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  • NIF : Sweet, sweet Friday ... and thus begins the limited blogation weekend! (Open Trackbacks, so go read them!)
  • TV : You ARE planning on watching SG1, SGA & BSG tonight (Friday), aren't you?? (SCIFI, 8-11pm)
    ... Digger has lots of thoughts on BSG
  • Cars : I would like to, personally, slap the living bejesus out of whoever decided the fuel pump can/should go inside the fuel tank. (My GMC Jimmy's pump blew out, and what should take all of 15 minutes to repair instead took several hours)
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  • InfoSec : WINE users still vulnerable to .WMF bug
    ... You have applied the patch, haven't you??
    ... Sober.Y "kicks off" tonight ... and a How-To : Using Squid/swatch vs Sober.Y
  • Iraq : Surge in violence .. prayers & condolences for all
    ... Blakchawk down near Tal Afar, 12 believed dead ... prayers & condolences!
    ... "Revolutions, in and of themselves, are not always good"
    ... Zawahiri claims victory in Iraq ... which is exactly what the Left seems to want
    ... Basil put it better, "One more issue where Zawahri agrees with Democrats"
    ... I wish these guys decide how they want their names spelled!
  • Israel : Surgery #3 for Ariel Sharon ... continued prayers
    ... UNCONFIRMED : Sharon is dead? ... not true
    ... An excellent round-up of the various issue involved
    ... Increased violence expected
    ... Political ramifications ... can Ehud Olmert keep Kadima together, or does Likud rebound?
    ... Iranian President hopes Sharon dies ... how is he taken seriously??
    ... More on Robertson's latest foot-in-mouth event
    ... Some Jewish groups pushing for secession from Israel ... "The Judea Initiative" ... sounds unworkable?
  • Miners : Notes from the deceased ... Sago tragedy; condolences & prayers for all
    ... They blame Sago (mine) on Bush, and why they are wrong ... amazing what facts can show
  • Avian Flu : Turkey's H5N1 not contained, family lsoes 3 members ... condolences & prayers
  • Earthquake : 6.7, Greece
  • Economics : Dow up 77, within site of 11k!
  • Weather : Japan getting hammered by snow ... near record cold & 13" of snow in some places
    ... From TAotB, "Damn Global Warming"
  • Crime : More outrage on pedophile-rapist sentenced to 60 days
    ... Suspect found in LDS Missionary slaying
    ... Let's talk about Abramoff ... actually, I'll let GMR do the talking
    ... Louisianna's Blanco, staff tied to Abramoff as well?
    ... Martha's conviction upheld

