In case you didn't know, CCSI = Certified Cisco System Instructor.
And those are initials that will be appearing behind my name, henceforth ... well, once some paperwork is completed anyway. W00T!

For what it is worth - The ICP (Instructor Certification Preparation) class was 3 days of practice labs, 1 day of presentation and 1 day of lab. FWIW - I cannot imagine any normal network engineer taking (or, atleast passing :)) the CCSI test part without the 3 days of prep first ... The lab, today - ouch - 7 hours (scheduled) of actual lab time, not counting the meal- & bio-breaks, nor the technical issues with accessing the lab. Also not counting the clean-up. I did finish with an hour to spare, but I am whipped now.

Anyway - I made it, largely thanks to the fantastic guidance on Monday-Wednesday of one Mr. Bob Sinclair.

And now, I am going to relax ... and hope my flight home is on-time tomorrow!!!


Carter lies, Israel sufffers

Just another drive-by from yours truly:

An absolute must read - very detailed run-down of Carter's lies WRT Israel
... found via SCA (who adds some thoughts about Carter as a failure, and also recommends this)


Monday = GTB!

Today is Monday, which means it is time to pause and reflect on border security ...

Going By The Numbers
by Nancy Matthis

Understanding the impact of illegal immigration does not depend on accepting partisan opinions. It is just the result of doing some simple math.

In a previous article, Illegals Deadlier Than War On Terror, we compared the numbers of United States citizens killed by illegal aliens to the tally of our troops killed in the war on terror. In response to that article, one of our readers wrote asking whether we had seen the video produced by NumbersUSA titled Immigration by the Numbers. He asked, "I wonder how accurate it is?"

This widely distributed video uses gumballs in a jar to visually demonstrate the impact of numbers that increase exponentially rather than linearly. These are mathematical concepts that are immediately meaningful to folk with a technical background, but may be harder to understand for others. The answer to our reader's question is that the video IS accurate. It is not based on partisan opinion. It is just a very graphic illustration of an algebraic equation.

You can view a clip from the video here. Roy Beck of NumbersUSA is not depending on any esoteric data. He's just doing the math, based on the US Census numbers, which actually grossly UNDERESTIMATE the number of illegals in the United States.


The gumball video is just a reprise of that old high school science experiment in which you have a population of fruit flies Drosophila that doubles with every generation. (The reason they used fruit flies is that drosophila require only a week to ten days to reproduce, and you can easily get the experiment done during a thirteen week class term.)

You fill the jar 1/8 full with fruit flies. It looks like there is a lot of room left. Next thing you know, the jar is 1/4 full. Then 1/2 full. But not to worry, because there is still half of the whole jar available for them to fly around in. And then WHOOPS the jar is jammed full, and they begin to die.

However, in the video, Roy Beck uses gumballs instead of fruit flies.


For a population to grow in numbers, more children must be born than the number that are needed to replace the older folk who are dying. If every man and woman pair off monogamously, and we don't allow for a slight variation due to women who die before childbearing years, simple replacement requires that every woman have two children (one to replace herself and one to replace her man). If every woman had four children during her childbearing years, the population would double every generation like the fruit flies, sans devastating war, terrible famine and pandemic lethal disease like the black plague.

Mexican immigrant women (legal and illegal) living in the United States have a fertility rate of 3.51 according to the 2002 US census. So their population will not quite double, but it certainly will increase at a very rapid rate. And whereas the educated American population may defer marriage and childbearing until they are adequately prepared to raise a family, the immigrants will produce "anchor babies" as soon as biologically possible, no later than age 18, because we as taxpayers will support them. So our "jar," the continental United States, will fill up pretty rapidly.

But mathematically it gets worse, much worse. The parents do not die when the kids are born as the fruit flies do. So now within four years, the 2 parents and their 3.51 kids are all living here. Illegals are coming at the rate of about one million per year from Mexico, according to the latest estimates by border patrol agents. So within four years, each annual increment will have become 2,755,ooo mouths to feed the original million plus the 1,755,000 children that the 500,000 women in the increment will have produced.

500,000 x 3.51 = 1,755,000 children per annual increment

1,000,000 original illegals + 1,755,000 anchor babies = 2,755,000 new faces

In less than eleven years, that's 10% of our current population. And please note, this analysis only includes parents who are ILLEGALS. It does not include anchor babies born to parents who are here legally on work visas, and produce offspring for the sole purpose of staying. It also does not include the huge jump in numbers that will occur eighteen years out, when the children of the illegals start reproducing.

What makes these considerations most galling, however, is the fact that this high birth rate of 3.51 for Mexican women living illegally in the US is evoked by the deep pockets of the American taxpayers. It only occurs in the benevolent social welfare context of the United States. Mexican women living in Mexico have a birth rate of 2.4 children.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.


Dallas Clark - Punk or Stud?

From the fine folks at RoosterTeeth
(What?? You aren't watching Red vs Blue???)

UPDATE : Bugger, these appear to not be working anymore ... :( ... they were funny, seriously! So ... um ... go watch Red VS Blue!

Thanks RT!


Happy Birthday to ... ME!

Q: What's one sure-fire way to not have a great birthday?
A: Be traveling for work on said day. Blech.


Today's thoughts

Update : On a serious note:
Go read this touching (and scary!) situation and help / give as you are able.

(On a lighter note:)
IMAO's Frank knows how to fix the US, and to resolve Iraq.
Amongst many other good bits:
"Secretary of Defense will be named back to Secretary of War."

