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  • Monday : Welcome to another week; anyone have some coffee?
  • Tuesday : Gonna be a limited blogation day, sorry ... I'll add an item or two to Monday's post
  • Speech : State of the Union, liveblogged
  • Bloggers : Are you one of Best So Far? Apparently, someone (thanks Peakah*!) thinks I am ... wee!
    ... I'll (try to) make some nominations later ... no time right now :(

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  • Mining : 70 trapped in mine-fire in Canada ... "emergency rooms with oxygen and supplies"
  • Super Bowl : Terror Alert
  • Iraq : ABC crew hit by IED ... "serious but stable" ... prayers
  • Trains : Derailment, Pakistan, 3 dead ... condolences
  • SCOTUS : No filibuster, Alito confirmation to proceed * CONFIRMED! *... Kerry loses again :)
  • RIP : Jessica Rachel McMaster ... sounds like a wonderful woman, condolences

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  • Islamofascism : Hamas begs for cash ... please that should be, MUST BE, ignored
    ... US making the right decision - no aid for Hamas
    ... Ink Blog madness in Iraq? ... interesting
    ... UN Security Council to review Iran ... about time!
    ... Iran detains 50 bomb suspects ... still blames UK, US
  • Illegal Immigration : Explosives are being brought into the US ... a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure
  • Energy Sources : Flex-fuel, Ethanol(E85) is the answer? ... specifcally, "cellulosic ethanol"
  • International Aid : Some excellent thoughts! ... e.g. - the poverty trap pulls them down from above
  • Military Tech : Face armor!
  • Computing : PicoPSU - tiny power supply ... footprint = "significantly smaller than a common business card"
    ... The entire RIM storey ... could have been settled for $Ms, now it's $BBs
    ... Need to CHROOT SSH?
    ... Wireless USB
    ... "IllWill" gets some jail time ... don't pirate
    ... Digital Image editting, part III ... this is the "Learn to Photoshop it" chapter :P
  • Internet : BlackWorm - Are you ready for Feb3rd?
    ... $20B erased as Google stock drops 16%
    ... Boeing patents mobile WiFi?
    ... NMAP 3.9999 available! (direct link to Win .EXE)
    ... GMail losing to spam?
  • Right : W could teach the Dems
  • Economics : What does Jobs bring to Disney?
    ... No health care crisis? ... recreation spending rising just as fast!
  • Health : Kids in UK getting dumber? ... 27 "applied IQ points" right down the drain?
    ... COX-2i drugs help fight cancer? ... what heart problems?
    ... Why cel phones SHOULD be allowed in hospitals ... and on planes, for that matter!
    ... Virus-induced weight gain?
    ... Corpsicles naming selves as beneficiaries?
    ... MRIs as lie detectors
  • Alcohol : Illuminated shot glass ... neat!
  • Physics : "Optical Matter Arrays"
  • "Global Warming" : Tipping point, straight ahead?
  • IQ : Test Part 1("easier" - 22/33 for me, so far), part II("harder" - not there yet)
  • BearingPoint : FY04 financials filed! ... FINALLY!!
  • Movies : Clerks 2! ... sweet!
    ... Indiana Jones 4?
  • Celebrity(ies) : Mmm, a carnival!

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  • OOTS : #273 ... The Snarl is growing ... more NOW ... and YET MORE TOMORROW!
  • Gaming : D&D, "Fear of Girls" ... "epic battle against conformity" ... MUST WATCH!
    ... but, um, seriously - we aren't really like that. Damnit.

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    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Brain scan
    Ferdinand T. Cat

    FBO - BestSoFar Awards
    FBO - BestSoFar Awards
    Bloggin' Outloud!



