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... sadly more true now for more of us ...
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IPv6 quote for 02.11.09:

"All of this IP address market talk just distracts people from the main focus which is DOCSIS 3.0, and BroadbandSuite X.X. Get access box vendors on board with those specs which support IPv6, arrange for IPv6 trials with the vendors, and get ready for the inevitable. If some guys in finance and legal really want to play with IP address markets then ignore them because it is not going to buy you much more time. You may have the financial clout and negotiating finesse to buy the addresses you need, but that will push the address sellers into an accelerated deployment of IPv6 which will cause consumer takeup to come faster, IPv6 killer apps to appear faster, and so on.

All of these quota and reserve policies hasten the effective runout of the IPv4 address pool for all but the smallest ISPs. And any significant buying activity hastens the deployment of IPv6. There is a wave coming and those who catch it will survive; the rest will drown." --as found on ARIN's PPML
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