"All American troops will be out of Iraq by the date we have set.
If Iraq is a peaceful democracy, then we will declare victory.
If it does not look like Iraq will be a peaceful democracy when we leave, then we will nuke it to hell and also declare victory."

Oh, and also from Frank
"The Republicans lost and the Democrats won for the same reason -- they distanced themselves from their base."
... sad, scary and true.



RIP:Freedom, 11/07/06
... thanks IAP!

Hello, Senator (again) Allen!

... or so I hope to won't be able to say! If Since he fails failed - the words "Allen" and "Macaca" will be forever intertwined ... one dumb mistake.

It remains to be seen if VA was able to come through and keep Allen ... final tallying expected to not be completed until much later today, and even then - there will be a recount.
Nevermind, he lost ... and he did atleast have the decency to not subject us to the expected recount!

BTW, it is still too close to call whether or not we will hold onto the Senate. The House is lost, and very much so!!
(WRT the Senate - Dems have gained 3 so far, probably atleast one more coming, but hopefully not 3!)
((And I think it would be smart for Lieberman to defect, but that has nothing to do with tonight per se))
Senate and House = now under Dem control, now is their chance to "shine". I can almost hear the sound of my paycheck shrinking, and is that a terrorist I hear giggling?

Oh, and congrats to the Govenator - Cali gives Arnie one more go.

Sadly - not so much good news for DeWine(OH), Chafee(RI) or Santorum(PA) ... nor for two now-losers in MD - Ehrlich and Steele (wow!) ... click here for other details!


GTB, a little late ... in time for Vote day though!

Some strong words, I don't quite fully endorse all of them but am passing them along in their entirety for your consideration ... now get away from your computer and go vote!
(one last side-comment - for all that the Republicans have failed to do in securing our borders, it truly scares me what the Democrats will permit!)

This Blogburst is also available as a Podcast.

Why the United States Has Lost So Much in Latin America
By LomaAlta at Linknzona

The facts are not in dispute. During this Administration’s “watch”, the geopolitical situation in Latin America has deteriorated well beyond the tragic losses of any previous Administration. Communist tyrants rise in Venezuela, Bolivia, and now Nicaragua and socialism is on the march in other countries. President Reagan’s successes in spreading democracy and freedom in Latin America appear to have been stopped. Let’s examine some of the possible reasons.

Negligence. This Administration appears to be focused on the war on terrorism, particularly the Middle East and has neglected the problems arising in the countries of our neighbors to the south. Indisputable evidence of Middle Eastern terrorists increasing their presence in Latin America and illegally crossing our southern border with help of Latin American gangs is readily available [1]. These facts have been well known for years but emphasizing them goes against President Bush and his Administration’s open border, pro-illegal immigration policies as well as against most of the Democratic leadership and their Mainstream Media. Thus, little is heard about this growing threat. Even less is heard about its impact in Latin America. This leads directly to the President and his Administration’s relationships with Latin American leaders and through them, its people.

Submission, not Partnership.
Latin Americans, and particularly Mexicans, like most people, respect power and its just and successful application. In addition, the cultural implications of power and weakness are viewed through the lens of machismo throughout Latin America and especially in Mexico [2].

The USA, as the world’s undisputed Super Power, must look weak and ineffectual to the rest of the World and downright mariposa-like to our friends south of the border as it panders to Presidente Fox, leaves its borders open during war time, and sacrifices the security and well being of its citizens to foreign invaders. Such weak and foolish behavior engenders disgust and dislike of the USA throughout Latin America in proportion to how much they take advantage of us. Mexico is first in line, of course, but can you imagine a president of any South American country calling our President the devil at the UN in New York? Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela did exactly that this fall. There were no repercussions. This will embolden other thugs and bullies to spit in our President’s face and regard the USA as a weak, stumbling, and blinded paper tiger.

Bumbling. How unsuited for representing the USA is Secretary Condi Rice? With the exception of John Bolton at the UN, I have yet to see any diplomatic courage and vision from this Administration. It seems Secretary Rice has fallen into the trap of so many of our diplomats. She sees her clients as other diplomats, world opinion is of paramount importance to her, and the national interests of the USA appear to be lost in the swirl of trips, functions, receptions, parties and all types of activities we call “form over substance”. A good example of this is diplomatic meddling in Nicaragua [3].

This is a brief overview of how the Bush Administration has mismanaged USA activities and interests in Latin America. Why is this Administration so much worse than previous ones? Previous administrations have bumbled, submitted to Mexican presidents, and neglected Latin America. But President Bush is the first president to put the interests of a foreign power – Mexico, above the interests of the USA.

How can a foreign leader respect a President who does not put his country first in negotiations? We all grew up with bullies. The vast majority of us learned that the quickest way to stop a bully from attacking or extorting something from us was to resist, and, to fight back if necessary. Sure it was scary and rough to be hit or beaten; but just the knowledge that you would not submit was almost always enough to send the bully in search of weaker victims.

Bullies are cowards and seek out the weakest victims they can find. The weaker you are, the more the cowards bully you, and the less they respect you. This is true on every school ground; and it is true among nations as we have learned over and over. To be weak is to invite attack.

For a nation to submit is for it to surrender its freedom and sovereignty. This is the principal reason our relations with Latin America are so bad and why communism is on the rise again there. The USA, through President Bush and the political leadership of both parties, has submitted to Mexico. Illegal immigration is the occupation of one peoples’ country by another people. President Bush not only submits to Mexico, he encourages and supports their continued bullying.


[1] For example see: Daniel Sheehy’s 2005 book, “Fighting Immigration Anarchy”, AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN, 329 pp, and J. D. Hayworth’s 2006 book, “Whatever it Takes”, Regency Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC, 230 pp.