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  • Friday : I am so ready for this week to be over ... now, if only it was a payday :(
  • NIF : I have cleared 100k visitors, yea me! W00T!
  • Pray : Pray for GMR ... undisclosed (to you) medical problems
  • Bloggers : NIF on BlogShares, and you can help me by signing up yourself and by going to QuackTracks

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  • "Palestine" : Hamas wins ... not a good sign for "peace"
    ... More thouhgts on Hamastan here ... will Hamas "learn to play the game"?
    ... Israel - "No dealing with Hamas" ... & Fatah seems to agree
    ... AIR has a thought or two .. and buy the Tshirt, I'm wearing mine now!
  • Tragedy : Crash kills 7 kids, grandfather has a heart attack when he learns of it ... condolences and prayers
    ... sidenote : this is another reason buses shouldn't stop on, block roads. (Don't get me wrong, it *is* the truck drivers fault)

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  • Islamofascism : Al Qaida, Hamas & fake passports
  • SCOTUS : Kerry pushing for filibuster ... just desperate for attention, eh Jonny boy? Don't make us get "nuclear" on you!
    ... "Senator Kerry, you greatly remind me of a saying by Dietrich Bonhöffer"
  • Islamofascism : Al Qaida, Hamas & fake passports
  • Energy Sources : Ethanol even better than thought? ... 95% reduction in petroleum consumption & emissions!?
    ... Nuclear fuel reprocessing ban to be lifted? ... sweet, and more nuke plants for US would be great!
  • Nulcear Proliferation : 'How to spot states making secret plutonium' ... we see you!
  • Computing : Need a 2TB NAS / external HDD? ... Sabio has just the CM-4 for you
    ... Perhpas IOMagic's GigaBank product is more your speed? ... 100GB to go, plus (simulated) leather!
    ... 4GB SD card for $235 ... my Treo 700w wants it!
    ... "Spyware Cleaner" doesn't, gets (rightfully) sued ... facing MAJOR fines!
    ... Oracle : Unbreakable, or unpatchable?
    ... Your laptop needs a 120GB HDD ... well, mine does, anyway
  • Internet : Google cahce is "fair use" ... damned straight it is!
    ... Firefox extension - Reveal ... eyecandy!
  • Gaming : XBOX360 suffering "component shortages & lack of manufacturing capacity" ... still want it!
  • Economics : Santa Fe, NM is bad for business - minimum wage is now $9.50! ... and auto-raising to $10.50 in 08! WTF!?
    ... More on Walmart, and its "effect" ... and Chicago lost out gbig time by blocking a new store, ha ha!
    ... How's a $337B budget defecit grab you?
    ... What Ireland's recent success should teach Maine
    ... Housing market slowing - example ... McCains trying to sell $3.75M home, still
  • Left : "Most people who were liberals in 1968 still are. Liberals. In 1968." ... moral free riding
  • Health : Your own scream won't make you deaf ... "corollary discharge" blocks potential damage from own voice
    ... Sex (must be PVI!) helps calm you down ... duh, but here's the science
    ... Prion disease, CWD, found in deer ... hunters @ risk?
    ... Inside a virus, and (maybe) how to screw it up
  • Nature : Scorpion survives 15 months encased in plaster ... I wish I could go into "diapause"
    ... The monkey police?
  • Space : Hey, you ... get out of my galaxy! ... two more exiled stars
    ... Mars to get a wrecking ball? ... THOR's quest for water, life, etc.
    ... Go look for Saturn, tonight
  • Robots : This one pours beer!
  • Happy Birthday : Mozart, would-be 250 ... and someone REALLY likes Mozart.
    ... Don't get me wrong, Mozart's good and all, my inclinations are a little more, um, modern ... you know, like Marilyn Manson

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  • OOTS : #272 ... it all began at the dawn of time ...

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  • That Ragged Old Flag :
    I walked through a county courthouse square
    On a park bench, an old man was sittin' there.
    I said, "Your old court house is kinda run down",
    He said, "Naw, it'll do for our little town".
    I said, "Your old flag pole is leaned a little bit,
    And that's a ragged old flag you got hangin' on it".
    He said, "Have a seat", and I sat down,
    "Is this the first time you've been to our little town"
    I said, "I think it is"
    He said "I don't like to brag, but we're kinda proud of
    That Ragged Old Flag

    "You see, we got a little hole in that flag there,
    When Washington took it across the Delaware.
    and It got powder burned the night Francis Scott Key
    sat watching it, writing "Say Can You See"
    It got a rip in New Orleans,
    with Packingham & Jackson tugging at its seams.
    and It almost fell at the Alamo beside the Texas flag,
    But she waved on though.
    She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville,
    And she got cut again at Shiloh Hill.
    There was Robert E. Lee and Beauregard and Bragg,
    And the south wind blew hard on
    That Ragged Old Flag

    "On Flanders Field in World War I,
    She got a big hole from a Bertha Gun,
    She turned blood red in World War II
    She hung limp, and low, a time or two,
    She was in Korea, Vietnam,
    She went where she was sent by her Uncle Sam.
    She waved from our ships upon the briny foam
    and now they've about quit wavin' back here at home
    in her own good land here She's been abused,
    She's been burned, dishonored, denied an' refused,
    And the government for which she stands
    Has been scandalized throughout the land.
    And she's getting thread bare, and she's wearin' thin,
    But she's in good shape, for the shape she's in.
    Cause she's been through the fire before
    and I believe she can take a whole lot more.

