ARIN / CAIDA IPv6 Survey Results Released

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Taking a stroll by the ARIN IPv6 Wiki you can find (amongst a wealth of other IPv6 information) a link to the results of a recent IPv6 "deployment" survey(.PDF).

At the very least, there are some interesting takeaways from that - one of them being the #3 item listed as the "Biggest Hurdles to IPv6 Deployment" (p11 for those of you following along!) - Knowledge/Education. Hmmm, I wonder where I could find a good source of IPv6 training? I might be just a bit biased though ...

Also fairly interesting, from the same page, is the bottom of the list - Performance, Allocation Policy and Multihoming. I am glad these are finally near the bottom, as two of those in particular (Performance, Multihoming) have been persistent questions that we as an industry have had to answer repeatedly.

Page 12 has some notables as well, like the #1 "Hurdle to IPv6 Allocation" - Have not gotten around to it yet ... wow. Compare that to IPv4, and the hurdles facing organizations trying to get large-block allocations of addresses ...

#4 from that list is quite telling as well, and I would have put it higher on the list if it were up to me (in fact, I did rank it higher when taking the survey :)) - ISP does not support IPv6. I am glad this is moving lower in the rankings as far as problems, but it is still quite a challenge sometimes.

I think that is enough for now, I could go on and on ... but instead, I will simply recommend that you go read it - and feel free to fire any questions in our direction! (Also note that it is a wiki, us mere mortals can contribute!!)

PS - did you catch my earlier note about Cisco Live in June? I'd love to see you there!

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Cisco Live, Orlando, June

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