[2] ma•chis•mo
Pronunciation: (mä-chēz'mō, -chiz'-, mu-), [key]
1. a strong or exaggerated sense of manliness; an assumptive attitude that virility, courage, strength, and entitlement to dominate are attributes or concomitants of masculinity.
2. a strong or exaggerated sense of power or the right to dominate: The military campaign was an exercise in national machismo.

[3] More freedom lost in Latin America?

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality (this post), and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.


Democrats, the party

So I am sitting in Parkersburg (WVa) Airport (aka Wood County Airport .... aka about three other names) and am catching up on some "light reading", found this ... it is a must-read! Excerpt:
"The Democratic Leaders are Europeanoid in outlook. While they may have US citizenship, this is a mere technicality. In many ways they have a set of attitudes (a discomfort with people of faith, an anti-business attitude, a mania for rules and regulations, nationalized medical care, higher taxes, an appreciation for the "virtues" of international organizations) more in common with Europeans elites than your average American."


Wictory Wednesday!

This week Wictory Wednesday presents Jim Talent for re-election to the United States Senate.

Control of the Senate will come down to three races, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia. Jim Talent is fighting the hard fight in Missouri and he's a solid conservative. It's one thing to lose a seat because the sitting Republican has no conservative credentials, defending a solid conservative however is a must.

Immigration is a hot issue with conservatives wondering why no one in the government seems to recognize a problem with an open border. Sure, many people come here to work and do contribute to the economy and their communities, however with an insecure border, even terrorists and criminals can walk in with complete ease. The current system also all but ensures that illegal immigrants are exiled to the fringe of society and left to be abused by human traffickers and malicious employers. The border needs to be shut so we can control who comes in and let in only those who are here for a better life.

Energy independence is another hot issue, and Jim Talent believes there are only a few ways to get that done. Either we need to research alternative fuels (which Talent supports) or drill for oil in land we control like ANWR (which Talent also supports). This race is also overshadowed by the ballot proposition on stem cell research and cloning, which was so disgustingly politicized by Michael J. Fox.

Please consider donating or assisting Jim Talent's campaign.

... anything fun to do in Parkersburg, W.Va.? (Aside from teach IPv6, that is!)


I am running for Governor, sort of

I have decided to announce my willingness to serve as governor in Maryland. Click here for more details.
To help generate interest, I will give you a preview of my positions. I am opposed to abortion and fetal stem cell reseach. I am libertarian leaning, and favor school vouchers and tax credits for home schoolers. Now click that link and check it out. Pledge to get your friends and family educated on the Maryland governor's race. Finally, there is a choice.


I've got a raging clue

Well, not really ... but I am trying out a game called Battle Dawn.
Clicking on that link gets me +1 food, BTW.

I'll let you know how the game is later (or feel free to leave comments below!)


To vote, or not to vote ... I know my answer!

  • You Decide 2008: Time to get serious about the elections ...
    This is a war like no other–it’s not Vietnam, it’s not the Cold War–but there are lessons to be learned from both. Democrats let Saigon fall, and they’ll do the same with Baghdad. The Cold War was a long war waged on fronts all over the world, like this one, but unlike during the Cold War, the West now allows the enemy to operate literally under our noses, because we’re oh-so-tolerant. The enemy this time gets special protection because they wage war in the name of religion. It’s suicidal on our part, and the “tolerant” “progressives” and “liberals” (all scare quotes intentional) have handed the enemy their greatest weapons: our “tolerance” and lack of patience and resolve. Look at Europe and ask yourself, is that what you want in America? Because that’s the ideal for Democrats.
  • 10/09/2006

    GTB Monday!

    By Diane of Diane's Stuff, via Third World County

    As I’ve said countless times on my own blog, I am not a very political animal. I have my opinions on things of a political nature but I rarely express them, and I very seldom post on anything political because I don’t feel as if I’m well enough informed on particular issues. I do have an opinion on whether or not there should be a fence along the border between Mexico and the States, and it has always seemed like a very good idea to me.

    Living in Texas I see a lot of illegals and every time I see someone that’s clearly Hispanic in front of me in the grocery store, paying for their food with a LoneStar Card (plastic food stamps) or presenting a WIC form, I have to wonder how much of that is going to sustain illegal cousins, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc. I’m not naive enough to think that the only nationality that can use our Southern borders as a crossing is Mexican, but let’s be honest here for a minute; aren’t they the main concern?

    I posted some time ago about Governor Rick Perry’s “Virtual Border Watch Program” and I thought that too was a good idea.

    With voluntary participation of private landowners, Texas will use $5 million to begin placing hundreds of surveillance cameras along criminal hotspots and common routes used to enter this country. Perry said the cameras will cover vast stretches of farm and ranchland located directly on the border where criminal activity is known to occur, and “not the neighborhoods where families will continue to enjoy their privacy.”

    “Landowners will be able to monitor and defend their property from those who might endanger their families. We will make the video feed available to state, local and federal law enforcement agencies so they can respond swiftly and appropriately,” Perry said. “And we will post this video on the Internet – in real time – so that concerned Americans can help protect our nation through online neighborhood watch programs.”

    The video will be available 24 hours a day and cameras will be equipped with night vision capabilities. When citizens witness a crime taking place, they will be able to call an 800 number and be routed to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

    It just so happens that I have friends who have a 700-acre ranch that also includes a 1/2 mile of river frontage on the Rio Grande. While small by Texas standards, their nearest neighbor is 6 miles away, and the closest town of any size is Presidio where there is a Point of Entry via an International Bridge. Naturally, there is also an Immigration office. This town is approximately 28 miles from my friends ranch, and the other nearby towns are Ruidosa, population 19 and Candelaria, population estimated at 55. They don’t live down there, they’re hoping to retire there though, and they go several times a year to camp out and stay for a week or two at a time. Here is a picture taken on their ranch.