    "So we raise her up every morning
    And we bring her down slow every night,
    We don't let her touch the ground,
    And we fold her up right.
    On second thought
    I *do* like to brag
    Cause I'm mighty proud of
    That Ragged Old Flag"
    --thanks Johnny Cash, via GMR!

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    OSM / PM


    Say my name!

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  • Blogger : Maintenance @ 7pmEST today ... should only be ~15m ... hmm, was down @ 6am on Thursday :P
  • Thursday : Speaking of Thursday, looks like it may be a limited blogation day ... we'll see, but for now stick with this post

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  • Illegal Immigration : Armed standoff ... Mexican military, machine guns & drugs
    ... Malkin has more on the standoff ... it's callled an invasion!
    ... JCB's thoughts on the Mexican invasion here
    ... Chase, shooting @ Candian border ... atleast our border guards are armed!
  • Mickey : Disney buys Pixar, $7B+ ... Jobs pockets mad bank
  • TV : WB, UPN to merge ... to be called "CW" ... WTF?

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  • Islamofascism : Saddam atrocity video released ... HERE
    ... Galloway survives one hurdle ... still hope for justice WRT Oilf for Food for Bribes
    ... Iran threatens to blockade the Strait of Hormuz
    ... Iran to "investigate" the Holocaust ... logic, history absent
  • NSAgate : Warning to leakers - punishment incoming?
  • Social inSecurity : AARP destroying America
  • SCOTUS : Alito passes Judiciary Committee ... Dems blindly vote no; full Senate debates commense today
  • Israel : Defending Hamas' political actions ... self-rule makes the difference?
  • MSM : Anti-Iraq, anti-Administration spin ... again ... WRT troop levels
  • Computing : ATI's X1900 tops nVidia
    ... 320GB HDD for $120 ... no rebate reqd
    ... HowTo : Photoshop someone into a zombie!
    ... E3 bans Booth Babes ... bugger!
  • Internet : IE7 beta build sneaks out onto net
    ... Opera-Mini launched ... browser for your cel
    ... Google = censor?
  • Gaming : XBOX being discontinued ... making way for the XBOX360?
    ... XBOX360 shortage to continue into spring ... DAMN!
  • Crawfordstock : Desparate for attention? Endorse Hugo!
  • Left : Joel Stein doesn't support our troops .. and he thinks I feel guilty that I do!
    ... Misquoting Franklin ... leaving out the words essential, little/temporary makes a huge difference!
    ... And PR adds "Why does the opposition refrain from offering plausible solutions"
  • Right : Time to rework the GOP ... some damned good ideas!
  • Space : Dude, you dented my space-time ... more blackhole goodness!
    ... Modified theory of gravity dispenses with dark matter
  • "Global Warming" : Albedo rising, less sunlight for us?
    ... Yet 2005 apparently warmest year on record ... tell that to Russia!
  • Health : Omega3 not fighhting cancer?
    ... AIDS modeled in 3D
    ... AIDS epidemic in China?
    ... More on ESCR fraud in S.Korea
  • Nature : Idealogues ignore contrary data, reasoning portions of brain not used
  • DAYAM : 0 to 60 in 5s on a bicycle! ... mmm, rocket power!
  • Hunting : Some thoughts ... drop Disney and get real

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  • OOTS : #271 ... not looking good for the home team!
  • Internet : Google's censorhsip reaches further ... layout changes!
  • SCOTUS : Dems stalling

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    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Nuclear Iran
    Cox & Forkum




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  • 1/24/2006

    Department of Redundancy Department

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Treo 700W: Seriously, make some (free) app recommendations!
    ... and a Cisco(-compatible) VPN client would be nice!

