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  • Today : Happy Friday the 13th! ... or Saturday the 14th ... or Sunday!
  • Riley : +2 ear infections, fever, some pukation :( ... now on medicine, and relatively perky
  • TV : You DID watch SG1, SGA & BSG Friday, didn't you?? (SCIFI, 8-11pm) ... still time to catch the reruns!
    ... and you had BETTER be watching 24! ... only 15 minutes in & let me just say, dayam!
    ... SuperRick got all wordy in advance of tonight's 24 :)
  • NIF : I am totally swamped. I know, 3 days in a row = weak. My bad. A little better now!
    ... speaking of work - we swapped out a UPS this weekend, so I "got" to work 3a-9a Sunday ... ALL WENT PRETTY OK!
  • Online Advertising :Spend your ad money wisely, on the Conservative Blog Advertising Network!
    ... it's the only thing better that a straight-up NIF ad! :)
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  • Iran : Nuclear ambitions continue, get assist from China, France ... UN pushing the bounds on uselessness
    ... Germans finally have a sensible leader, Iran "poses a grave threat"
    ... Israel may "take care of" the problem?
  • Education : 15year old draws pellet gun, gets shot ... 15, and only in grade 8??
  • Avian Flu : H5N1 mutation detected ... long term impact uncertain
    ...Don't sleep on the more dangerous (for now) diseases ... like the "regular" flu!
  • Volcano : Alaska's Augustine is erupting
  • Abramoff : Ney down? ... GOP -= 1

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  • Islamofascism : Ex-ABC reporter Dave Marash joining al Jazeera
    ... Has Zawahiri been killed? ... I'll believe it when we see a corpse
    ... Regardless, we (supposedly) got other biggies! ... some sources saying we missed all of the above ... developing!
  • SCOTUS : Democrats exposed, unhinged ... say hi to future Justice Alito :)
    ... "If I wanted to hear campaign speeches, I'd go to a bloody campaign rally"
    ... "Alito easily explained every decision of his that Democrats' questioned"
    ... TMH is collecting Kennedy-hypocrisy links ... like fish in a barrel!
  • Illegal Immigration : MS13 targetting Border Patrol ... a nation that cannot secure its borders is not secure!
  • Iraq : Sunnis enlisting in police force ... found via Ace
  • Congress : Could amateurs be worse?
  • NSAgate : Gore was also pro-wiretapping, now against it ... the word is hypocrite ... found via Ace
  • Military : Plane Pr0n! ... mmm, Raptor ... and note the color scheme :P
  • Computing : Meet the Optimus keyboard
    ... DVD Jon releases DeAACS ... following DeCSS success :)
    ... Free CD/DVD burning SW
    ... iPod hacks wiki!
    ... Want a $40k HDD? ... a whopping 40MB!
    ... Graphics cards tech. in 2006
    ... No such thing as "Open Source Community"?
    ... No more WMP for MAC
  • Internet : New Thunderbird released
    ... Random file swap ... WTF?? I am thinking this is not so safe
  • Gaming : Long-term gaming causes head jerking? ... must be those inferior PS2 graphics :P
    ... Ultra HiRes mod for HalfLife ... 700MB+
  • Left : "Maryland is for Communists" ... my neighbors to the north have gone south!
  • "Global Warming": Blame the plants!?
  • Social inSecurity : What the pension implosion means, and the good that can come from it
  • Health : Detecting cancer, with gold? ... *bling*
    ... 3 week diet that cures diabetes?
    ... Pedestrians better off than passengers ... but slower
    ... Neuron migration ... mmm, brains!
  • Nature : Teacher ants show the way to food
    ... Building a "Doomsday" seed bank
  • Space : Chamaeleon I creating a space tornado!
    ... How about a cosmic jellyfish?
    ... Full moon names for 2006
    ... Stardust returning home
  • Automobiles : Hybrids violating patents? ... uh-oh!
  • Misc : The Science of Superman
  • Bloggers : Read for a get-together? In Reno? Oct 18-20? ... BloggingMan sounds sweet

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  • OOTS : #267 ... I blame the cat
  • RVB : The LONG-AWAITED #71!!
  • TMGAIHAA: Mil#39! ... Alba isn't that bad!??!
    ...Speaking of Mil, get his books :
    ... Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About ... and :
    ... A Certain Chemistry ... and :
    ... Love and Other Near-Death Experiences ... available "soon"
  • SciFi : Star Trek appartment ... thanks Chris!
  • Crime : Carnival of Dumb Criminals! ... true!
  • Politics : And I thought my "running for President" was amusing! ... vote TJ in 2012! Oh, and Peakah commented here
  • SCOTUS : Dems : 'Confirmation another setback for Bush'
  • Bloggers : Next up, product placement!

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  • New Rule for 2006 :
    No more gift registries. You know, it used to be just for weddings. Now it's for babies and new homes and graduations from rehab. Picking out the stuff you want and having other people buy it for you isn't gift giving, it's the white people version of looting.
    --thanks Aaron (via email)

  • An Appeal from Center-Right Bloggers :
    We are bloggers with boatloads of opinions, and none of us come close to agreeing with any other one of us all of the time. But we do agree on this: The new leadership in the House of Representatives needs to be thoroughly and transparently free of the taint of the Jack Abramoff scandals, and beyond that, of undue influence of K Street.

    We are not naive about lobbying, and we know it can and has in fact advanced crucial issues and has often served to inform rather than simply influence Members.

    But we are certain that the public is disgusted with excess and with privilege. We hope the Hastert-Dreier effort leads to sweeping reforms including the end of subsidized travel and other obvious influence operations. Just as importantly, we call for major changes to increase openness, transparency and accountability in Congressional operations and in the appropriations process.

    As for the Republican leadership elections, we hope to see more candidates who will support these goals, and we therefore welcome the entry of Congressman John Shadegg to the race for Majority Leader. We hope every Congressman who is committed to ethical and transparent conduct supports a reform agenda and a reform candidate. And we hope all would-be members of the leadership make themselves available to new media to answer questions now and on a regular basis in the future.
    --thanks NZBear!

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    Instapundo Delenda Est!

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