    And another-


    As you can see it’s very isolated.

    I was visiting with these friends a few days ago and the conversation got around to the ranch and when they were going again and as I know the property is right on the border I asked their opinion of building a fence. Below is a quote sent to me via email after I’d asked a few more questions prior to beginning this post.

    Candelaria is the last town on Hwy 170 or “river road” as it is known. The population there is a bit bigger I would guess around 30 or so. It is about 20 miles or so after Ruidosa. There is a sign when you get there that “State Maintenance Ends Here”. The dirt road goes on from there to El Paso, about 140 miles I was told, but you ain’t gonna get there unless you have a 4 x 4, extra gas and tires. The dirt road is where I was telling you about the trolleys that go across the river and the religious icons stuff set in small caves along the road. People out there still live in adobe houses and have no phone, lights or other essentials. Our very own 3rd world.

    Another interesting fact about Candelaria is the foot bridge from the States to Mexico there (not an authorized crossing). The bridge was paid for with Russian humanitarian aid money! Can you believe that shit…:)

    Once you get past the town they couldn’t even get the equipment in there to build the damn fence. Plus all the cattle ranchers on the river from Presidio on would just cut it to allow their cattle to get to the river for water…. it is the desert after all and water is a very scarce resource. A few are lucky enough to have artesian wells but most rely on what rain water they can trap and the river.

    As you can tell from that quote they don’t have much faith in a fence doing any good. I asked then what their opinion of the Minutemen was and was told that “Their hearts are in the right place, and they have the right idea, but they’re spread too thin to do a whole lot of good.” So of course I asked what they thought would work. Guards, guards and more guards. An armed border.

    One of the reasons they gave me for this was that even if someone saw the illegal crossers climbing or cutting through a fence, say, via Texas Governor Rick Perry’s camera idea, or the Minutemen calling someone, they would be long gone before anyone in authority arrived, particularly in their area where the road is far from straight, two-laned, and often has livestock wandering around. They say that it’s just too desolate to do any good without men on the ground, and then you have the water/rancher/cattle factor to deal with also.

    They tell me that at night you can see lights back and forth all night and that while they feel fairly safe during the day, only seeing a few people with bags ready to swim across when they’re down on the riverfront also swimming, that it’s dangerous to be there alone. My friend’s mother recently stated that she wanted to get away, go down there and camp on her own, and they told her absolutely not, no way, even though she’s the best shot they know. There are too many drug runners mixed in with illegal wannabes, and even though there’s the INS station less than 30 miles away in Presidio, that they very seldom see anyone on patrol and we’re only talking here about a very, very small portion of the TEXAS border.

    So what’s the solution? To fence or not to fence? Armed guards? It’s a tough one, but I agree, something MUST be done. I think my piranha idea is sounding better all the time.

    This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.


    Good Morning!

  • Pax Americana : H. W. Crocker III shares a provoking idea or three ... excerpt:
    BUT IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS, though apparently it isn't, that if America is to win the so-called war on terror we will need to revert to our imperial heritage as a people whose regnant spirit has always been Don't Tread on Me, who would not willingly accept any restrictions on our trade, our travel, or our speech, and who had no doubt that where Americans went, there went liberty, and that Indians and Mexicans and Spaniards and Frenchmen, had better make way because a superior civilization was plowing through. We need a similar confidence if we are to tame militant Islam.
    ... go read the rest!
  • 10/02/2006

    GTB Monday!

    By Heidi at Euphoric Reality ... where this 'burst is also cross posted

    This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, a legal immigrant, an illegal alien or a Congressman. This clip is from the longer video, Immigration by the Numbers, and features Roy Beck of NumbersUSA demonstrating the catastrophe of unrestricted immigration by Third World people into our nation. He uses standard statistics and simple gumballs to show this disaster in the making.

    This video is very short - only 17 minutes total - don't miss it! Even if you think you know what our future looks like, this video will shock you!

    H/T for the video: Third World County
    ... it may look familiar, I posted it previously - but it is definitely worth watching again! :)

    Here are some additional resources concerning the population disaster that is pending for our nation.
    You can order videos of Immigration by the Numbers and others for only $10.
    A chart of the declining levels of Americans and the exploding numbers of foreign-born immigrants.
    A chart of the future of the U.S. in this century

    *These numbers are NOT fanciful or manipulated to make a political point. They are cold, hard facts calculated by the most conservative estimator of all - the U.S. Census Bureau.
    Despite the sheer impossibility of the numbers in the video and the source link above, you should know that they DO NOT include the number of illegal aliens and their offspring. Why?

    The bar graph counts only the annual number of legal immigrants.
    If illegal aliens could be accurately counted and included, it is likely that the 1966-89 period would be revealed as being even more disparate from earlier eras. Illegal immigration is believed to be far higher during recent decades than in the past.
    The Census Bureau estimates there are 8 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. [A very conservative estimate - the numbers are possibly 2 1/2 to more than 3 times greater than estimated by the Census Bureau. -ed.]
    On annual illegal immigration, the Center for Immigration Studies has extrapolated the latest Census data to show that 700,000 to 800,000 new illegal aliens are settling each year. Now, far, far more than that enter illegally each year, but there is a lot of back and forth. The 700,000 to 800,000 represents illegals who truly settle in for at least a couple of years, and usually much, much longer.