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  • Canada : Conservatives win! ... not a blowout, but a step in the right direction
    ... CQ liveblogged, reacted
  • WVa : New mine safetey laws approved ... location devices, oxygen, hotline
  • Weather : Cold snap kills 100s in (Eastern) Europe ... prayers & condolences
  • Energy : Ukraine admits to withholding natural gas from Europe

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  • Islamofascism : Preemtpive strike against Iran "all but inevitable"
    ... A strike on Iran, a why we should try talking more first?
    ... Iran says sanctions will result in war!
    ... Saddam's trial in chaos? ... judge replaced again, trial delayed
    ... 'The war against the war on terrorism' ... "selected, not elected" indeed!
    ... Let's talk about the Caliphate, shall we?
    ... Priceless, indeed! (.WMV) ... found via SugarButtons
  • NSAgate : Nothing wrong with the "Terrorist Surveillance Program"
  • Plamegate : Scooter returns fire ... with subopenas ... of journalists
  • Military Tech : UAVs going mainstream ... DoD making the world a better place, again
  • Abortion : 33 years of murder, in review ... "put the law on an inevitable collision course with science"
  • Computing : Vista to get a "real" firewall ... time to uninstall ZoneAlarm?
    ... RIM even closer to BIG TROUBLE ... BlackBerry down?
    ... "8088 Corruption" - 30fps on a 4.77MHz PC! ... yes, I said MHz! +Color! +Sound!
    ... 1000s of misc "hacks" ... how to make stuff do stuff
    ... Think "Universal Translator"
  • Internet : GoogleNews, no longer beta! ... was beta for 1219 days!
    ... Jeanson James Ancheta busted, fined + goes to jail for botnet-based advertising
    ... Ballpoint pen antenna for your WiFi ... much more portalbe than the Pringles cantenna!
  • Gaming : Dilbert, on your phone? ... not 'til this fall
  • Left : They do have a platform - death
  • Nanotech : Solar-powered 4-stroke nanommotor
  • Space : Self-healing spaceships! ... think skin :)
    ... The shuttle is a deathtrap?
  • GeoPolitics : World's 10 Worst Dictators
  • Family : Contrary to some, boys not falling so far behind ... and not for the reasons they believe (hint : divorce)
  • Health : 30m of excercise the best cure for depression ... duh?
    ... Thoughts on geniuses ... "Scientific advances emerge from social, economic and political conditions"
    ... 'How to Do What You Love' ... interesting
    ... "Women like joky men, while men like women who laugh at their jokes" ... duh?
    ... Stressed mommies make girl babies?
  • Economics : Ameriquest -$325M ... "predatory lending"
  • Automotive Industry : More on Ford ... cuts to reach ~30k (more!) by 2012!
  • TV : "American Idol is Homophobic"? ... joke at end :)

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  • Computing : Next Apples will run Windows
  • NSAgate : Why you are being spied on
  • Islamofascism : OBL releases clay tablets
    ... Fluffy, the trained attack Maltese
    ... 'Suicide bombers' life insurance premiums soaring'
    ... OBL's book club ... and Vows to crush Oprah
  • Economics : US Govt holds "Going out of business" sale ... our prices are INSANE!
  • NYC : Running of the Rats ... and Jack Russell terriers
  • Election08 : Frank tries to woo Condi
  • Flash : NinjaMan
  • Celebrity(ies) : Young Chuck Norris, the video ... bad music, bad fight scenes ... all funny
  • TV : "The Countdown To The Best Lists Of All Time" ... just a show concept, and linkfest

