 ... Celine Dion as torture is too evil, even for the Linear Guild
  • Office Warfare : Nerf kicks it up a notch
  • Christmas : Your house, your lights - music by TSO
    ... And other computerized light display stuffage here
  • Flash : Just watch this change

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  • How to live :
    Good marriages, good business relationships and good friendships are based on Christ's golden rule. Bottom line: - show people that you value them! John Maxwell tells of a new pastor who shared the following rules with his congregation.

    a) If you have a problem with me, come and see me privately. I'll do the same for you
    b) If someone else has a problem with me and comes to you, send them to me. I'll do the same
    c) If someone will not come to me, say, "Let's go see him together". I'll do the same
    d) Be careful how you interpret me - I'd rather do that. It's too easy to misinterpret intentions. I'll also be careful how I interpret you
    e) If it's confidential, do not tell. If you or anyone else comes to me in confidence, I will not tell unless the person is going to harm themselves or someone else; or a child has been physically or sexually abused. I expect the same from you
    f) I do not read unsigned letters
    g) I do not manipulate; I will not be manipulated; do not let others manipulate you. Do not let others try to manipulate me through you
    h) When in doubt, just say so. If I can answer it without misrepresenting something or breaking a confidence, I will.
    And one final thought: if people can still construe that you are taking advantage of them, even after you have had a chance to explain your motives, you need to rethink your idea.

    Whatever you want men to do to you do also to them. (Matthew 7:12)
    --thanks to Andy, from my church, for forwarding this along

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