    As bad as it looks on paper now, it is actually much worse in reality. We already know that the number of illegal aliens is more than quadruple the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country each year. The Border Patrol estimates that more than 4 million illegal aliens enter the country each year - and they apprehend about one in seven. That means, while they are catching 571,000 illegals each year, almost 3.5 million escape detection and melt into our communities.

    What would the graph of the population explosion look like if the numbers of illegal aliens are included? The numbers are almost incomprehensible. We are looking at the utter devastation of our nation.

    This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.


    Wictory Wednesday!

    This week Wictory Wednesday presents Max Burns for the US Congress for the 12th District of Georgia. He is running a tight race against Democratic incumbent John Barrow.

    The Israeli war in Lebanon has shown what will happen if we pull out of Iraq… the terrorists will claim victory and emerge even stronger and more emboldened. Max Burns understands this and supports the troops to complete their mission. We should live in a society that respects and supports those who risk their lives for our benefit. Sadly, we don't live in that society.

    Max Burns understands that immigration doesn't require reform; it requires actually enforcing the laws on the books. Not enforcing the law has led to lawlessness and before any question of guest workers can be introduced, law and order needs to return to that segment of society.

    The infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" has shown us that even a GOP lead Congress can still waste money. That is why earmark reform and a line item veto is all the more necessary. When pork can be put into budgets without debate (earmarks), the line item veto allows voters to put the heat on the President to bring sense back to Congressional spending. The GOP has gotten half of the equation right in lowering taxes… now they need to cut spending. Max Burns supports this in the form of a balanced budget.

    Families waste days and weeks each year trying to figure out their "fair share" of taxes. Not even the IRS can figure out the tax code… a book that is over 12 times larger than the Bible! Max Burns supports cleaning up the tax code so that families can clearly understand what the owe… and the IRS can even figure it out too.

    Please consider donating or volunteering to the Max Burns campaign. Help turn this blue seat red!

    This has been a production of the Wictory Wednesday blogburst. If you would like to join Wictory Wednesday, please see this post or contact John Bambenek at jcb (dot) blog [at] gmail {dot} com. ... or go read the JCB, the source

    OSI vs. 7-layer burrito

    ... Sorry the formatting isn't quite right, no time to clean it up ... still funny! Thanks Clay!

    To hell with the OSI 7 Layer Model

    Back in the 1980's, when all music sucked and men dressed like sissies, a bunch of sissy Europeans got together in a passionate effort to overstandardize computer networking. They created this thing called the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) networking suite. Anyone who has taken a CS (Computer Science) or CIS (Computer Information Systems) course knows this; they cram this fact down the student's throat from day freaking one. It is only when the student enters the real world do they realise that the OSI seven layer model is a sham.

    First off, what the hell is any European organization doing dictating standards that have to do with computers or networking? (Well...besides that paradigm shifting Linux stuff and all that other huge shit) Hello! How many bleeding edge computer or networking innovations have we seen come out of the European continent? Are they even participating in this revolution? Part of this is not really directly their fault; it probably has something to do with the fact that a minimum of venture capital spent in Europe even goes into high tech; most of it goes into high fashion and entertainment instead. No wonder we booger eating Yanks think the Europeans are sissies. Hey, we may be pigs, but at least we are running the Internet. Nah nah na-na nah.

    Secondly, the seven layers proposed by OSI are completely out of touch with reality. The defacto networking standard is TCP/IP. TCP/IP is the grandaddy of XNS, IPX/SPX, Banyan, AppleTalk, and a host of other protocols and pre-dates that seven layer thing because it was funded by the largest organization in the world devoted to maintaining Eurocentric socioeconomic domination; the US Military. And for some reason, that makes it better. Yeah.

    And yet this seven layer curse won't go away. Companies still have staffs of Marketing inspired artists drawing up elaborate maps of how their protocol maps to the OSI Seven Layer Model. Sham! Its a sham I say! To hell with the OSI Seven Layer Model!

    To its credit, we have found that there are indeed a few things in this world that actually follow the seven layer model; but none of them have anything relevant to do with today's high tech world. Case in point; the Taco Bell Seven Layer Burrito.

    You can currently buy one of these babies for just a buck (well, 99 cents anyway) and experience for yourself a portable example of what happens when pure Hispanic culinary brilliance gets flattened into consistency by the grinding blandness of American commercialization. I should know; I eat there once a week and suggest Taco Bell to all my friends.

    To illustrate my point, I have included a table that compares the Taco Bell Seven Layer Burrito to the sham that is the OSI seven layer model.

    OSI Seven Layer Model

    Taco Bell Seven Layer Burrito


    Layer 1: The Physical Layer

    The Physical Layer describes physical properties of the media, such as the electrical properties and interpretation of exchanged signals.

    Layer 1: Refried Beans

    Refried beans are always the first thing to be placed on any kind of intelligently built burrito. They not only make a great foundation, but also act as a glue to hold the tortilla together. And due to their high levels of sugars, they are also the largest reason you'll get gas after eating one of them. The resulting gas causes electrical exchanges, most often between married couples aproximately 6-8 hours after ingestion.

    Layer 2: The Data Link Layer

    The Datalink Layer describes the logical organization of data bits transmitted on a particular medium, for example the logical addressing of Ethernet packets.

    Layer 2: Seasoned Rice

    Rice is logically the second ingredient on a burrito. It is also a filler, just as beans are, but don't qualify as a foundation and cannot hold the tortilla together like beans can. Therefore, rice builds upon the foundation that beans have built, and rightfully deserve to always be the second ingredient.