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  • Islamofascism : 21yo in UK killed for not converting?
    ... London bomber leaves behind $200k+ ... take it all, invest in pigs & alcohol ;)
    ... Hmm, what's this - Saddam-terrorist ties? (GASP) ... and is the CIA batting for the wrong team here??
    ... Al Qaeda looking to AIDS as a weapon? ... remember, Religion of Peace
    ... Bail denied in Lodi terror case ... Umer Hayat not going anywhere just yet :)
    ... Haroon Rashid Aswat fighting extradition to US ... because we might "torture" him
    ... 'Darfur Metastasizes'
    ... Palestinians invade ... wait for it ... Egypt ... they obviously (cough) deserve statehood as much as Washington, DC
    ... Hamas more than willing to spend our money ... amazing that they may actually win political legitimacy
    ... Syria's Bashar Assad dictatorship about to have its tyranny ended?
    ... Boycott of Holocaust Day because "it was not sufficiently inclusive" ... found via Gindy
    ... Denying the holocaust becoming (their) mainstream?
  • SCOTUS : Alito first nominee delayed since 1971 ... inexcusable!
    ... Dems think they have a GOTCHYA ... but what does Foote's article have to do with Alito???
    ... Alito/CAP - "This is great news" ... a new paradigm!
    ... Schumer, confirmation doublespeak
  • NSAgate : How about some common sense?
    ... Heretofore quiet Dems suddenly worried
    ... The non-issue now swirling around Christiane Amanpour as well?
  • Brother against Brother : The story continues ... if you haven't, start reading
  • Military Tech : Even better armor can save lives ... duh; but more armor has a cost of its own (and I don't mean $!)
  • Natinional inSecurity : "I don't want to be on the list. I want to fly and see my grandma"
  • Freedom of Spech : Minnesota Republican being sued for libel ... site = MDE ... MSM says "Hey! Only we can do that!"
    ... oh, and Jeff is wrong = the Redskins should win against TB this weekend!
  • Racism : A look back at the (political) culprits ... hint : Not the GOP!
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : They hate everybody
  • Alcohol : Missouri to ban sale of cold beer? ... nothing better to do?? ... found via IAP
  • Knucklehead(s) of the Day: Florida Supreme Court ... judicial power trip unimpeded!
  • Radio : Junkies back in the morning, and check out the JMU chicks from yesterday! ... vote for your favorite (#4 :P)
  • Computing : USB Drive from Didigo has a neato screen ... "Bi-stable Cholesteric Display (BCD)"
    ... Another USB drive with a screen
    ... Downloadable "2006 InfoSec Calendar"
    ... Kill the HDD, time to go all flash?
    ... GooglePack; to include Firefox, AV, Google Tools, RealPlayer
    ... CES : new TiVo (Series 3) ... CableCard, lots of outputs, better remote
    ... Do you think you know rounding algorithms?
    ... When software bugs are not allowed
    ... Uninformed ... hmm, had never heard of them - some interesting reads
  • Internet : "PUSH Music" - automatic wireless MP3 sharing ... eat one, RIAA
    ... Remote VNC installs, easy with FastPush ... (cough) assuming you have access, of course
    ... Core Force - "Community oriented security solution for personal computers" ... free
  • Gaming : XBOX360 mod chip en route? ... cheaters! ... & I don't even have my XBOX360 yet!
    ... Dell launches "XPS 600 Renegade", calls XBOX360 "so called high-definition gaming" ... 4 GeForce7800s + 30" LCD
  • Illegal Immigration : A though on how to fix the problem ... not sure I agree, but interesting
  • Left : Pelosi's broken "leadership" ... "the party lacks focus and a clear agenda"
    ... Dems Hypocrites on the attack
    ... Mark Seavey puts VA-Rep Moran in his place
    ... Belafonte, Chavez - two peas in a pod ... calls W the "greatest tyrant ... the greatest terrorist"
    ... Hillary - "I'm not a totally corrupt individual" ... arguable at best
    ... Team Hillary filed false FEC reports ... "just" another scandal
  • Right : Most annoying conservatives of 2005
    ... DeLay resigns leadership post ... too bad, he did his job wuite well
  • Katrina : Blanco's reaction to hurricane - renovation, of course! ... "over $500K on frivolous things like flat screen TV's"
  • Education : Kansas wins the first "Teacher+student=sex" bust of 2006
    ... Florida Supreme Court strikes down vouchers ... this decision is BAD, and in violation of Fla constitution (read it :) )
    ... Vouchers 'unconstitutional because they worked really well'
  • Health : Soda not carcinogenic ... you may call it "pop"
    ... More bacteria in our stomachs than previously thought
  • Canada : WHat do homeless alcoholics REALLY need? ... Free booze, of course! (seriously)
  • "Global Warming" : Ah, what a difference the "CO2 terror's" 1 degree makes!
    ... Forests actually contribute to "Global Warming"
    ... Look @ 55 million years ago
  • Nature : These ants wage germ warfare in defense of their fungus crop
  • Economics : Let's talk tax cuts
    ... Chavez proving (again) that Communism, price controls causes shortages, rationing
  • Space : Stargazing from Iraq, Afghanistan
    ... Wanna track a satellite?
    ... 'What's Up 2006 - 365 Days of Skywatching' ... free .PDF ... found via BadAstronomy
    ... Record-setting 15 million mile laser-based communication link established
  • Energy : Steam power?
  • Movies : 'Grandma's Boy' is to gamers what 'Office Space' was to cube dwellers?
  • Bloggers : Argghhh! shall henceforth be known as "Sugar Buttons"
    ... Argghhh! Sugar Buttons hits 1M visitors!
    ... I am hoping to join the Conservative Blog Advertising Network ... go there, buy ads - spend your ad money smartly!
    ... Schadenfreude shutting down ... -1 excellent blog(ger); you will be missed!
    ... Best n00bs of 2005

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  • OOTS : #264 ... able to be picked = mechanical defect
  • NSAgate : Eavesdropping works!
  • National Security : Major Vinegar+Baking Soda raid
    ... Time to hold a bake sale! Nah, that's tacky - a car wash OTOH!
  • Islamofascism : 'Suicide bomber stages funeral within funeral'
    ... Girls Gone Wild, Baghdad style ... thanks Jay!
  • SCOTUS : Alito threatens to eat a sammich
  • Military Tech : B1, Priceless!
  • Stuff : A to-do list
  • 2005 : The year in warning labels ... TRUE!
  • Crime : DC ex-Mayor (aka - Mayor for Life) Marion Barry robbed by aspiring Mayors
    ... Seriously, he was robbed ... but the "joke" : "If that doesn’t say ‘Washington politician’ I don’t know what does."
  • Employment : Annoy your coworkers!
  • Religion : 'Robertson: ignorant remarks caused by God’s wrath'
  • Car Parts : 710? ... thanks Chris!
  • Music : The Metalizer ... he claims to "take regular songs (that suck) and turn them into heavy metal songs (that ROCK)"
  • Sayings : Alternatives to "Does a bear s*&^ in the woods"
    ... 'The History of F$%^' ... thanks Chris!
    ... Last words ... true'ish
  • Posers : Narnia Rap
  • Blooper : MS error, do not use WinME
  • Celebrity(ies) : Paris Hilton resolves to be "even sluttier" this year!
  • Personal Time : What a way to waste a weekend

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  • Racism / AntiSemitism :
    "You f*cking Jew b@stard."
    --thanks Hillary Clinton, via JoeUser!

  • Attitude :
    "There isn't a day that goes by that we cannot choose to be great"
    --thanks SCA!

  • Party :
    BUBBLES: I need a date for a new year's eve concert.
    Nick: December 31st
    --thanks BASH! ... (edited for language & grammar)

  • Thought for today :
    Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified - for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.
    --Deuteronomy 31:6!

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    DbD : Hillary=Dhimmi
    Day by Day

    UF : RIAA taking your lunch money

    ALP : iPod Chia

    Whistleblower or leaker?
    Cox & Forkum

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