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  • Wednesday : Half-way through the week, and today may be a semi-limited blogation day (again)
  • Weather : Hey, cool - it's snowing here in Northern VA! (~9AM) ... AccuWeather is not so Accu :)
  • Riley : My baby girl went potty "like a big girl" for the first time! End of diapers (hopefully) imminent! W00T!
  • Thursday : I am a total slacker, this is gonna be a two day post ... there is fresh content!
  • Friday : I've taken blog-slacking to a new level; make this a three day post ... again, some new stuff included :)
    ... in fact, if you know NIF you know this will be a limited blogation weekend - so this post will fly until Monday.

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  • National Security : Raids in New York and Louisiana ... cel phone and calling card providers
    ... UAE/Portgate - now the Left supports profiling?
    ... UAE : Actually talking about 21 ports
    ... UAE : "Bipartisan hysteria" isn't helping
    ... UAE : Wrong thing to make a stand on? ... even if right
    ... UAE : In support of the DPW port deal ... "win-win situation for everyone except al Qaeda"
  • Earthquake : 7.5, Mozambique
  • Illegal Immigration : Taxpayer funded, pro-illegal group threatening citizens
  • Crime : $70M stolen in bank heist ... family of manager used as leverage, sounds like a movie plot
    ... NY : Funeral homes sold body parts ... including some used to treat living patients!
    ... Polygamy = loss of judgeship ... even in Utah
    ... Neo-Nazi rally results in fight ... again
    ... Hypnotism + sex = jail
    ... Homeless killing teens plead not guilty ... video says otherwise
  • Avian Flu : H5N1 found in Hungary
    ... France finds another infected bird ... India reporting no human cases ('just' birds)
  • Death Penalty : Cali puts Michael Morales' execution on hold
  • RIP : Don Herbert, pneumonia ... the firefighter who awoke after 10yr coma
    ... Don Knotts, 81
  • Katrina : Mardi Gras starts up
  • Olympics : USA, #2? ... well that is not right :)

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  • Islamofascism : Sunni vs Shiite ... dome down
    ... Iraq : "If ever we needed a propaganda campaign of our own, now is the time" ... found via SCA
    ... Iraq under curfew
    ... Iraqi journalists murdered ... prayers & condolences
    ... Shi'ite children kidnapped
    ... Dome-related violence rising ... Iranian Whacko President says the US, Israel destroyed the Dome
    ... Russia, Iran reaching a nuclear agreement?
    ... Firefight @ Pulacharke ... al qaida apparently trying to take over; FREE JACK! ... more here
    ... FBI finally adds al-Zarqawi to the list!
    ... Attempted terrorist strike on Saudi refinery ... oil prices surge. ~Related : I bought regular for $2.07/gallon today!
    ... 'We were brought up to hate - and we do' ... MUST READ
    ... Make toilet paper, go to jail? ... OK, so maybe it had the K word on it
    ... Somme thoughts on "Stealing Al-Qa’ida’s Playbook"
    ... Crusaders no more ... Northwest Nazarene University (stupidly) chaning mascott
  • Able Danger : Still more info forthcoming ... oh, and some character assassination from WaPo
  • Nuclear Korea : 50% of the kids in S.Korea say thye should side with the Norks ... ignorance of youth?
  • Patriotism : Soldiers' Angels works! ... found via SugarButtons
  • Energy Sources : Mutant algae = hydrogen factory? ... useful pond scum
    ... Dog poo? ... my backyard is a goldmine!
  • Presidents : 'Top 10 Worst Presidential Errors' ... and academia doesn't nail W!
  • Crawfordstock : Sheehan wants our wounded to die ... you read that right
  • UselessNations : Sex abuse continues occurring ... Kofi still employed
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Montana smacks them down, calls them Sally ... OK, not quite, but babysteps!
  • Terri : 'The anniversary of the murder of Terri Schiavo'
    ... Baby Charlotte (Wyatt) needs your prayers! ... now even more than before! "Right-to-diemurder"?
  • Computing : Windows Vista CTP-FEB ships
    ... The Vista CTP-FEB (build 5308) includes "image-based installations"
    ... Vista, it's own worst enemy? ... performance-wise, that is
    ... BlackBerry not being shut-off, Judge tells both sides to figure it out ... my Treo700w doesn't care :P
    ... Some thoughts on the Treo 700w ... some bad!
    ... Gadgets are bad for us? ... pfft, take some aspirin and keep on textin'!
    ... Get to know Haxdoor ... before it gets to know your passwords, etc.
    ... Desktop Earth wallpaper ... pretty
    ... USB-powered drink cooler ... oh yea!
    ... DIY Home Theater PC ... part 1
  • Internet : Google infringing on Perfect10's patents ... thumbnail pr0n is bad
    ... Patent issued for "active content" ... Is the PTO asleep, or even dumber than I thought?(Patent here)
    ... Is your ISP cramping your high-bandwidth style?
    ... Advanced GMail use
    ... Google releases "Page Creator"
  • Gaming : XFire is hot
  • MSM : CNN removes one word from AP story ... no media bias there!
  • Abortion : Netherland to consider "forced abortion and contraception"? ... WTF??
    ... SD passes anti-abortion law ... the right direction!
  • Left : Shout "Remember Chappaquiddick", get in trouble ... still funny/sad
    ... Soros, -$8M to save Air America ... found via Malkin
    ... The left is intentionally polarizing ... become more radical in the last 40 years
    ... Hating the right, middle ... bad for ratings :)
    ... Dean lied, has Abramoff tie himself!
  • Right : Impeach Bush! ... go read it :)
  • Education : Harvard rejects logic, Lawrence Summers ... "Truth is out and the power of protestors is in"
    ... More on the turmoil @ Harvard
  • Hate Crime : Victims usually white? ... young and poor, as well
  • Space : No life on Venus ... so we are free to contaminate it?
    ... Fluid physics in zero g ... fun with bubbles
    ... Pluto +moons, rings?
    ... Using a laser to make a star ... well, not really "make a star"
    ... Wanna help build a spaceship? ... how's that fit in your career path?
    ... Big Bang, revisited ... matter-1, anti-matter-0
    ... Comet "C/2006 A1" getting brighter ... can be viewed unaided; and end of FEB/ early MAR best viewing times
    ... "Space Adventures" wants to take you into space
  • Health : Crohn's caused by weak immune response? ... Viagra to help? ... Ji Geoff!
    ... Thoughts on mortality ... and continued prayers for GMR
  • Nature : Ice worms ... I smell a MM entry :)
    ... Mommy's genes make baby gay? ... "X chromosone inactivation"
    ... Behold the Beaver-Otter
    ... Sex with a partner is 400% better than "flying solo" ... duh?
    (although flying solo probably happens MORE than 400% more often; quantity vs quality, eh?)