    Layer 3: The Network Layer

    The Network Layer describes how a series of exchanges over various data links can deliver data between any two nodes in a network; basically describing how packets get routed through the 'net.

    Layer 3: Lettuce

    One of the most wonderful properties of Iceberg Lettuce is its almost complete lack of nutritional value and its ability to route itself directly through your digestive tract to your back door. And it, like beans, also gives you gas.

    Layer 4: The Transport Layer

    The Transport Layer describes the quality and nature of the data delivery.

    Layer 4: Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are added to the burrito to give the eater the impression that they are eating something healthy and natural.

    Layer 5: The Session Layer

    The Session Layer describes the organization of data sequences larger than the packets handled by the lower layers. Basically, its the job of the Session Layer to fix what the other layers have screwed up.

    Layer 5: Guacamole

    Guacamole is added to hide any kind of poor or bland flavor that may have come with the Iceberg Lettuce, the rice, or the beans.

    Layer 6: The Presentation Layer

    The Presentation Layer describes the syntax of data being transferred for communication with dissimilar systems.

    Layer 6: Cheese

    There isn't a whole lot of combinations of incompatable foods a bunch of cheese can't gloss over with its unique mixture of fats, cholesterol, and salt. When in doubt, throw in some cheese.

    Layer 7: The Application Layer

    The Application Layer describes how real work actually gets done; its the reason we do things in the first place.

    Layer 7: Sour Cream

    Its been said that the purpose of sour cream is to allow white dudes to eat spicy food. Without sour cream, most white folks couldn't bear to eat exotic foods like the kind that Taco Bell are serving up.

    Try and see how many things you can find that honestly conform to this sham of a model, and let the author know what you find.

    Ok, so this is flawed. I spaced that there is an eighth layer; the flour tortilla. No biggy; here's a better one:

    1. Two all beef patties
    2. Special sauce
    3. Lettuce
    4. Cheese
    5. Pickles
    6. Onions
    7. On a sesame seed bun



    GM has shared The Meaning of 9-11 ... "God Bless America; God bless our fighting men and women."


    Self, meet saddle?

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  • Me : So, as I sit @ SEA-TAC, having spent a week in work-induced purgatory, I realized I had a moment or two ...

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  • Weather'ish: 2 by 2, the forest fires become one
  • Oil : Hits $77/barrel ... only $42 more than it should be
  • News : Basil (still!) has all the news I missed! ... this is my 1st day of real NIF posts in 2m - cut me some slack!

  • Quick Thoughts * News Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Middle East : The Pope doesn't get it?
  • Politics : Dems pull offensive ad ... what's a little attempted cynical-profiteering amongst moonbats?
    ... When in doubt, eat your own ... all this over a kiss?
  • MSM : Olberman, still El Douche ... reached key milestone before getting cancelled!
  • Crime : Murder in DC averaging 1/day for the month ... not as bad as it has been in the past!
  • Health : Wanna regrow some neurons? ... just a touch of 7-OH-DPAT
  • Space : More on Deep Impact ... "does not match current models of comet dust"
  • Food : Unmeltable chocolate? ... "Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria" - not much else to study?
  • Economics : G8 should be G7 ... -Russia
    ... High productivity = low wages
  • Blogging : TypePad, -availability ... outage screws bloggers, SixApart = teh sux0r?

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  • OOTS : Behold, the Encyclopedia Belkarrica ... hehehe
  • Politics : No gay divorce ... must always be defined as a divorce between a man and a woman
  • Diplomacy : The end of cowboy diplomacy ... the age of the pirate, now!
  • Useless Nations : Kofi Bingo! ... "Hamas, Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon ... who is Kofi angry at now?"
  • Suicide : Need a free gun?

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    Heh, Kerry ...

    The above pic brought to you by TWA, who also bring you WAR ... and there is a WAR-relevant post over at StopTheACLU

    Hey look, I still (kind of) have a blog. Hmm, go figure!


    It is WAR

    So, I am still not around here really ... but some good people have been busy ... sit back, relax, and get outraged:


    Would you look at that ...

    NIF turned 2 on May 7th and even I forgot to notice ... sad, really.
    Anyway Happy (belated) Blogiversary (to me), and maybe someday I will light this place back up ... ?


    ECHO Echo echo

    NIF : First, Yes - I am still alive and well. Thanks.

    I know I have been away for a nearly inexcusable amount of time.
    Real life has totally been kicking me around the block ... and still is. Sorry!

    Does it help excuse my absence if I were to pass along that I just put in my two week's notice?
    ... from my employer of almost 8 years! (over half of my career)
    ... ... and that this actually means LESS time to blog?
    ... ... ... In all honesty, I am not sure I will be able to pick it back up anytime soon
    ... ... ... ... atleast not with the level of attention it (and you) deserve.

  • Illegal Immigration (or any other important topic!) :
    No man will assert seriously, that when people are of a turbulent spirit, the best way to
    keep them in order is to furnish them with something substantial to complain of
    --thanks Edmund Burke, 1792 ... viaWashington Times
  • 3/15/2006


  • Today : Happy "International Eat an Animal Day"!!

