Hello, Senator (again) Allen!

... or so I hope to won't be able to say! If Since he fails failed - the words "Allen" and "Macaca" will be forever intertwined ... one dumb mistake.

It remains to be seen if VA was able to come through and keep Allen ... final tallying expected to not be completed until much later today, and even then - there will be a recount.
Nevermind, he lost ... and he did atleast have the decency to not subject us to the expected recount!

BTW, it is still too close to call whether or not we will hold onto the Senate. The House is lost, and very much so!!
(WRT the Senate - Dems have gained 3 so far, probably atleast one more coming, but hopefully not 3!)
((And I think it would be smart for Lieberman to defect, but that has nothing to do with tonight per se))
Senate and House = now under Dem control, now is their chance to "shine". I can almost hear the sound of my paycheck shrinking, and is that a terrorist I hear giggling?

Oh, and congrats to the Govenator - Cali gives Arnie one more go.

Sadly - not so much good news for DeWine(OH), Chafee(RI) or Santorum(PA) ... nor for two now-losers in MD - Ehrlich and Steele (wow!) ... click here for other details!

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