IPv4, we have hit the first brick wall

With 5 simple lines:
102/8 AfriNIC 2011-02 whois.afrinic.net ALLOCATED
103/8 APNIC 2011-02 whois.apnic.net ALLOCATED
104/8 ARIN 2011-02 whois.arin.net ALLOCATED
179/8 LACNIC 2011-02 whois.lacnic.net ALLOCATED
185/8 RIPE NCC 2011-02 whois.ripe.net ALLOCATED

IPv4, at the IANA level, is gone. All used up. Kaput. Actually, we could sum it up in one line, from Leo Vegoda(ICANN):
"There are no more unallocated unicast IPv4 /8s in the IANA IPv4 Address Space Registry."

(You did watch th announcement @ NRO, yes?)

So, what does this mean? Hopefully it is a sign to you that you need to start getting up to speed on IPv6.
Because whether or not you are, your competition - and customers - are.

On an only-tangentially related note, if you didn't make it to ShmooCon2011 you can watch the presentations online!
Check out Mudge's @ YouTube.
The tangentially-related part is about treading water ... and how it is important, but how you must do more than just tread water.

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