So, it is a new year ...

I am a simple man, with simple desires - here is what I want for this year:

Android Devices (running Android 2.3 (phone) or 3.0 (tablet), or later of course), in both phone and tablet forms, both with IPv6 connectivity via LTE (Yes, only really interested in Verizon Wireless 4G until someone can provide better connectivity), running Video-capable Skype (which also needs IPv6 capability!) ... with no OEM skins (or ones that are readily removed).

Note: I like some of what I see coming from CES :).

Extending this past end of year, I want a real-time heads-up-display for my glasses (or car windshield) ... tracking eye movement, able to zoom in what I am looking at based on triggered requests, and able to tell me what it says / means or who it is. Which would probably be do-able first in an Android powered device, which I think I am just fine with :).

PS - For the sake of completeness, I guess I should add in all the usual, health, happiness, continued employment and a faster car. Maybe toss in world peace, socio-economic stabilization (followed by improvement) and widespread (by which I mean "almost literally everywhere") implementation of IPv6.

PPS - One more thing, should be pretty simple. I want HULU to stop being asinine (by which I mean stop blocking GoogleTV). I don't really care if this happens because HULU fixes it, or if Google does ... just do it.

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