Happy Memorial Day

And as we all enjoy friends, family and food - take a moment to remember what has made all of this possible.


Just a quick, self-Happy-Birthday ... someone's blog is 5 today!

It was 5 years ago today that I started this little blog, and while I have not been incredibly active (to say the least) this has been (and will continue to be!) quite an interesting experience.

I have met some great people solely due to this little adventure, and am better off for it.

(For a laugh - go see the first post @ May 7th, 2004 (and check out all the dead links from there - man, I wish sites did a better job kept their articles around - slackers!)

Anyway, enough prattle - get back to work!


No IPv6 Flag Day

A good friend (Ed Jankiewicz) had a nifty idea, June 14th ("Flag Day") everyone should call their ISP and ask for IPv6 support ...

And while you are at it, go read this article from Geoff Huston:
Read about the great IPv6 Rocket Train!