To vote, or not to vote ... I know my answer!

  • You Decide 2008: Time to get serious about the elections ...
    This is a war like no other–it’s not Vietnam, it’s not the Cold War–but there are lessons to be learned from both. Democrats let Saigon fall, and they’ll do the same with Baghdad. The Cold War was a long war waged on fronts all over the world, like this one, but unlike during the Cold War, the West now allows the enemy to operate literally under our noses, because we’re oh-so-tolerant. The enemy this time gets special protection because they wage war in the name of religion. It’s suicidal on our part, and the “tolerant” “progressives” and “liberals” (all scare quotes intentional) have handed the enemy their greatest weapons: our “tolerance” and lack of patience and resolve. Look at Europe and ask yourself, is that what you want in America? Because that’s the ideal for Democrats.
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