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  • Kender : Should be getting out of the hospital today, yea! (Continued prayers)
  • Me : I can't seem to kick this cough + sinus + body ache garbage ... sux0r
  • Snow : They cheated me again - the snow was a flop.
    ... On the plus side, fixing the Jeep was nice & easy, so I've got that going for me.
  • Tuesday : So, Mssr Kerry, how about that AWOL 180? (Cao has a great video clip for you!)

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  • Islamofascism : Saddam still defiant, "not afraid of execution" ... you don't need to be afraid in order to die
    ... More defiance, "I will not return. I will not come to an unjust court!" ... and some persepective
    ... (Susecpted) Terrorist sympathizer al-Arian acquitted in Florida
    ... Pair of suicide bombers kill 27 ... prayers & condolences
  • Left : Chairman Dean says the US won't win in Iraq ... and is going to provide plans for cut, run
    ... CQ wonders where the MSM is on Dean's statements
    ... The good OSM responds to Dean
    ... But remember, it's not cut&run ... it's "strategic redeployment"
    ... MoveOn claims "ownership" of LATimes ... very Soros-like of them
    ... Kerry calls American soldier war criminals ... been a good week for Dems!
    ... Video of Kerry's (most recent) garbage
    ... "Kerry - The Enemy's Best Friend" ... indeed; and still no 180 either :P
    ... Hillary makes a money quote too! ... and a punchline at the end, because we care
    ... Hillary also waffled WRT WMDs ... and here I thought Kerry was the waffler?
    ... Are they too busy casting blame to do their jobs?
    ... so was I the only one who heard Carter repeat the meme-lie that the Dems actually won in 2000? (on last night's Daily Show)
  • Right : No DeLay conspiracy ... money laundering still on the table
  • Religion : Wisconsin school bans Christmas, but Hanukkah is OK ... WTF?
  • Iran : Iranian C130 transport crash in Iran kills 119 ... incl 25 from the building it crashed into, condolences!
    ... WaPo, naturally, blames US for C130 crash
  • Economics : Gold briefly tops $510!

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  • Patriotism : The upsetting story of Joshua Sparling ... and how you can help!
    ... Malkin has more, Black5 is on it as well
  • Islamofascism : Princeton - calling a terrorist a terrorist is "too inflammatory" ... walks like a duck, quacks like a duck
    ... More "Princeton = pro-terrorist" news
    ... THEY changed this from "just a disagreement" ... some perspective, and a reminder
    ... Marriott = dhimmi? ... start a boycott, email them, etc.
    ... "There may be moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is not moderate"
    ... Yahoo hosting pro-terrorist sites ... so, when does free speech cross into hate speech?
    ... Sniping of terrorists = good ... just ask Hamza Rabia :) ... "creative new principle of international law"
  • Employment : Google's secrets on getting the most out of employees ... MUST READ!
  • Computing : Your cel phone wants a telefoto lens ... for some unknown reason
    ... MS : "Restart Manager" coming to Vista ... patches w/o reboots (finally!)?
    ... Need to spend ~$24k on a PC? Apple to the rescue!
    ... Sun shipping UltraSparc T1 ... going to blow the industry away? ... with lower power consumption?
    ... Your iPod wants to be bike-powered
    ... Intel going 45nm
  • Internet : Google fixes Desktop vulnerability ... IE still not fixed?
    ... More interesting Google hacks
    ... GMail's AV of choice is Sophos
    ... Podcasting is the "Word of the Year"
    ... CNN to sell live feeds, sans commericals - day, month, year subsrciptions available
  • Gaming : No pre-owned gamage for PS3? ... that is a travesty!
    ... Revolution specs leaking out
    ... El Reg reviews the XBOX360 ... and I still need someone to buy me one :)
  • Crime : Fry Tookie
  • Military Tech: WWII tech drawings
  • Firearms : ... Some "amazing beliefs" about gun ownership
  • Carnival of Cordite : #40 ... mmm, cordite
  • Capitalism : Walmart is our economy's secret weapon
  • Education : More proof that home schooling works
    ... High School seniors' skills are lacking
  • Ward Churchill : Don't forget about the fake Indian! ... still drawing a salary from the state of Colorado as a Teacher
  • Pakistan : Pakistan censors an Ode to W ... would they prefer an Ode to "President Kerry"? ... both via IAP
  • Space : Wanna see a "stellar jet" ... cosmic traffic jam
    ... Intergalactic mergers ... we'll have one in a scant 4B years, give or take
  • Health : Another problem with antibiotics ... targetted ones, that is ... "Clostridium" rampant at hospitals?
    ... "Infant masturbation" != "episodic dystonic posturing" ... some doctors might have too much free time, methinks
  • Nature : New carnivore found in Borneo ... may lose it's habitat soon
    ... Dogs laugh! ... and the good feeling is contagious!
    ... Hydrothermal vents are everywhere ... well, not literally everywhere (none at my desk)
  • Sport? : Chess Boxing ... found via Ace
  • Everyone : Click here, then vote for Basil ... NOW!

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  • Computing : The Zaltair prank
    ... Conan has some fun with Tech Support
  • Music : 'Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland' ... via Black5
  • Left : Murtha, on Wolf's 'Situation Room'
  • TV : In case you need help, how to differentiate the Macy's Parade from the SOTU Address

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  • Military :
    At $3,000 per hour, we're the most expensive hookers in the world
    --not what you think, go read it! ... thanks Black5!

  • A Love Story:
    I will seek and find you . . .
    I shall take you to bed and have my way with you .
    I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan.
    I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.
    I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you.
    And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days.
    All my love,
    The Flu
    -- thanks Aaron (via email)

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    MoveOn, LATimes
    Day by Day

    Military (cough) tech
    Texican Tattler

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