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  • Guard the Borders : (missed it yesterday :( )
    Last week, those of us who keep an eye on border issues noticed that several mainstream media sources had featured articles about the regular Mexican military incursions over our borders and into our country. This is nothing new, as the Border Patrol has documented hundreds of such illegal incursions by an armed Mexican military over the past decade, and our government has done nothing to curb these incursions. In fact, it seems our government has looked the other way. While I'm relieved that this information is getting out into the mainstream, I have little confidence that our governement will actually do its job and secure our borders. Some confrontations between the Mexican military troops and our own Border Patrol agents have become violent as Mexican soldiers have fired their weapons at the Border Patrol. It's a mystery why our government refuses to acknowledge these hostile invasions. They surely know about it, and the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. has gone so far as to publicly deny that the Mexican soldiers are hostile, but rather there to "patrol for illegal border jumpers". Contrary to that public statement, however, most of the Mexican military troops on the border are moonlighting as security escorts for drug smuggling gangs the coyotes who are running large groups of illegals across the border.
    T.J. Bonner, a 27-year Border Patrol veteran who heads the National Border Patrol Council [said], "Intrusions by the Mexican military to protect drug loads happen all the time and represent a significant threat to the agents. "Why else would they be in the area, firing at federal agents in the United States? There is no other explanation," said Mr. Bonner, whose organization represents all 10,000 of the nonsupervisory Border Patrol agents. He also challenged reports that Mexican military units had crossed mistakenly into the United States, saying, "Every country's military has a [global positioning system] nowadays, including the Mexicans. "If the border is so poorly marked, why don't the thousands of Border Patrol agents working 24/7 along it ever seem to get lost, and none of us have been issued a GPS," he said. Attacks on Border Patrol agents in the past few years have been attributed to current or former Mexican military personnel. U.S. law-enforcement officials have long thought that current and former Mexican soldiers are being paid to protect drug shipments bound for the United States. Several agents said the attacks have escalated in the past two years as U.S. security efforts on the border have increased -- including the July shooting of two agents in an ambush near Nogales, Ariz., by assailants in black commando-type clothing, who fired more than 50 rounds. Authorities said the gunmen used military-style cover-and-concealment tactics to escape back into Mexico. No one has been arrested.
    Without any federal commitment to secure our borders, the Minutemen, a volunteer citizen's group, has performed an invaluable civic service in patrolling our borders to document and verify the location of illegal border crossers. They, too, have encountered Mexican soldiers on the WRONG side of the border. The video clip below comes directly from the Arizona Minutemen who told the Mexican soldiers, when confronted, they were there as "media" to document the border situation. It is incredibly important to note that there is no reason why American citizens should EVER be required to justify their lawful activities on American soil to a FOREIGN military presence. That is anathema to our rights as American citizens!

    (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) January 20, 2006 – The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps ("MCDC") announced the release today of video footage of an incursion by a unit of the Mexican army across the U.S. border in Arizona.Chris Simcox and a group of Civil Defense Corps volunteers encountered a squad of approximately eight armed Mexican soldiers about 500 yards inside American territory. The Mexican soldiers started running back through the brush to Mexico when they realized they had been spotted. The video shows a uniformed Mexican soldier climbing through a barbed wire fence on American soil to return to the Mexican side of the border as he races to catch up with the other Mexican soldiers who had also climbed back through the fence as they retreated back into their country. A group of armed Mexican soldiers then returned to the barbed wire fence (on American soil) and confronted Simcox and the volunteers. A discussion in Spanish ensued, with the agitated soldier 'in charge' saying the Americans had no business being there. Simcox and the volunteers did not budge. The Mexican soldiers left and drove off. Judging from earlier activity observed at the ranch that morning, Simcox is of the belief that a trafficking operation had been disrupted by the volunteers. The footage, filmed in 2004, was sent to then Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. His office did not respond. The video has remained in the Minuteman video archive and is being released in response to recent news reports that over 200 cross-border incursions by the Mexican army have been documented since 1996.

    This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

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  • Sources / Bloggie Linkfests: Basil!!

  • 1/23/2006

    The Diet Coke of Evil

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • ME : Sorry, no NIF over the weekend - I was solo-babysitting all weekend (first time I had the kid for >24 hours)
    ... And she was sick the whoile time; not to get too graphic it involved damned-near hourly diaper changes
    ... And we made it to church, almost on time! I am teh r0x0r!
    ... Oh yeah, and I got a Treo700w Thursday - any good (+free?) WindowsMobile apps recommendations?
  • Missed over the weekend : Condolences for the 2 (add'l) dead miners in West VA
    ... And I hope we got Zawahiri in Pakistan, and that that possibly recycled tape from him is just that - recycled
    ... OH, and a little thank you to OBL - your latest little tape reinforces the need for our actions in Iraq

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  • Islamofascism : Pakistani's rally against US ... did they not hear the part about harboring terrorists??
    ... Multiple attacks in Iraq kill 13 ... prayers & condolences!
    ... Terrorists delaying release of female Iraqi detainees? ... that smell is irony
    ... CAIR "intervenes for Carroll" by, basically, throwing an assist for the terrorists ... again
    ... The Iran Dilemna, tortured logic and falsifiability
  • Religion : Christianity on trial, literally ... in Italy
  • Energy : Russian pipeline explosion leaves Georgia in a lurch ... Azerbaijan steps in, and oil prices rise :(
  • Piracy : Argghhh, ye be busted! ... US Navy making a difference for the world
  • TV : West Wing, cancelled ... 7 years overdue :P
  • Sports : Kobe bangs out 81 points! ... second only to Wilt!