  • Since I am such a blog-slacker lately (read : too damned busy with work, family, etc.) - here, a quickie ...
    Q: Is it wrong to kill a baby seal?
    A: Of course it is. With the allotted amount set at 320,000 dead seals there’s no excuse for bagging just one.
    ...Thanks IMAO


    No estoy aquí

  • ME : I am in class all thislast week, which inducesd an even-worse-than-normal commute == limited NIF
    ... and when I say limited, what I really mean is I might get to post one or two things this week

    UPDATE : Didn't get a single post up and now I am swamped, playing "catch up" :(
  • 3/01/2006

    Here's why

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  • Riley : Did you see these pitcures??
  • NIF : A little limited this AM, more later! (and sorry about yesterday)
  • Wed PM : Blogger = down? ... I wish they would quit breaking :(
  • Thursday, Friday : Limited updates, more tonight (silly work; cutting into my "free" time) ... I know, I am teh sux0r

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  • Avian Flu : H5N1 in the Bahamas? ... getting closer to home :(
    ... Cat in Germany dies
  • Katrina : Can't let recovery efforts stop a good party! ... Show Me Your ... busted levees?
    ... Criminals to walk free? ... injury, meet insult
  • Volcano : Magma on the move in Yellowstone ... hey, they just did a Super Volcano on SGA!
  • SCOTUS : Anna Nicole Smith goes to Washington ... ruling not expected until June, tramp status already known
  • Crime : Watch the video of your rape or go to jail ... Inconceivable, and atrocious!
    ... Duke-stir gets an 8y4m "vacation" ... in a Federal PMITA Prison, that is
  • Afghanistan : W makes a visit
  • GITMO : Names released ... for better or worse
  • History : 8000 year old milling site found in Cali

  • Quick Thoughts * News Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Islamofascism : Taliban styuding @ Harvard? ... found via NEIN
    ... UAE : DPW's COO defends port assumption to Congress
    ... Iraq - "Civil War Averted: NY Times Hardest Hit"
    ... A manifesto against militant Islamism
    ... repost : Compare and Contrast : Mulsim reactions to Juedo-Christian reactions
  • Illegal Immigration : Wet foot, dry foot ... blech
  • Energy Source(s) : Soy Bean fuleed car - 0-60 in 4s, 50mpg
  • Patriotism : "A Nation Adrift" ... "where and how the greatest nation on earth has gone astray, as well as the way back"
    ... PATRIOT Act, renewed
  • Military : MilTracker ... GOOD military news! ... found via MPJ
    ... Send cookies, doesn't matter what type!
    ... Meet BigDog, the 4-legged robotic pack mule
    ... Soldiers' Angels - from there to here
  • Free Jack : Firefight wrap-up
  • Speed Limit : Stupid laws or stupid enforcement, you pick
  • Computing : MS giving away free USB drives ... "loaded with valuable information", here
    ... A mere ~$610M puts RIM's BlackBerry in the clear
    ... "Music phones" cutting into iPod growth ... my Treo700w fits my need :)
    ... Your laptop wants 160GB HDD
    ... Vista won't suck, will be a must-have?
    ... Vista to feature "Anytime Upgrade"
    ... Vista and Virtual PC ... and how the licensing works
    ... Want WinXPsp2 on CD?
    ... VMWare, $100k "Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge"
    ... 5k free eBooks
    ... Smallest Win* Phone ever, debuts next month ... +4-band GSM, GPRS EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi ... my Treo700w is jealous
    ... Recycled PCs to the rescue
    ... Comparing vulnerability counts is always specious
    ... More on E&Y's lost laptops (and clients' data), contradicting own statements
    ... Nano-skins to yield bendy screens?
    ... Pope + iPod
    ... Free data recovey tools
    ... Music pirates busted ... Apocalypse Crew, Chromance = PWN3D!
    ... Oracle's 10g XE (eXpress Edition) = free
  • Internet : ICANN gives .COM to VeriSign, forever! ... US Congress is hte last chance to stop this
    ... The search for botnet C&C infrastructure
    ... Congress to outlaw hyperllinking ... WTF? Do they even read their bills?
    ... Why Phish when you can just record keystrokes?
    ... Google fuels success by feeding their employees ... feeding htem well, that is!
    ... Google shares take (another) hit ... market overreacts
    ... Google going AMD ... Bye Xeon, 'ello Opteron
    ... VPNs for the masses, Hamachi style ... or Google Secure?
    ... Opens a whole, new, terrible world of Pr0n?
  • Gaming : XBOX360 to hit 10-12M sales by year's end ... hopefully one of those will be me :)
    ... A peek at XBOX360s Camera
    ... PS3 to be a little better than XBOX360? ... but a year later
  • Misc Tech : Rotating wall outlet!
    ... Keys are old, let's talk Knock Codes
    ... Coffee cup survivability, physics ... "ceramic mug that can fall 15 feet onto concrete pavement and still hold a full cup"
    ... Laser projectged sky ads? ... or distress beacons, or the bat signal
  • Abortion : Gross exageration by the MSM ... good find!
  • Education : "Federal judge has prohibited students from opting out of pro-homosexual diversity training"
    ... what exactly does this have to do with Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic?
  • Free Speech : Religion vs Education, revisited ... who can say what, when and why do others not have this restriciton?
  • Feminism : Why it has turnedquite destructive ... not the "Sex Out Loud" that comes to my mind!
  • Health : Stem cells no help for heart?
    ... AF267B might help fight Alzheimer's?
    ... Marital spats yield heart attacks
    ... Weight lifting also slims the belly
  • Space : Hubble, et al, take peek at pinwheel galaxy (M101)
    ... Jupiter is growing a new Red Spot
    ... Our trip to Pluto ... data expected July 14, 2015
  • Employment : Silicon Valley finally hiring again?
  • Celebrity(ies) : Jessica Alba = hot, even when not naked ... suing Playboy