    ... Earth's population to reach 6.5B this Sat ... yeah us?
    ... Have sex, live longer ... if you are a mole rat, anyway
    ... No deep sea sharks ... oceans are now 70% shark free
    ... Y Chromosones may reveal your (sur)name as well?
    ... Humans wiped out the neanderthals ... faster/earlier than previously thought
    ... Mutant chicken has alligator like teeth?
  • Automobiles : Honda Fit, cheapest hybrd about ... if/when it comes out, that is
    ... Hela-sweet 911 ... non-Turbo, 2007 911 GT3 ... 'only' $106k
  • TV : Some thoughts on HD ... too expensive, and not quite "prime time" yet?
  • Celebrity(ies) : Bradifer splitting up fortunes ... pesky divorces
    ... Under-age stars party ... duh? And yes, it is still wrong.
  • Bloggers : Prepared for video?
    ... Rusty is light-blogging too ... not just me!

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  • OOTS : #285 ... atleast Miko isn't angry or anything
    ... #286 ... wasted effort, but survival is good!
  • Right : Brokeback Quailhunt ... "There ain't no reins on this thing we got goin' here"
  • Wastes of Time : Whizzball! ... The Incredible Machine'ish ... found via Freeland
    ... Pop the bubbles! ... found via NOfP
  • Catholifascists : Priest offers "100,000 Euros and a Toyota Landcruiser" for Dan Brown's head
  • Dilbert : I'm your boss
  • Photoshop : A whale, a snail and a grail
  • Alcohol : Drunk translator
  • UF : The beginning of the Cold Swap Power Supply ... amrketting, lying - same, same

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  • 5 foot 2 and eyes of blue (the beer goggle blues) :
    When I went out a wenching on a night as fair as this,
    I had some trouble finding me a fine and lovely miss.
    I went into a tavern and I spied there in a chair,
    a lady I would have to say was quite beyond compare.

    She was 5 foot 2 with eyes of blue and weighed 500 pounds,
    and when she walked the ground would shake for miles and miles around.
    but she offered to buy me a drink and I said thank you Ma'am,
    and we ordered up another round and I began to slam.

    We talked about the weather and we talked about her folks,
    I told her lovely stories and she told me dirty jokes
    We laughed and laughed and laughed some more,
    'twas nice but had me thinking,
    that it would be much nicer still if we continued drinking.
    She was 5 foot 2 with eyes of blue and weighed 310
    she seemed to be getting smaller so I blinked and looked again.*

    I drank and drank and drank some more as I was in a hurry,
    the lady got much prettier as my vision got more blurry.
    And as we kept on drinking, well it was a shock to me,
    that slowly her huge hand had gone and crept up on my knee.
    She was 5 foot 2 with eyes of blue and weighed 183,
    and the more I had to drink you know, the better she looked to me. *

    And as the evening went I grew more and more elated, that generally comes easy when you're so intoxicated.
    She charmed me with her whaly wiles and made me want to cry,
    As the hand that had been on my knee had crept up to my thigh.
    She was 5 foot 2 with eyes of blue the fairest in the city,
    By this time there were five of her but all of her were pretty*

    I didn't want to leave the bar, I think that I was carried.
    I don't recall too much at all, except that now we're married.
    You ask me how I like the life, I say it's not too bad,
    'cuz her father's a brewer, her mom's like her, and I get drunk with dad.
    Yes, her father's a brewer, her mom's like her, and I get drunk with dad.
    --thanks to Tanstaafl Heryngmonger via WhiskeyBards!, via Kender

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    Cox & Forkum

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