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  • SCOTUS : "Pro-Choicers" to push Dems into filibuster ... that would be embarassing for the Left
  • Illegal Immigration : Some thoughts on enforcement
    ... GOP caving? ... Chairman Ken Mehlman going wrong?
  • Chernobyl : A tragedy, yes - but don't believe the hype? ... "Chernobyl Heart"
  • Common Wisdom : Gret thinkers tjhoughts lead to "folk wisdom" ... interesting!
  • Computing : Vista to require signed drivers
    ... WINE > WinXP?
    ... '11 Myths of Surge Protection'
    ... Hitchia presents "The sounds of HDD Death" ... neat (scroll to the bottom)
    ... H1Bs nothing more than pay scale reduction tool ... programmers' salaries on the slide
    ... Real-life "First Person' Shooter" for the Cell processor ... from the PS3 to the military
  • Internet : WorldTracker : Track any cel phone? ... not in the US, yet
    ... Nyxem.E malware starting to spread ... data-destructive :(
    ... GoogleEarth catches glimpse of "Flying Car"
    ... BellSouth breaks Google? ... dumb dumb dumb dumb!
    ... Use Firefox, sans mouse! ... hi-speed browsing!
    ... Google vs DoJ ... MS, AOL, Yahoo cave? And who is right?
    ... Philips releasing a VOIP videophone
  • Gaming : Battlefield2 coming to XBOX360
    ... PS3 doubts growing?
    ... Wanna play Planetside, free for 12m?
  • Right : A conservative Canada, incoming? ... "it will mean the end of rule by crooks"
    ... Or, Canada's Governor General may still shut conservatives out?
  • Automobiles : 66MPG is for wussies, how about 330MPG? ... Accelerated Composites, <$20k
    ... Ford in trouble, axing more? ... 35k axed not enough? Ouch!
  • Space : Andromeda is all lined up? ... "Galactic cannibalism or dark matter" possible causes
    ... Simple life common, complex life (nearly?) unique
  • ID : Science, prjudice and scared cows ... oh my!
  • Health : Laughter is good for you ... duh!
    ... TCF21, the tumor suppression gene?
  • Nature : China getting darker? ... sunlight down ~10%, expect "acid rain & respiratory diseases" too
    ... A jumping spider could carry 170x it's bodyweight and still stick to ceiling
  • Wine : Make any wine into great wine? ... "immediate aging" via eloctrolysis, plus other benefits?
  • TV : 32" LCD TVs incoming ... mmmmm
  • MSM : Don tells them to chargefor online access? ... recycle the tripe?
  • Bloggers : Happy #2, Rusty! ... and he helped bag a terrorist! W00t!

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  • OOTS : #270 ... Belkar vs Miko, fwoosh!
  • RVB : #72 available for sponsors!
  • Left : Osama bin Reid speaks
  • Darwin : Stupidity in whales is celebrated?
  • Language : "Motherweasel! That weaseling hurts the weaselhole."

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  • Scary :
    "On the last day when I was speaking, one of our group told me that when I started to say 'Bismillah Muhammad', he saw a green light come from around me, and I was placed inside this aura," he says. "I felt it myself. I felt that the atmosphere suddenly changed, and for those 27 or 28 minutes, all the leaders of the world did not blink. When I say they didn't move an eyelid, I'm not exaggerating. They were looking as if a hand was holding them there, and had just opened their eyes - Alhamdulillah!"
    --thanks Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran ... viaMPJ!

