In case you didn't know, CCSI = Certified Cisco System Instructor.
And those are initials that will be appearing behind my name, henceforth ... well, once some paperwork is completed anyway. W00T!

For what it is worth - The ICP (Instructor Certification Preparation) class was 3 days of practice labs, 1 day of presentation and 1 day of lab. FWIW - I cannot imagine any normal network engineer taking (or, atleast passing :)) the CCSI test part without the 3 days of prep first ... The lab, today - ouch - 7 hours (scheduled) of actual lab time, not counting the meal- & bio-breaks, nor the technical issues with accessing the lab. Also not counting the clean-up. I did finish with an hour to spare, but I am whipped now.

Anyway - I made it, largely thanks to the fantastic guidance on Monday-Wednesday of one Mr. Bob Sinclair.

And now, I am going to relax ... and hope my flight home is on-time tomorrow!!!

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