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UPDATE : Bugger, these appear to not be working anymore ... :( ... they were funny, seriously! So ... um ... go watch Red VS Blue!

Thanks RT!


Happy Birthday to ... ME!

Q: What's one sure-fire way to not have a great birthday?
A: Be traveling for work on said day. Blech.


Today's thoughts

Update : On a serious note:
Go read this touching (and scary!) situation and help / give as you are able.

(On a lighter note:)
IMAO's Frank knows how to fix the US, and to resolve Iraq.
Amongst many other good bits:
"Secretary of Defense will be named back to Secretary of War."

"All American troops will be out of Iraq by the date we have set.
If Iraq is a peaceful democracy, then we will declare victory.
If it does not look like Iraq will be a peaceful democracy when we leave, then we will nuke it to hell and also declare victory."

Oh, and also from Frank
"The Republicans lost and the Democrats won for the same reason -- they distanced themselves from their base."
... sad, scary and true.



RIP:Freedom, 11/07/06
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Hello, Senator (again) Allen!

... or so I hope to won't be able to say! If Since he fails failed - the words "Allen" and "Macaca" will be forever intertwined ... one dumb mistake.

It remains to be seen if VA was able to come through and keep Allen ... final tallying expected to not be completed until much later today, and even then - there will be a recount.
Nevermind, he lost ... and he did atleast have the decency to not subject us to the expected recount!

BTW, it is still too close to call whether or not we will hold onto the Senate. The House is lost, and very much so!!
(WRT the Senate - Dems have gained 3 so far, probably atleast one more coming, but hopefully not 3!)
((And I think it would be smart for Lieberman to defect, but that has nothing to do with tonight per se))
Senate and House = now under Dem control, now is their chance to "shine". I can almost hear the sound of my paycheck shrinking, and is that a terrorist I hear giggling?

Oh, and congrats to the Govenator - Cali gives Arnie one more go.

Sadly - not so much good news for DeWine(OH), Chafee(RI) or Santorum(PA) ... nor for two now-losers in MD - Ehrlich and Steele (wow!) ... click here for other details!


GTB, a little late ... in time for Vote day though!

Some strong words, I don't quite fully endorse all of them but am passing them along in their entirety for your consideration ... now get away from your computer and go vote!
(one last side-comment - for all that the Republicans have failed to do in securing our borders, it truly scares me what the Democrats will permit!)

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Why the United States Has Lost So Much in Latin America
By LomaAlta at Linknzona

The facts are not in dispute. During this Administration’s “watch”, the geopolitical situation in Latin America has deteriorated well beyond the tragic losses of any previous Administration. Communist tyrants rise in Venezuela, Bolivia, and now Nicaragua and socialism is on the march in other countries. President Reagan’s successes in spreading democracy and freedom in Latin America appear to have been stopped. Let’s examine some of the possible reasons.

Negligence. This Administration appears to be focused on the war on terrorism, particularly the Middle East and has neglected the problems arising in the countries of our neighbors to the south. Indisputable evidence of Middle Eastern terrorists increasing their presence in Latin America and illegally crossing our southern border with help of Latin American gangs is readily available [1]. These facts have been well known for years but emphasizing them goes against President Bush and his Administration’s open border, pro-illegal immigration policies as well as against most of the Democratic leadership and their Mainstream Media. Thus, little is heard about this growing threat. Even less is heard about its impact in Latin America. This leads directly to the President and his Administration’s relationships with Latin American leaders and through them, its people.

Submission, not Partnership.
Latin Americans, and particularly Mexicans, like most people, respect power and its just and successful application. In addition, the cultural implications of power and weakness are viewed through the lens of machismo throughout Latin America and especially in Mexico [2].

The USA, as the world’s undisputed Super Power, must look weak and ineffectual to the rest of the World and downright mariposa-like to our friends south of the border as it panders to Presidente Fox, leaves its borders open during war time, and sacrifices the security and well being of its citizens to foreign invaders. Such weak and foolish behavior engenders disgust and dislike of the USA throughout Latin America in proportion to how much they take advantage of us. Mexico is first in line, of course, but can you imagine a president of any South American country calling our President the devil at the UN in New York? Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela did exactly that this fall. There were no repercussions. This will embolden other thugs and bullies to spit in our President’s face and regard the USA as a weak, stumbling, and blinded paper tiger.

Bumbling. How unsuited for representing the USA is Secretary Condi Rice? With the exception of John Bolton at the UN, I have yet to see any diplomatic courage and vision from this Administration. It seems Secretary Rice has fallen into the trap of so many of our diplomats. She sees her clients as other diplomats, world opinion is of paramount importance to her, and the national interests of the USA appear to be lost in the swirl of trips, functions, receptions, parties and all types of activities we call “form over substance”. A good example of this is diplomatic meddling in Nicaragua [3].

This is a brief overview of how the Bush Administration has mismanaged USA activities and interests in Latin America. Why is this Administration so much worse than previous ones? Previous administrations have bumbled, submitted to Mexican presidents, and neglected Latin America. But President Bush is the first president to put the interests of a foreign power – Mexico, above the interests of the USA.

How can a foreign leader respect a President who does not put his country first in negotiations? We all grew up with bullies. The vast majority of us learned that the quickest way to stop a bully from attacking or extorting something from us was to resist, and, to fight back if necessary. Sure it was scary and rough to be hit or beaten; but just the knowledge that you would not submit was almost always enough to send the bully in search of weaker victims.

Bullies are cowards and seek out the weakest victims they can find. The weaker you are, the more the cowards bully you, and the less they respect you. This is true on every school ground; and it is true among nations as we have learned over and over. To be weak is to invite attack.

For a nation to submit is for it to surrender its freedom and sovereignty. This is the principal reason our relations with Latin America are so bad and why communism is on the rise again there. The USA, through President Bush and the political leadership of both parties, has submitted to Mexico. Illegal immigration is the occupation of one peoples’ country by another people. President Bush not only submits to Mexico, he encourages and supports their continued bullying.


[1] For example see: Daniel Sheehy’s 2005 book, “Fighting Immigration Anarchy”, AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN, 329 pp, and J. D. Hayworth’s 2006 book, “Whatever it Takes”, Regency Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC, 230 pp.

[2] ma•chis•mo
Pronunciation: (mä-chēz'mō, -chiz'-, mu-), [key]
1. a strong or exaggerated sense of manliness; an assumptive attitude that virility, courage, strength, and entitlement to dominate are attributes or concomitants of masculinity.
2. a strong or exaggerated sense of power or the right to dominate: The military campaign was an exercise in national machismo.

[3] More freedom lost in Latin America?

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