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  • Sources / Bloggie Linkfests: Basil
  • 1/17/2006

    Pillow Talk

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Bloggers : Are HaloScan trackbacks broken? I haven't received any, and can't seem to send any WORKING NOW
  • Wednesday : Gonna be late, perhaps minited blogation ... so this post may stick around an extra day :P
  • Thursday : Look ma, no blog! Sorry, work & real life all up in my grill (again). I am sux0r!
  • Friday : I think Becky poisoned me .. I am all kinds of sick. (Just kidding on the poison part, mostly)

  • Quick Thoughts News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Georgia : Hostage standoff ends peacefully ... the Browers will most certainly get their day in court!
  • Crime : Cali executes 76 year old ... age, physical condition are no defenses!

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  • Islamofascism : 'The pre-war link between Saddam and Al Qaeda' ... the link some fail to acknowledge!
    ... 'Iraqi Security Forces: Increasingly in the lead'
    ... "Iran has been at war with the United States since 1979"
    ... Russia still against sanctions
    ... Iran - "the real problem isn't the lack of means, but the lack of will." ... good roundup of relevant info!
    ... We did kill (atleast) 4 terrorists in Pakistan ... may or may not include Zawahiri
    ... "Jews know how to control people"
    ... ILP vs Hamas ... let'em fight it out :P
    ... "American Hiroshima" ... and another valiant effort to stop it
    ... BioTerror a bigger threat?
    ... NYT throws another block for terrorists
  • Illegal Immigration : Mexican Army crosses into US? ... making it an actual war?
    ... I guess I am a bigot too!
  • Military : A Million Thanks! ... and then some!
    ... Some thoughts on armor
    ... But you can't use your own armor? ... Dragon Skin under attack? ... WTF?
    ... Homecoming!
  • RIP : Im memory of Ben Franklin, now dead 300 years ... and what we should all learn from him!
  • Employment : Meetings are bad for you! ... "contribute to burnout, anxiety, depression"
  • Computing : WinXPsp3 delayed until '07
    ... Sony's DRM Rootkit still infects 350k+ PCs
    ... Mac(G5) vs Mac(Intel)
    ... Misc 1980s Computer "glossies", misc literature, etc. ... Atari 800XL ... POWER!
    ... Misc "Quick Reference Cards" ... cool!
    ... Misc HiRes wallpapers
    ... Cel phone distress beacon, CDROM as bioterror detection device? ... (misc patents)
  • Internet : VOIPStunt - a free IP-PSTN alternative to SkypeOut? ... DL HERE
    ... Sick of Web2.0? ... skip to 3.0?
    ... Google entereing the real world - buys radio ad company dMarc Broadcasting
    ... HowTo : Web design for the color blind
  • Gaming : 'Discrimination in World of Warcraft'
    ... Thoughts on adult gamers, types of gamers ... we rock!
  • Left : Ray BusHitler Nagin says God is angry at the US ... whacked-out, man
    ... Nagin talks chocolate ... what rocker did he fall off of??
    ... LSB has more on Nagin
    ... Gore, still a blowhard, calls W "a threat to the very structure of our government"
    ... Gore's "comments are nothing but ill-informed political non-sense"
    ... Hillary plays the race card ... on what should have been a day of remembrance
    ... Murtha just pulling a Kerry?
    ... Gays "crashing" Easter Egg Roll in desire to be seen as mainstream? ... does the irony not slay them??
    ... Why the Walmart Law (in Maryland) will hurt those they are trying to help
  • Right : Politicizing MLK, the right way
    ... A valid comparison between Bork & Alito
  • Jeep : More on the reworked 2007 Wrangler
  • Health : Excercise helps fight dementia?
    ... RoboTranslator : Speach-into-Sign language!
    ... This pill makes sour things taste sweet!? ... "miracle fruit"
  • Avian Flu : H5N1 turning more human-centric? ... no additional cause for concern just yet
  • Nature : Not enough coppoer on the planet? ... platinum, zinc also low?
  • Cartoons : Some history, and a Woody Woodpecker download!
  • TV : More 24 reviews! ... and the bodycocunt!
  • Misc : A conversation meter?

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  • SciFi : Things to hate about Star Trek ... yea, way old ... but Tasha Yar, mmm
  • 24 : 24, the drinking game ... sober to passed out in 5 minutes :P
    ... 'Mayberry 24' ... HA!

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    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Unbelievable! :
    Blonde Sagacity

    Gore Lied, mmkay!

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