The IPv6 Year in Review

Happy New Year (OK, a few hours early for that) ... anyway - It has been a great year for IPv6:
Some root servers got IPv6 addresses (+AAAA records)
Google held a little tech conference, great videos!
IPv6 Growth Increases 300 Percent in Two Years
Sensor vendors (Such as ArchRock) coming into their own
Industry finally starting to push IPv6 deployment / adoption
Google starts some public IPv6 testing, more info here
The OMB522 Mandate, of course
The 2008 Olympics was an IPv6 milestone
NAT-PT gets demoted to "historic"
... but NAT makes a comeback @ IETF73 (and elsewhere)
IPv6 turned ten!
Jeff Doyle has some similar thoughts, great excerpt:
"Another, more subtle, milestone is the change in the way IPv6 is presented in public networking forums. We have left behind what might be called the “marketing phase” of IPv6; most everyone in the IP networking world now understands that IPv6 is inevitable. Network operators (starting in the latter half of last year) are now focused on how to best implement IPv6; large portions of the agendas at NANOG, RIPE, and APRICOT have been devoted to strategy sharing. "

And, looking forward, there are lots of interesting goings-on:
Google's IPv6 Implementers' Conference
IETF74 promises lots of IPv6-relevant action

... and, for a gratuitous plug, if you decide you need to start getting up to speed - or advancing your knowledge of IPv6 - I know who you should ask: Command Information's IPv6 Training Calendar (Also reachable via a shorter URL)

(Oh, and I still HIGHLY recommend everyone read Geoff Huston's latest article!)

So, what are your thoughts for 2008, IPv6 and life in general?

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