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  • OOTS : #288 ... charades!
  • RVB : #74 ... available now, booyah!
  • Illegal Immigration : 'Specter bill creates Guest Slacker Program'
  • Computing : Vista to have 33 variations ... "Vista Server My Other Edition Is Premium Edition Edition"
  • Mentos : The FreshVolcano maker! ... who knew, just add diet coke? ... True!?
  • Sewage : Colon family having toilet problems ... true!
  • Religion : Pope planning a Bible II ... "likely to be a "prequel""
  • Colbert : Join the Colbert Nation!
  • Islamofascism : ... Secret Weapon - PCDs! ... GWOT victory assured ... "Durka! Durka!"
    ... 'Iraq government bans Muslims'
    ... Riots caused by sweet tooth?
  • UAE : OBL to run USPS ... "For one thing, he’s already disgruntled"
    ... Oprah endoress UAE port deal
    ... Dubai to run US
    ... 'Bush denies knowing of Iraq War'
  • MSM : W still more popular than CBS
  • Happy Fun Ball : Not as good as the original S&L skit, but it's a disclaimer ... real script here?
  • Left : Hopelessness is the plan! ... found via IMAO
  • Iraq : Saddam sentenced, will be FORCED to be President ... he demands a retrial
  • Katrina : Nagin miffed ... "They watched the hurricane coverage on CNN and waited for a federal official"
  • Caption This : ""He's Magnificent," Andrew Sullivan whispered huskily. "I must have him.""
  • Driving : Autibahn racer (flash) ... thanks Clint!
  • Celebrity(ies) : 'Golddiggers, gigolos rally in support of Anna Nicole'
  • Relationships : Ho-Jack

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • The ExpressPay stored-value card system used by FedEx Kinko's is vulnerable to attack:
    An attacker who gains the ability to alter the data stored on the card can use FedEx Kinko's services fraudulently and anonymously, and can even obtain cash from the store.

    The FedEx Kinko's ExpressPay system, developed by enTrac Technologies of Toronto, Ontario, is based on a Siemens / Infineon SLE4442 memory chip card. The data stored on this card is freely rewritable once a three-byte security code has been presented to the card's security logic. Neither this security code nor the data stored on the card is encrypted; anyone able to obtain the security code is free to rewrite the data stored on the card using an inexpensive commercially available smart card reader/writer.

    The first thirty-two bytes of the memory chip card are writable and subsequently permanently write-protectable (in this application, these bytes are write-protected), and contain a header which identifies the card as an ExpressPay stored-value card. Bytes 0x20 through 0x27 contain the value stored on the card, represented in IEEE 754 double-precision floating point format. Bytes 0x60 through 0x6A contain the card's eleven-digit serial number stored as unsigned zoned-decimal ASCII; digits 0x60 through 0x63 are the store number the card was initially issued at, and the remaining seven digits are assigned sequentially at the moment of first issue. A timestamp indicating date and time of issue are located from 0x30 through 0x37, and is repeated from 0xC7 through 0xCE.

    In order to write to the card, a three-byte security code must be presented in a specific sequence of commands as outlined by the SLE4442's white paper. By soldering wires to the contact points of the card and then connecting those wires to an inexpensive logic analyzer, an attacker can sniff the three-byte code as the kiosk or a card terminal prepares to write data to the card. This security code appears to be the same across all FedEx Kinko's ExpressPay cards currently in circulation.

    Once the three-byte code is known to the attacker, the card's stored value and serial number can be changed to any value. The ExpressPay system appears to implicitly trust the value stored on the card, regardless of what that value actually is. The system will also accept cards with obviously fake serial numbers (e.g. a non-existent store number followed by all nines). Using these altered cards, xeroxes can be made from any machine with a card reader, and computers can be rented anonymously and indefinitely. Most disturbing, however, is that since stored-value cards can be cashed out by an employee at the register at any time, an attacker could cash out altered cards obtained at little or no monetary cost. If a card is cashed out, its serial number does not appear to be invalidated in the system. If an attacker were to clone a known good card and cash it out, the clone would still be usable.

    Tested Vendors:
    - FedEx Kinko's

    Suspected Vendors:
    - Any client of enTrac Technologies who uses the ExpressPay stored-value card system.
    - Any company which uses a stored-value card system based on the SLE4442

    Vendor and Patch Information:
    Proof-of-concept of the initial security vulnerability was achieved on
    8 February 2006, with research into the ramifications continuing through 12 February. Copies of this report were sent to both FedEx Kinko's and enTrac Technologies on 15 February; a read receipt was returned from enTrac on 19 February, while no receipt has yet been received from FedEx Kinko's.

    - Encrypt data before storing it on the SLE4442 card, or migrate to a system which uses cards which have built-in encryption functionality.
    - Verify that the stored value on the card does not significantly differ from a reference value stored in a database.
    - Do not allow the use of cards with invalid serial numbers.
    - Invalidate serial numbers of cards that are cashed out.

    --thanks to Secure Science Corporation's Strom Carlson (posted with permission)
    PS - See FK's denial, and the rebuttal to the denial
    PPS - Video!

  • Portable Media :
    bLank:I was just watching Swordfish and the senators assistant hands him a floppy disc and says "Sir, we have a problem" ... I'm sorry, but nothing important has ever been able to fit on a floppy disc, there's no way the senator is going to have his fly-fishing disturbed for 1.4 mb
    --thanks BASH!

  • Life Lesson :
    In real life, and contrary to Hollywood’s naïve view of a fair fight, victory is better than chivalry
    --thanks DL! ... other good lessons there as well! ... Oh, and my dad loves sharing Navy Stories too!

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    Defective Yeti

  • Sources / Bloggie Linkfests: Basil, JC, OTB, TMG, SugarButtons